Ugly Work Scenario and Fag Questions

I don’t recall exactly when I talked to one of the auditors who failed miserably at the Performance Appraisal. The VP is not around so I decided to talk to him to encourage him to work on his potentials.

Disappointedly, he told me he feels depressed at the time because he did not expect to be the ‘goat’ of the group. I could understand how he feels but my objective was to explain where he failed. I cannot comprehend though the need of telling me that he had not received such a low grade when he was a student, and that he is a board passer. (“You fool, and why the hell did you fail the appraisal? You could have at least protected your reputation by doing your best!” – went my other self, and going back to the scene where I am currently in, I almost laughed.) The guy left after a while, telling me that he still feels depressed but that would soon disappear. I don’t know if I need to sympathize with him because he is such a weakling. Instead of working it out with self-realization, it was like self-denial that he truly failed to perform during the audit. Maybe that’s why he wasn’t able to withstand the verbal abuse he received from the others, who failed miserably as well.


Question: What are you going to do if you feel so bored of the whole thing?

Answer: Amuse myself with thoughts of thumbtacking maggots on the cross.

Question: What would you choose to be, a chain-smoker or one with ulcer?

Answer: They are both gross.

Question: If you discover that your other half is gay, and you already have kids, what do you do?

Answer: Forget about the gay. I can be gay with my kids.

22 thoughts on “Ugly Work Scenario and Fag Questions

  1. He may have been a good student back in school, but real life, in a corporate or any other work environment, demands much more than good grades and a certificate from PRC.

    I'm guessing he lacks self esteem, that's why he was being picked on my his colleagues.


  2. the comment actually is unnecessary. i could have asked him if the effort he gave in his studies before is the same as the one he gave during the audit. i restrained myself thinking it could aggravate the way he feels.

    he has low self-esteem even before, single.


  3. Audit and appraisal. Interesting words. I take it that this is about a job interview and not a performance appraisal. In any case, it usually takes a few interviews to land your first job – a good job, not just any job.

    The interviewer, if they are doing their job correctly, should ask questions relating to the job. Questions relating to personality is also important to determine if the person applying for the job fits with the culture of the company.

    Non-sensical and self serving questions should definitely be avoided. No offense, but the sample questions shown are not exactly the best questions to determine potential nor bring out the best in anyone.


  4. Ops, I misread that. It was a performance appraisal after all. Sorry. In any case, my comment about the questions stand.


  5. hi, there, leno! the questions have nothing to do with the appraisal. they were borne out of boredom from work. i just thought if i were to be asked with those, that would be my answers. you know, when one is bored, one tends to be more senseless 😦

    that is how i thought of him, too, jhay. childish.


  6. when you're out in the REAL world na, you begin to realize that the grades you got in school don't really matter that much. well, being a board passer is another thing, but you also realize that it isn't the most important thing either.:)


  7. For our own benefit, let us remind ourselves what performance appraisals are about. In brief, it is a device to monitor not only how well (or badly) employees perform their jobs, but also how well (or badly) the company performs to develop the skills and well being of their workers. Since company workers are valuable company assets, responsible management strive hard to develop and keep their workers.

    Appraisals should be an objective assessment of a workers accomplishments. It should be used to determine what is wrong and provide remedies to improve an employee's well being and create the best working condition possible.

    Appraisals should be private and confidential. It is not a public document for everyone to share, Only qualified people should conduct it. It is a serious matter.

    The misconceptions and misuse of performance appraisals is really unfortunate. But it happens all too often. No wonder so many dread performance appraisals.


  8. the performance appraisals in our company is not shared with everybody. only the ones being appraised can see their own evaluation results and is not shared with anybody. it is a strict policy. from the procedure, too, is the measure that each auditor will be counseled by the in charge or the alternate.

    thanks for the insight. it is very well noted especially the one you mentioned : 'but also how well (or badly) the company performs to develop the skills and well being of their workers'. a company's objective should always include that in the conduct of performance appraisals. but more than a reality, this is being neglected.

    i hope this post did not seem as something sharing a confidential matter. this is a post about a situation and aims to share that employees and workers alike should learn to evaluate their own performance with the right conviction and not assume that they are doing their best when they are not.


  9. i forgot to mention that quarterly results are announced, i.e., the scores or the grades. this is for the benefit of everybody in the group how they fared with the audit for the quarter. the details are kept for confidentiality. as i have mentioned, the performance appraisal owners are only the ones who can take a peek at their own appraisal results.


  10. bingskee, that is all well and good. However, my concern was prompted by the subjectivity and the unfair, judgemental tone of your post. That is just how it came to me.

    There may be young minds reading this post. In fact, there is a comment that says,”the guy needs a slap in the back of the head.” Now, come on, everyone is entitled, but this kind of comment is surely lacking in experience and quite impressionable.

    So, I suppose, I missed the point of your post unless, it is simply a confirmation of a poor, hopeless, low esteemed worker.


  11. i am sorry if that is the impression. i admit that this is somewhat negative prompted by the unnecessary comments of my co-employee. as much as i would like to write the details to explain why this is is written i think it is not needed lest i would be accused of maligning that person.

    thanks for the feedback, leno🙂


  12. A performance appraisal should not be a form of “judgement”. It's more of a tool to assess the strengths and weaknesses of an employee and used as a basis in coaching/mentoring the person. It's the responsibility of the manager to build the confidence of his team members, to bring out the best in them. If the employee is really incompetent after all the interventions, then that's the time the manager decides whether he should be eased out or not. Of course, this is after following the proper HR process.


  13. well said, nico. as far as the performance appraisal for the auditors is concerned, which is much different (at least in our company) from the performance evaluation of employees and workers alike, the procedure is not treated to 'judge' the appraised individual. this procedure also is not under the HR process. it is a separate procedure designed to gage if the auditors themselves meet the quality system requirements or the standards. the IQA group is independent. actually, not any of them are given sanctions but encouragements.

    just recently, an incentive program based on the performance appraisal was approved and is being enjoyed by the auditors. but it is not fair, i think to the management, to award incentives to nonperforming auditors. this post is about a disgruntled nonperforming auditor who did not pass the standard requirements. and to let him 'pass' would be very unfair to those who perform.

    since i was the one who took responsibility to counsel the said auditor, i have given my best to point out his potentials and thus encouraged him to do better just like before. i had also emphasized at what points he failed. of course, patience was tolerated even if he pointed out that he is a board passer, and did not experience receiving low grades, even if my rant did not seem to be tolerant.


  14. oops… incomplete thought: and even if my rant did not seem to be tolerant, i tried to understand the situation and to take caution in expressing as well.


  15. Bingskee – this person seems to lack emotional intellegence which key, more than sheer inteliggence, in surviving and excelling in the workplace. Also performace appraisals shouldnt be equated to academic performance. It is being done to examine what is needed to meet both the employee and employer's expectations.


  16. Sometimes a situation is so bloody annoying its just amusing!
    a lot of people do self- pity and nurse a wounded ego instead of finding better solutions and going for the kill.

    i laughed at those questions and answers…


  17. so disappointing. obviously, the guy has the talent and skills lying dormant within him; he wouldn't have been able to enter the company without those, right? it's a pity he can't find the trigger to use them effectively. or, as bw just said, maybe he lacks the emotional intelligence to cope with this kind of situation.


  18. that is what i felt exactly, rey – annoyed and at the same time amused. nursing a wounded ego surely makes it worse.

    hi, corsi. you are a young mind, and an intelligent one, too, and i hope i am not giving a wrong impression with this post. i believe that experience is just one factor to be able to see the situation, and i am glad that you see it correctly – that one has to find ways to trigger his talents and capabilities.


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