What Age Do Boys Need to Be Circumcised?

My 12 year-old son was insistent before after graduating from elementary to be circumcised before the start of high school. That was last year, and he was only 11 then (he started early). He was anxious that he would be branded supot if his classmates would know. I asked him how it would be known. He answered that they might touch it and from that would determine he was not circumcised yet. Calmly, I explained to him that if somebody attempts to touch him he might as well ask that person if he is gay and that would prevent that person from touching him. And that sort of appeased my little boy (which is bigger than me now).

The thought of my son undergoing the circumcision procedure is really anxiety-laden. I was really worried then that he might be too young for it and could experience trauma because of the pain. It was a nagging question to me – what age do boys really need to be circumcised? Are there no limits like those of girls and women that they should not be pregnant younger than 18 or more than 30 years old, which are risk zones?

I learned that there is no definite time or age for the circumcision procedure. It can be done right after birth which is routine and very common in the US, or eight days after birth as practiced by the Jewish in their Bris Milah ceremony. It can also be until 7 years old in the Islam religion, or never at all which is evident in China, Japan, Northern Europe and modern South America.

In the Philippines, it is a mixture of some of these practices. Some would like their young boys to be cut at once after birth. But oftentimes, circumcision is done before the boys get to high school.

Today marks Daryl’s day into manhood. He got circumcised this morning. Papsie told me that he did not hesitate and walked peacefully from the operating room the same way as he did before he was cut, with these words before they set off to the clinic, “Eventually I will be circumcised and I have to face it.”

Before I finish this off, I would like to tell you my personal belief on my decision of having my son circumcised. It is not because I am religious adhering to the Old Testament’s practice as a sign of the covenant between God and Abraham and his people. It is not because of cosmetic reasons done by the natives. It is more of medical consideration of guarding my son to a variety of diseases. Though this is not proven and opposed by detractors of its veracity, I believe it plus a combination of piety and preparation of my son to manhood. I consider more the benefits than the harm.

NOTE: Done properly, circumcision takes from three to 10 minutes. Each procedure begins with the same first step: the foreskin is separated from the glans, to which it adheres tightly in infants. Next, a clamp is applied to shield the glans and crush the foreskin where the cut will be made, in an effort to seal blood vessels and prevent bleeding. © 1993-2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


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  1. hello juliet 🙂 my 12-year-old son was circumcised less than two weeks ago and he bravely went through it as well, braver than I who was there by the head of the operating table, holding his hands to his chest as the doctors requested so he could not by reflex push them away during the operation. other than the unusually long time it took for the anaesthetic to take effect, during which the doctors kidded him if he had imbibed any alcohol before the operation, the procedure went without a hitch.


  2. one of the main reasons why boys are circumcised is cultural tradition. it’s not even religious for many anymore (well, i guess for jews it is). but really, other than that, it serves no purpose whatever. it’s even a form of bodily mutilation. had i known this when i was younger, i would have not gone through it. when i have sons of my own, i’ll leave the decision to them.


    1. U r wrong my son is 10 month old and he is getin circumsised because of a high level bacteria on his penis so that means circunsisision is done for prevention of deseases


  3. Hi Bambit,

    Might as well celebrate that we have reared our siblings into responsible individuals. Congratulations to us!

    Thanks for dropping by and for sharing your similar experience.


  4. Hi Renan,

    First of all, I would like to say that I respect your opinion. We are all entitled to our beliefs. And I know that you would afford me that privilege, too.

    But I do believe on the medical reason, plus the hygienic purpose, that it is a prophylaxis against some form of cancer and infection which is possible from the build up of smegma (a substance that is secreted under the foreskin). Though this is still a controversy, I think it is best that I stick to this conviction. What if it is right?

    Also, I did not influence my son on the matter but it is mostly from his decision – I guess manufactured from the peer pressure – and I usually allow them to make their own decisions now that they are growing into adulthood.

    Thanks for dropping by.


  5. sang-ayon ako sa sinabi mo bing aka juliet (haba talaga ngalan mo). mas-hygenic ang tule. ibig sabihin mas malinis at walang amoy. itanong mo man sa mga oklabs. 😛


  6. ha ha ha bakit, me oklab na ba na nagsabi sa yo?

    sabi nga nila, malinis at walang amoy… malay ko ba dun? di naman ako nagpatule ha ha ha

    ty sa pagdalaw…


  7. Understandably, very few people would want to comment on this topic. Well, I circumcised at 40. It was a personal decision and I believe it was one of the best I have made. It’s hygenic and good for one’s overall well being.


  8. FOR GOD”S SAKE!!! 11 is never too young… never bing never…

    But as a Student Nurse… the only age that a circumcision should never be done to0 boys age 3 to 6… at this level, the children’s worst fear is mutilation.. remermber the Oedipus complex by Sigmund Freud?


  9. I live in fla. and I have a 16 month old son who wasnt circumsied at birth because we didnt have the money. Now I fear that he is too old and that I will not find a doctor to preform the procedure. Please let me know if there is still hope for him.


  10. im 13 should i get circumcised??? mybe i will…… mybe i wont feel it when im older.my mom says i should’nt but i say yes its my right! :o)


  11. i am in my 20 and was circumcised as a infant at five days old my parents had no problem about having me done and now i am pro circumcision


  12. Hi,
    I’m 20 years old and I’m uncut. I have been thinking alot about getting cicrumcised but not because of my religious beliefs but more for personals reasons. I feel that it’s hygenic, and that it is a prophylaxis against some form of cancer and infection. I want very much to get this done but i have a few questions. Do you insurance policy cover this if its is more of a personal reason to get it done then nesscery? And if they do not cover it will they still allow for me to get it? If anyone could send me more info on the matter or theory’s it would be greatly appreciated. My email is Smittyj87@hotmail.com. Thank you so much .


    1. Justin,
      Leave it alone as is. Uncut is the best and dont let anyone, male or female to convince you otherwise.
      The skin overhang/covering is natural, visually exciting, and keeps you sensitive under it and the head will bring you more pleasure if you leave it as born. The USA has it all wrong, and females and Mothers need to stay out of this decision making. It’s your equipment/ junk and you’ll be more of a man leaving it as is!

      Trust me, I know, I’m uncut, my dad is uncut, and my three brothers are hooded, and my newborn son won’t be cut!!!!!!!!!!


    1. You are totaly right to encourage boys to be cut,I was done at age 24 and it is great. You should know that most guys are happy with being circed and almost in all cases they want their sons to be. The people who raise a fuss over circumcision is really a small percentage, the vast majority of guys are happy and say nothing. In my case, I had a very long and tight foreskin and suffered many infections. After the cut, not one problem. Women need to know that a guy with a foreskin will have problems at some point of their lives. Many men in older age cannot clean themselves and many have to be circed. Doing so at an advanced age is NOT pleasent.


  13. I am circumcised and from a 3rd world country. There many boys are circumcised when they are between 5 to 12 years.
    The main thing boys fear about is they will be shown to aunts and school teachers. Most of the parents keep their sons undressed after circumcision until the wound heals. If some one visits the house the parents proudly show their circumcised sons. Mothers give speacial attention to circumcised penies as it heals. Boys are comforted by their moms on their laps but the boys are kept undressed. My cousin sisters son was circumcised and she did not put any underwear for him until it was healed and the boy was very shy when other women saw his circumcision.


  14. hi, vince. thank you for sharing your this. i am actually interested with the country this practice is being done. i cannot blame the little boys to feel shame. it is indeed shameful.


  15. Justin, your health insurance most probably will cover the procedure, provided you specify that your foreskin is redundant and causing some problem, not that you want to be rid of the nasty thing for purely cosmetic reasons.

    As someone else said, it can be dangerous for a boy of about 5 to be circumcized, but any other age is okay. It is done at all ages already. Some studies suggest that about puberty is best, and some here have said that their boys came to want to get circumcized about that time.
    Either way, if circumcision is not going to be done, or is to be delayed, all uncut boys should be strongly encouraged to keep their foreskins retracted, from the time they are first retractable.


  16. i am 20 years old and was circumcised at 5 days old for hygenic reasons my father told me at 13 it was the best start a boy can have is to be cut that was in 1987 i am getting married in september and my partner and i have already decided that our son/s will be circumcised


  17. I was not circumcised until I was a young adult. Growing up
    I was the only one of my “gang” who was uncut. There were many foreskin problems that I had to deal with when I
    was younger. Today I am totally happy to have had it done.
    We also had our son circumcised shortly after birth. Looking
    back I wish my parents had made that same decision that we made for our son


  18. that’s good news, malcolm. 🙂

    hi, werner. you mentioned you were circumcised when you were already a young adult. how old exactly were you? the old people used to say that as a young man grows older, the skin looses that suppleness so it would be a more difficult and longer process when he decides to have it done older than the age of puberty. personally, having a newly born child cut is too early. the foreskin can still grow.


  19. Hi bingskee,

    This practice is followed in India.

    Nudity in front of many Indian families was considered most normal and not embarrassing. Usually the parents remove our cloths before taking bath and take them away or throw it with the dirty clothes. Boys need to get underwear from their parents. We used to wait until they give a dry underwear. Even when other relatives come to the house parents do not care.

    Many houses in rural areas do not have a bathroom and boys are lead to the bathing place (usually a tap with bucket outside the house) naked. The real embarrassment comes when the boy is circumcised or if the wound is being healed. In my case my Mom used to bathe me naked even when I was 10 years old. She used to describe my circumcision and how I the wound was healed. She also used to joked about my circumcision to my female relatives. Later I got used to being undressed my Mom and finally overcame shyness.

    Usually the mother unwraps the bandage and put a new one on until the wound heals. Mothers care about cleanliness of the genitals and even when I was in my teens my Mom did not trust me that I would was my penis properly. In Western countries they talk about what to wear and wearing boxers but there it is not even a question and the circumcised boys are kept nude until the wound heals.


  20. In India some parents are curious to prevent masturbation. They wait to circumcise their sons. As they bath their sons naked they find out if the boy has reached puberty and check their underwear for stains. If they catch their sons masturbating they take that opportunity to circumcise them or even with stains in the underwear the boys will be questioned. Some parents deliberately prefer a lady doctor to circumcise their sons. Usually the circumcision is done tightly and the boy is not allowed to wear anything. Either the mothers take care of the healing wound or they hire female nurses do that. After unwrapping the bandage others are given an opportunity to see the healing site. It seems it is somewhat successful in controlling masturbation.
    Well, I do not agree with what they do but unfortunately it is a practice which is very common in India. Once I and my parents were invited to a muslim circumcision party. The boys were circumcised without anesthesia in front of all relatives watching. The Mullah put the bandage and the boys lied on the bed naked. Even school teachers are invited to the Muslim circumcision parties. If the teachers are ladies it causes more embarrassment to the boys. My Mom once asked for photographs of a Muslim friend lived nearby when he was circumcised and my lady teacher was telling 2 muslim boys about how they were lying naked after circumcision.


    1. Dont lie Vince. you are just getting off telling people about your fetish and making them believe that this happens. They never show it to teachers or female relatives it is just a made up story of yours to denigrate Muslims. What an idiot.


  21. hi, vince. thank you for taking time sharing this. it is very interesting indeed. well, i find some of the practices primeval but i had to respect it because they belong to your culture. i have to share some insights though:
    – wouldn’t the circumcised male organ be infected when the boys are not allowed to wear anything after circumcision. the male organ is exposed to germs and bacteria when it is not covered.
    – mothers in your country are very protective mothers, too. in the Philippines, it can be the father or the mother who assists in the cleaning of the wound.
    – what does masturbation got to do with not being circumcised? would it not help loosen the foreskin before one gets circumcised?
    – definitely, letting everyone watch a boy getting cirmcumcised is a taboo in the philippines, except in some rural countries where the little boys are circumcised with the old primitive ways of cutting the foreskin without anaesthesia but with leaves chewed by the man who performs the circumcision. i am not sure if there are mothers or females who watch the process.


  22. Hi Bingskee,

    Here are the answers to your questions:
    1. The boys are not allowed to wear anything – but there will be a bandage/ointment on the wound so that it is not infected. Usually they use Dettoll or Tinger which are popular germ killers

    2. It can be the father or the mother who assists in the cleaning of the wound.
    Some times yes, the Fathers get involved too. But most of the time it is the mother’s responsibility. Mothers used to say to boys – “Son, it is after all Mom, so don’t be shy”. Mothers are the ones who want keep their sons on their laps.

    3. Masturbation:
    Masturbation is considered as a bad habit by most of the 3rd world mothers. They believe that the foreskin causes irritation and because of smegma accumulation the boys rub their penises which will lead to masturbation. Certainly circumcision prevents irritation of the penis. I have seen mothers rebuking boys when they put their hands in their crotches.

    4. Females watching a boys circumcision is common in case of Muslims. But for others (Christians and Hindus) a lady doctor or nurse might watch obviously if they are circumcising the boy. After circumcision the mothers show and brag about that. My Mom told me that others have seen mine. Even my Mom’s sister used to tell me that she came to our house when I was circumcised. My elderly cousin sisters once asked me to remove my underwear just to see how does a circumcision would look like.

    However this is nothing sexual or sexual abuse of a child. They do not sqeeze or sexually arouse the boys. I have never seen that. They just want to see that and do not want the boys to be shy about that. This is Mom’s love for their boys. Many Moms believe that the boys will grow up shy in future if they are not comfortable to be naked around their Moms. However they do not subject girls like this. Girls are very much protected by the culture.




    1. i am curious about how the vagina of your cousin sister will look like. Will she show me. There will be nothing sexual about it, I am just courious, i will not touch or sexually arouse her.
      Come’ on this is all sexual gratification of females. The are the biggest paedophiles, and assist other same-age (as that boy) paedophile girls in having the fun of watching their peer naked.
      If it is not big thing to have a boy of 12 years naked publicly in front of female relatives, then it should not be a big thing to have a girl of 12 years naked publicly during bathing.
      All this is just shit, and protect every child sensitivities, you are killing their softness, childhood.


    2. Hindus do not circumcise, never , never.
      All your information you and many persons are writing here is fake and imaginary and for your own sexual gratification; just want to see the male naked, just go ahead and ask for it, why you are going through such a fake argument.

      source: myself hindu


    3. Vince is a total jerk who is getting off on your shock for believing his lies. Muslims to not have females watching this is total nonsense. Vince is not a Muslim and said he had gone to one ceremony which I am sure is a lie also, so how can he say that this is fairly common amongst Muslims! I bet he is a Hindu who wants to mock the Muslims and is using a Christian name to hide behind it. Shame on you Vince you are a pervert.


  23. Circumcision in infancy provides a 10-fold reduction in urinary tract infections during the first 5 years. It also provides all the long-term benefits. The boy doesn’t have to worry about possible pain of having it done later.
    The best age is 1 week to 3 months old as it heals very quickly at that age. The excised foreskin does not grow again!
    As previously stated, elective circumcision should be avoided between 3 and 6 years old because the boy may fear losing his whole penis at that age.
    Any other age is perfectly possible for circumcision, right up to old age, but it is much easier done before puberty and gives the greatest protection against sexually transmitted diseases when done prior to puberty.


  24. When I was a boy, my foreskin would not retract fully due to adesions, so my mother took me to the doctor to be circumcised. he refused to circumcise me because the UK NHS disciouraged circumcision due to the cost and instead he broke the adhesions without anaesthetic. This hurt a lot but my foreskin was retractable from then on. However, I hated having a foreskin and when I married my present wife at age 40, she encouraged me to be circumcised and I was glad to agree. It was one of the best things that I have ever done and I would not have a foreskin again for anything in the world. I really wish that I had been circumcised as a baby; that way I would have had all the many benefits all my life.


  25. hi, vince. thank you. that’s enlightening. 🙂

    The excised foreskin does not grow again! ha ha me and my ignorance. thank you, vernon for such a significant info especially about avoiding circumcision from age 3 to 6. 🙂

    i think it is a wise decision, richard.


  26. Boys do not need to be circumcised. At any age. Over 75% of the world’s men are intact, and guess what, they like it that way. If you think there are medical reasons to circumcise boys, then explain why the Royal Australasian College of Physicians thinks otherwise. What makes the RACP statement especially significant is that the circ rate in Australia was about 90% in 1950 btw, so almost all the people responsible for this statement will either be circed men, or women married to circed men.

    There is no national body of medics in a primarily intact country that would recommend circ. In fact no national medical organisation anywhere recommends circ, not even in Israel.

    If your son wants to be circumcised, then it’s up to him, but explain to him that most of the world’s men prefer being intact. It’s going to hurt at whatever age, but the later you leave it, the better. It’s easier for the surgeon to do a good job on a man than a child.

    I don’t think it’s true to say that women should only get pregnant between the ages of 18 and 30 either btw. My mother was 37 when she had me, and there are plenty of mothers who had their first child before they were 18.


  27. The best time for boys and girls and men and women to be circucmised is eight days after they die. This way the circumcision can’t kill them.
    See StopInfantCircumcision.org/crick-wald.htm
    and MontaguNoCircPetition.org


  28. How can anyone think Mutilating a boys penis is a good thing,no cosmetic surgery should be allowed on anyone under the age of 18 ever!
    I was butchered as a child and have had problems all my life from the botched job that was forced on me,puberty was pure hell!
    As for hygine,the penis is easily cleaned with soap and water!
    Mutilating a childs genitals is a horrible practice and hopefully will be illegal one day!


  29. There is no good reason to perform circumcision on either sex at any age . None Zilch. There is no medical condition circumcision is supposed to cure or prevent that cannot be cured or prevented by other less radical means. The foreskin is a result of millions of years of mammalian evolution. It serves a purpose. If it were detrimental it would have been removed by Darwinian selective pressure eons ago.


  30. The foreskin is not a birth deffect!

    Save our boys and kids across the world from this ancient barbaric crime called circumcision.

    Find out what Intactivists do, below is just one of our daily discussions and also a very interesting video.


    In this same article I stumbled across this quote:

    “Medical Indications for Infant Male Circumcision”

    “On the basis of thorough review of the most recent medical literature, the Canadian Pediatric Society has concluded that the overall evidence of the benefits and harms of circumcision is so evenly balanced that it does not
    support recommending circumcision as a routine procedure for newborns.”

    It surprises me that even the Canadian Pediatric Society or those who mention pros and cons of circumcision do not consider or include the psychological harm that is caused when a child’s sex organs get ripped apart. We are not
    just biological machines without soul and without psyche. If they would include the psychological damage caused by the pain of circumcision, the forced separation of the baby from the mother and the separation of mother love, the terror of knives intruding your genitals when you come to this world, knives and torture clamps being your first sexual experience and the fact that boys and men may suffer from having been deprived of a body part that was there for enhanced pleasure and protection of the glans and nobody else’s but their own, then the overall picture would get way out of balance; the curve would spike up to one hundred and stay there until men have either come to terms with it, adjusted and healed themselves, self empowered
    themselves by restoring their foreskins or by helping to protect our powerless little brothers from having to endure that same injustice they had to endure as helpless little human beings. Self empowering is also taking on the fight with those who still are willing to perform this cruel
    procedure on children.
    Self empowering is demanding from the government to enact the MGM Bill now, self empowering means putting the circumcisers out of business and into jail if they don’t give it up now and if they don’t apologize for what they did.

    We are humans with a loving psyche and loving soul and not just machines when we are born even though they try to turn us into such when they raise us with that forbidden love they experienced themselves or which the rest of us
    have to witness on others and whose extreme form is circumcision or cutting away a part of our body that was there for giving and receiving pleasure and love. There is no excuse for circumcision, it is inhuman and criminal. A
    child´s vulnerable psyche and soul has to be included and emphasized by the physicians or anybody who has to inform parents before attempting to perform such cold-blooded intrusion on a child’s body for whatever reason.
    Parents have to be informed about the vulnerable psyche and love expecting soul of their children, light has to be shed in all aspects onto this inhuman procedure, not just the physical one, the psychological damage is reason
    enough to call circumcision or genital mutilation a self forbidding crime.

    Warrior of Love

    (Fwd) Penn & Teller Circumcision is BS program

    or http://tinyurl.com/23kcyc

    or http://tinyurl.com/2zlcwt

    or http://tinyurl.com/2hhud3

    Please pass it on and get rewarded with heavenly love from all the boys who will be left intact because of you interfering with this ancient barbaric crime and direct attack on love. Become an intactivist. Thank you.

    Most comprehensive Collection of Information *www.cirp.org
    National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Center * http://www.nocirc.org
    Doctors Opposing Circumcision * http://faculty.washington.edu/gcd/DOC/
    Nurses for the Rights of the Child * http://www.cirp.org/nrc/
    Attorneys for the Rights of the Child * http://www.arclaw.org/
    Circumcision Resource Center * Jewish Issues * http://www.circumcision.org/
    Students for Genital Integrity * studentsforgenitalintegrity.org/
    National Organization to Halt Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males *
    Mothers Against Circumcision * http://www.mothersagainstcirc.org/
    In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child * http://www.sexuallymutilatedchild.org/
    Ashley Montagu Resolution * Nobel laureates * MontaguNOCIRCpetition.org/
    National Organization of Restoring Men * foreskin restauration * http://www.norm.org/

    Reveal the truth * http://www.StopInfantCircumcision.org
    My activities * http://people.tribe.net/gladiator-warrior-of-love/photos


  31. hi, mark. i am sorry not to have been able to elaborate on the risk zones of getting pregnant not younger than 18 and later than 30. it was from a book actually, a Filipino medical book. i am not so sure if the study was based on Philippine women. it was a long time read. i think i forgot to mention (perhaps because this topic is not about it) that the conclusion was based mainly for health reasons, i.e., risky if the woman or the girl who gets pregnant is not physically healthy.

    as to your insights on circumcision, this belief must be more of culture. you were brought in a culture that does not support circumcision so you believe in that. as to the claim that 75% per cent of the male population does not want a circumcision, i have yet to research on that. true or not, my belief would not be swayed that men or boys have to be circumcised.

    hi, van. that’s funny. circumcision should not kill a child. if done properly, it cannot kill.

    hi, russel. ‘I was butchered as a child and have had problems all my life..’. does that mean the circumcision job done on you was not a good one? if that is so, that is really traumatic. but that could have been avoided.Done properly, circumcision takes from three to 10 minutes. please take note of the phrase ‘done properly’. why would parents bring their children to hospitals who cannot perform the simple operation accurately?

    i don’t think circumcision should be classified as mutilation. to mutilate is to damage seriously or to inflict serious damage. i dont see it as that.

    leestein, i believe more on the hygenic reasons.

    God is a loving god, warrior of love. if it is that detrimental, why was it allowed or done in one of the stories in the Bible?

    my conclusion is this: i respect what you believe in, i respect what other cultures believe in about circumcision. i am not in a position to condemn. but i, together with those who believe that circumcision is beneficial and must be done, should also be afforded that respect.


  32. You people mutilating helpless young children are nothing but criminals and abusers. You should be arrested and jailed. Cultures that require this disgusting procedure are sick. Every mother who allows a circumcision for her child should be required to first undergo the same procedure. Would she then be so willing to put her son through the same agony?


  33. Bill, what about tooth extraction in little boys? Is that not painful? There are other minor surgeries that can cause pain to the boy as well. In the Old Testament God commanded circumcision, so it makes God a criminal. Circumcision has save so many lives and exceptions are not rules. When the smegma smells underneath the foreskin and mothers having a hard time in cleaning it… irate foreskin causing masturbation etc. Uncut=Unclean.

    My parents did not circumcise me during the 1st month. Then I was unable to urinate because of phimosis and to save my life I got circumcised. I would not have had phimosis and suffered had they circumcised me during birth.

    Every boy should be tightly circumcised.


  34. I was circumcised aged 44. i am now 62. I so dearly wish my parents had found the cash to get me cut at birth. Growing up uncircumcised was hell. My penis was so hyper-sensitive under the foreskin that sex was almost painful. And the smell was awful. The first thing you notice after circumcision is the cleanliness. The penis does not need to be washed constantly to avoid stinking like a dog. Sex is longer lasting and more satisfying for both of usI can’t bring back those lost years but i make up for it by living positively and enjoying sex as often as I can. i am still very sexually active. i know it is because I am circumcised that I have extra energy ‘down there’.


  35. Personally I THINK ITS GREAT BEING CIRCUMCISED. I LIKE THE LOOK AND ITS EASIER TO KEEP CLEAN. But I think it should be a matter of individual choice. Circumcision is neither pain-free or risk free as an operation, nor is it easily reversable. Therefore unless there are health reasons, it should be left up to the individual to make an informed decision as an adult.


  36. that is quite informative, IAN. especially when you mentioned about the stinking smell. i have heard among filipino friends (men) that it does have that obnoxious smell, that cheesy substance that is found inside the foreskin, also called smegma, smells bad.

    i agree with you, simenon. it is really a matter of individual choice. and i think it is not even right to condemn uncircumcised men, the same thing with circumcised men. one just have to explain the benefits of being circumcised. if the listener does not believe you, no problem, no harm done. it’s up to him.


  37. Hi,

    I am an Indian married to a Hindu man.

    Hnidus carry a taboo regarding circumcision since it is considered a Muslim practice. Thus, it is very unusual for Hindu men to go under the snip during childhood.

    My husband decided he wanted to get circumcised a year into our marriage, due to frequent injury to his foreskin during sex. After prolonged period of opposition to the idea, I agreed to let him have his choice

    He underwent a free-hand cut this year. I must tell you that it was extremely painful for him fro the initial 1 week. This is something I believe men who choose to go under the knife as adults should consider in making their decision. Other than this, I do not see any downside.

    Our sex life has become much better. He can maintain his erection for longer now. His foreskin does not injure any more. My vaginal irritation has decreased and, his penis no longer has that yuckky smell or the unwanted smegma collection. The friction is much better now …



  38. a FREE-HAND CUT? oooo, that’s painful. he didnt go to a hospital? he’s a brave man.

    i hope readers will learn from the experiences of those who had decided to give themselves a cut. i am very particular about what you mentioned about vaginal irritation.

    thank you, nilima, for sharing this. i bet it’s helpful info for some. 🙂


  39. Hi,

    Nooo …. freehand as in under general anasthesia. It wasn’t a ritual LOL.

    Didn’t realize while he was not snipped … I guess the ocassional uncomfortable sensation while urinating was due to his mixture of smegma and sweat. I also had mild cases of uti once. This became a matter of the sealed past once he received the cut.

    Speaking from the experience of a person who has seen it both ways, I would say that if a man cleans regularly then his partner can have it as healthy as someone with a circumcised man. However, going for the cut makes it much easier.



  40. Sorry, bingskee, for waiting several months to respond to
    your question. I was 27 when I was circ’d and had the full
    support and encouragement of my wife. Without her I pro-
    bably would not have gotten up the courage to have this
    procedure done, one that I really wanted to have since I
    became aware of what circumcision is all about. I should add
    that I never had input with the urologist who did me, leav-
    ing me with a very loose circ that retained the frenulum.
    This was not the outcome that I desired. So, some years
    later I found another urologist who removed both the fren-
    ulum and the extra skin, leaving me now with a tight cut.
    Lesson: If you’re going to have an adult circ make sure that
    you opt for a complete job the first time around. My wife and
    I are both in complete agreement about this.


  41. LOL and i thought a free hand cut means what i thought it was. glad you are both enjoying the benefits of circumcision, nilima. 🙂

    ouch, that must be uncomfortable, werner. and this can be a moral that men should learn. no problem about the late answer. pleased to read it. 😉


  42. I am a 24 years old muslim guy.Though our religion stipulates for my circumcission before I comlete 7 years of age,I was not cut till I am 24. I have no father. I live with my widowed mother.
    I had a penis of the size 11 ” x 4 ” on full erection and my foreskin measured 3 ”. I thought of having circumcission and I told my mother of my intention to go in for it.
    My wanted me to show my penis to her. I undressed and she found it shockingly.
    The next sunday,she arranged a circumcission fuction in our house. She invited my father’s brothers,their wives and daughters,and her sisters,their husbands and their sons and daughters.
    My mother kept me nude.She shaved my pubic hair and gave me both. Then all the relatives were allowed to see mine.
    My mother took the services of a lady doctor to cut my skin.
    Though I had reservations about pain,nothing of that happened.I was given a very fair circumcission.My mother treated the wound till it was dry.
    I am happy


  43. Well, i am 24 years old and not circumcised. I have decided to tell u all this as i think its high time for me to solve this ‘issue’. It really hurts me when i try to get the ‘head’ out of the ’tissue’. Please apology my term of expression here. Even when i touched the head of my penis, it hurts me a lot, its really sensitive. Its almost covered by that skin almost the whole day until i try to ‘play’ with it. Now, the time has changed, my girlfriend starts asking questions of when will i be able to break my virginity…yes, i am virgin…mainly coz of this ‘issue’. Thats why i need your help / advise here. Actually i live in Mauritius and here, almost everyone knows eachother, wherever you go, you meet someone you know or someone who knows you. Thats 1 of the reason i was hesitating to ask for advise here. Please guys, i really need advises from you all here. I’ve got many questions which haunts me since years. Should i go for it? Will it hurt while they do it to me? How will my family know if they know i did it? I am really stressed about these questions without answers. So please, do give me some advises. Thanks a lot.


  44. good for you, hayath. 🙂

    jaan, i advise that you read the comments here then weigh the pros and cons of each possible decision you choose. in the comments, too, you will find what i stand for. it will always be what you like and where you would be happy. good luck!


  45. I think circumcision was the best decision ever taken. I am an aussie who decided to get circumcised at age 20. i can say from experience that my sexual life has not been better since! Before, it was as if the foreskin always got in the middle of it and did not let me enjoy anything. It would smell often and oral sex was usually out of the question! I would wash the penis constantly only to irritate it for it did not help at all, from the minute you urinate the penis has a stench! Smegma was a constant problem as well for it could build up very fast! i am tired of all the websites that call circumcision MUTILATION! IT IS NOT MUTILATION! uncircumcised people just don’t know what they are talking about, they basically say that circumcised men are numb! Please, they know nothing! My penis has been ever more sensitiyve, the head is now soft and has grown, it is not waxy and entraped in the foreskin making it smaller! The corona has plumped out making it look bigger. I see my penis now and I get mad for my parents did not want to circumcise me! I told them about my decision and they regretted not having it done, it was mainly influenced by her Greek neighbours not to have me circed. Many boys in my school were circed, my father was circed, but the neighbours somehow got into my parents head, kind of like these stupid webs sites against circumcision! It does not hurt a child less than when he is getting his umbilical cord cut off or his teeth taken out! Seriosuly, if you haven’t experienced it, please be quiet! Botched circs can be treated now with cosmetic surgery and given a better look to them! There are new methods! I had a son and he got immediately circumcised, his penis looks beautiful! It was kind of horrid, because he was circed at 3 days old and oh my God! that kid had a lot of smegma under his little foreskin…now imagine, they recommend parents not to retract the foreskin at a young age…now all the smegma that accumulates during the years under the childs foreskin! Diseases usually love these types of enviroments! My cousins are all getting circed as well, my older brother got circed and I guess circumcision in Australia is rising once more since the 90’s. I hope it gets to being 95% of males circumcised like in the 50’s when my father was born! It is truly helpful, I don’t understand how Aussies let their children suffer so much. My penis is now very clean, oral sex is always given greatfully and my sex life has imporved much! I love my penis! It does not smell. I only wash it when I shower and I don’t have to irritate it for even the simple shampoo coming down from my head can clean it without me touching it. It is a big plus for boys to get circumcised! Don’t get brainwashed by those anti-circs who know nothing of the problems. The World Health Organization recommends it now as well as UNAIDS for it has proven to reduce the risk of catching and spreading HIV/AIDS…the only thing foreskin is good for!


  46. congratulations to you, pidgo. couldnt agree more with the points you emphasized:
    – sexual life has not been better since
    – penis is now very clean
    – oral sex is always given
    – IT (circumcision) IS NOT MUTILATION.
    – t has proven to reduce the risk of catching and spreading HIV/AIDS


  47. Hey, i’ve managed to get in touch with a private doctor for the circumscision which will be done next month before christmas…let’s just wish everything goes fine for me…thanks again everyone.


  48. It is quite peculiar to read these few contributions stating that an intact penis smells bad, is dirty, unclean, transfers disesases and that circumcission is something important which must be done A.S.A.P.

    500 years ago, there were people simular to you. Gullible ignorant people who believed that some women were Satan’s worshippers, and that those “witches” needed to be burned at the stake.

    Circumcission is ALWAYS redundant, and it IS mutilation, as well as child-abuse.


  49. I hate my mother for making such a stupid-ass decision. I think that mothers take satisfaction in hurting their children through such a disgusting procedure. Developed by the nasty, big nosed Jews for some stupid reasons. It’s no reason that the Jews were persecuted throughout ancient and modern history. Because they are so dumb, lacking any form of intelligence whatsoever. Condemn them all!


  50. I think voluntary circumcision is great, but involuntary circumcision is wrong. Each human being should be allowed to choose for themselves whether or not they will keep their whole genitalia they were born with.


  51. Better late than never. I have two son’s and they both voluntarily subject themselves to this ritual at the age of 12(Summer, after graduating from elementary school) for the simple reason that they don’t want their classmates teasing them “supot”. One is now 2 nd year college and the other 2 year High School. I think what is important here is just do what you think would make you happy. According to Dr. Juan Flavier – “Just DOH it”


  52. i am a mother, too, taylor and i do not delight in seeing my son hurt. he was not really hurt as to that level that he was psychologically wounded. he did not even flinch after the operation. i think it’s more about orientation and the psychological/mental health of a person. and to blame it to the Jews is way too ridiculous. we live in a free world where everybody is free to do what he wants. i am just wondering what had happened to evoke such hatred.

    i believe so, too, jeremy. 🙂

    12 is not late, pmonchet. if you read the comment thread, there are those who underwent the process later in their lives.


    1. My mother and father did not want me hurt as a newborn. My first wife did not like me uncircumcised, however I was afraid of pain and embarrassment to have it done at her doctor’s office for $300 in the 60s. Decades later, with many problems of tight foreskin, irritation and tearing during intimacy, I had outpatient surgery. The cost was $14K and insurance coverage arbitration is ongoing one year later. I wish I had been done – with local pain meds – as a new born, or as a young adult when requested by my young, first wife……


  53. i live in England and was circumcised when i was 5 days old in 1958 both my brothers had it done to them as well so 7 years ago i married and 2 yaers later my wife had a boy we had him circumcised at birth with no problem what so ever my wifes a nurse who works with children and she is all in favour of the practises as soon as possaible


  54. I think the best age for circumsision is 12..13, when the boy is approaching puberty. Maybe the best moment is, when the boys first ejaculations have started, but his penis is still quite small. In that age the foreskin is totally covering the clans and it’s just the best moment to slice it off. Maybe it’s also better to perform the operation without anestehesia.


  55. What might be the main reason for circumcision. The fact is that in the beginning puberty and even earlier weaking pleasurable feelings are concentrated in the foreskin area, which promotes begin of masturbation. Especially when the foreskin is redundant, the boy’s all movements are causing pleasurable stimulation. Often his first ejaculations occurs when he is gently touching, pressing and moving his foreskin. This causes enjoyable feelings, especially, if the foresking is rich and long. If the foreskin is redundant and somehow tight, the first ejaculations often come and partly remain inside the foreskin. This may cause irritation, if not washed daily.


  56. All my 6 boys was circumcised before they were a month old. I respect the fact some dont agree with it, however those should respect that this is what we chose to do and not digress into petty name calling. The reasons for and against are varied on both sides and it is a personal decision. I must say i find the practise of parading your childs genitals infront of other people be it family members or not, is a bit too much. I had to laugh at the comment where it suggest that circumcision prevents masturbation, any man who says that he does not masturbate is naive or a liar, its got nothing to do whether there is a foreskin present or not, many guys partake in masturbation and you would find at least half of them have no foreskin so what is the reason now? Its normal !!





    I recommend anyone considering this for themselves or for their young sons to educate yourself and watch some of the videos on the web about the baby boys reaction during this procedure so that you understand fully the consequences of your decision over someone else’ body. If you still decide to do it to your child without his consent, why don’t you have the doctor cut off the tip of your finger just prior to him circumcising your son so that you know what the baby is feeling.

    We were born with it for a reason and it is shocking that so many “educated” women (or people in general) would be against female genital mutilation and still allow their defenseless newborn son have the most sensitive part of his entire body peeled back and cut off with a red-hot knife so that it melts the skin closed after slicing it off.


  58. Hi Bingskee,

    What do you think about mothers who bathe their boys in front of other female relatives? Can mothers talk about circumcision to aunts and grand mothers? Until what age boys are bathed by their moms in the Philippines?


  59. alston. i wanted to just ignore what you wrote here but ihave to say something. if you read the thread, you should have learned that i do not condone people who believes that males should not be circumcised. but you who believe such things should also respect others who believe in circumcision. i just wanna point out some things:
    – clitoridectomy is a more painful process than circumcision, and all of these practices are against the will of a little girl. from the bible, i believe God will not allow such practice as circumcison if it will cause that great harm. i.e, if a person believes in God.
    – clitoridectomy serves no humane purpose at all, circumcision does.
    – i am against practices forcibly done on any human being. i believe that there should always be consent. that is why i stick to the principle of having a son circumcised when he’s older, i.e., during his teens. if my son does not want it, i’ll wait for the time that he’s ready for it. but i will still explain the benefits.

    pro-circ. from the comment thread, i learned that there are countries that practice what you mentioned. if i had not learned of it, i could’ve reacted because in the Philippines, it is a taboo to bathe your son or your daughter in front of other people. but i am speaking in general here, i am not really aware if there are existing circumstances like you mentioned. in my experience, i did not assist my son nor bathe him after circumcision. it was my husband who was with him always. my son was 12 at that time. again, i am not aware if there are Filipinas who assist or bathe their sons after circumcision. i hope this answers the question. 🙂


  60. hi, jayb. i had overlooked your comment. i am laughing now because of your comment. like you, i cannot see the connection between masturbation and being circumcised or not. 😀


  61. The jews circumcise their boys as early as 8 days old. Yes 8 days, not years. Well, it’s in the bible.

    12 years old is really really really old. I got circumcised when i was 8 years old. Okay, that ‘s years not days.

    But circumcision really is not “required”. It will not make you sin or get healthy issues if a man is not circumcised.


  62. Whether or not a boy should be Circumcised is not for a woman to decide. Women should have absoloutly no say about what happens to the male body just as women believe men have no right to control theirs.

    Regardless if you are the boys mother, you have no right to make the choice to alter his body appearance for the rest of his life. As a woman you clearly have no concept of how painful Circumcision is, both on the physical body and the the long term psychological effects. The forced Circumcision of your son amounts to rape of his body, and in my opinion anyone who forces this procedure on a boy who is unable to defend himself should be sent to prison. Circumcision unless medically necessary is a mans issue, and a mans issue only. Women should have no say in the matter what so ever.

    If women are concerned about HIV then perhaps more emphasis should be placed on safe sex and female personal hygene, which also spreads disease if not looked after properly.


  63. I think the age to get circumcised is not of great importance. Important is to be circed and to be clean and dry wihout any smell.


  64. hi, Mr Man. all i can say is, just read the comment thread. i dont wanna be repeating my stand about this.

    more than anything else, kenny, it’s the hygiene thing that is most important.


  65. hi bing, got here thru bambit. i had my son circumcised 2 weeks ago. he’s 11. i accompanied him to the doctor myself. the procedure was not a pretty sight. in fact, i knees felt weak. it was quite an experience for me too, being there with my son.


  66. hi, mari. thanks for visiting.

    for me, personally, i believe that’s it’s better if the process will be made during the boy’s puberty period, mari.

    i cannot do what you did. you’re brave! 🙂


  67. My reasons are the same of the Indian parents. Very important for me is the absolutly cleanless of the male genitales. I`never want to see stinky, nasty smegma under the foreskin of my boys. I`leave my boys circumcised short after started with the puberty. I´take the boys in this ages from a child-home otherwise they are be circumcised earlieer. Everytime they was restless and unconcentratet at home and in the school. Any day I´catch the boys at the masturbate mutual short after his ejaculations. I´hate masturbation and condemn this repulsive habit. This I´sad the boys clear. I´know a female doktor she circumcised many boys every ages how the parents want. I´prefered this women, since she had long, slender and skillfully fingers. She can circumcised very tight. I´talked with the doktor about two ritual circumcisions and she support me fast. She gave me pills to the boy they must take one week. The result of the medicament was no erections of they penises. The penises be obligaded to very small, all the more foreskin to be removing. The circ. day was coming to the boys. We take the boys and they must be lie at the gyn. chair. She fixated the boys tight and started with the necessary operation for all boys. The follow pain be obligaded to get remember his dirty masturbation. She gave don`t local anesthesia but many icespray, desinfection and betadyne after the shave. How to be get circumcised babies. The boys had long foreskins and she started with the circumcision. She used the Comco-Clamp and circumcised the two boys very high&tight and trimmed the excess inner layer of the foreskins complete. She circumcised very high nearly at the testicles of the boys. Than she removed the clamp and we see the now everytime nacked glans. Now she removed the frenums thorough with the roots, during I´the whimpering boys asking over her masturbationhabits. The boys promise never be to do this dirty habit. Oncemore a little pain at the last cleaning and desinfection and the education operation was over. The doktor doing an excellent job. Six weeks after the circumcisions we can see the nice endresult. They penises are very smooth and naturaly. Don`t one little skinpleat at the whole penisshaft, also the penises are flabby absolut no skinmovement more possible. Two supertight radical circumcisions to the boys how I´want. A great education and hygienic advantage. Nevermore nasty smegma and even the anti-social masturbation now is curing. Masturbation is now to the boys very difficult, uncomfortable or unpossible how I`want. The circumcision was more 1 year ago and the boys don`t now masturbate today. They have learn her lesson and they are very brave and obedient. I´think all boys to be obligaded compulsory in this kind(very tight and radical) circumcised short started the puberty.



  68. I´think also all boys must to be get cicumcision never later without 11 years. I´leave my both sons circumcised in a hospital with local anestehesia. At my homeland are it`s usally to circ. without anesthesia. I´dont want that to my sweety boys, but their circumcisions are important to me and my mother(grandma). My mother found to me a woman from malay. Her job was only circumcised boys.
    I´dont like pain to my sons I´talk with this woman! She ask me , during the procedure my boys don`t have pain. One week after their had. A little bit pain is normal in every live she ask to me.
    My mother du the time for the boys. The woman want, I´mus look the circumcision of my boys. My boys must going nacked of their chair. She gave my boys a great painkiller I´think. My grandma and the forgain woman tell about the circumcisions. All skin must removed and the frenulum also deep and entire. The whole procedure during 50 min. to every boy. My mother talk during the procedure every time, Please cut extremly tight and thorough. The woman smile and tell to my mother , its a great pleasure. I´dont know it was right but I´think my boys are good today.
    I´lokeed in their eyes and I´knewing, their had pain during the procedure, but the boys getting brave. It was verry difficult the next week. The procedure was ok. but the pain the week after gave me tears in my eyes. My mom and the wife want a extremly tight circumcision with a verry deep removing of their frenulums. She did it! I´thinking my sons are unsenesion during the operation, but both crying during removed their frens. It was a punishment to see the healing my poor boys. One week the boys haven`t extremly pain with her new remudeld penisses. The woman gave the boys after the circumcisions a`suspensorium you know how football player. My mother tell to me I´must give the boys a roughing, tightly underwear to the nacked glanses. The whole procedure was verry hard to me, but I´think when I´looked to the genitales of my boys, its ok and nessecary!


  69. Circumcision is not necessary and only in a few countries is it carried out for non-religious reasons – namely the USA, Korea and Philippines. In the USA it earns doctors 400 billion dollars a year. The medical benefits, even in terms of HIV are disputed, indeed the USA was a hotbed of HIV infection despite the rates of circumcision. The hygiene argument is pretty redundant, why not stitch the toes together and remove the ear lobes and even pull out the teeth because they all involve processes of hygiene to keep them clean.

    And no one ever mentions that in US style circumcision one of the most erogenous areas of the penis is removed in almost 40% of boys and this is not even part of the circumcision but an additional operation known as a frenulectomy. Parents are not asked for consent to remove this and of those both circumcised and frenulectomised, most will not know they even had this appendage – let alone that it has been cut out. In addition, American circumcision is ultra radical and often attempts to remove as much skin as possible resulting in some very nasty looking operations.

    As for traditional Filipino circumcision, as practiced not just in rural areas but also by hospitals, it is not circumcision. Filipino style circumcision, pagtutuli, makes the penis look a revolting mess and that wadge of fat that dangles under the head of the penis like the snood on a turkey, might be deemed cool and sexy in back water Manilla but in most other countries it is seen as both weird and funny. This is not circumcision but subincision and the Philippines is probably the only country in the world still performing this form of tribal demarcation – basically an abuse.

    There is this silly assumption that the beauty of a butchered penis is universal and yet what individual nation do to their sons penises differ. Many British people find the American penis strange because it has such an excessive scar, but most American men and boys would not even classify that mark a ‘scar’ and indeed many will think it natural. European circumcision is not as radical and neither is South Korean.

    At the end of the day, the only person who can decide if circumcision should be performed or not, is the person in question and the operation should be illegal until the boy can decide for themselves. And yes you may think a penis that looks like it has been savaged with a blunt razor blade looks sexy and normal but in the rest of the world, outside the USA and S Korea, a natural an unabused penis is preferred. And I’m sorry to be offensive, as I don’t mean to be, but any Filipino who argues circumcision is required for hygiene needs to seriously look at how the operation is performed in the Philippines. Even in hospitals with so called ‘trained staff’ you can see boys being circumcised laying on sheets of newspaper, sometimes surgical gloves aren’t even worn. And as for cutting boys penises using a piece of wood that other boys have been cut against, with chickens running about, and then slapping a chunk of chewed up leaf on it as is the tradition, well, what a great way to spread herpes. And as for circumcising boys in public, for the world to see on Youtube, very invasive!

    I have just read the article above and though the parents are clearly decent, they are also clearly ignorant. ‘ I want my sons cutting very tight circumcision cutting frenulum deeply.’ Hell, the frenulum is a normal and highly erogenous part of the penis that does not need to be removed in a circumcision. Indeed, you cannot tell whether or not a circumcised penis has had the frenulum removed unless you look specifically and carefully at that area, though in some cases the gouge marks make it clear. Removing the frenulum is a total assault on a male and on a child is a terrible form of abuse.


  70. I went to the Phillipines to work as a nurse and got quite an education in some things,such as male circumcision. I helped in a clinic with circumcising young boys. The nurse that I worked with instructed that they should always have a tight cut. I had to wonder how many of those boys would have trouble being so tightly done. She was so proud of how her boys looked after they healed and they would always stay clean for the women. The boys were so brave when they climed up on the tablw and some evenwatched her do the cutting!


  71. Warrior of An Agenda said:
    “The foreskin is not a birth defect!”
    – – – – –
    No, I guess it’s not. Neither are tonsils, adenoids, appendixes, impacted teeth, so-called “wisdom” teeth, ingrown toenails…
    Funny how the majority of us that have needed or wanted to be rid of these burdens say how damned glad we are they never grow back.


  72. A female reader, anonymous, wrote in 2007
    You can make your circumcision a RITE OF PASSAGE in preparing for marriage, on leaving home, or whatever. By undergoing it you are sharing in a great and time honored custom which deep down is respected by most women as well as by many men. Following the Jewish method the most painful part is the second stage of periah when the inner skin is torn down to the corona and then stripped away. But there should, apparently, be a little pain in experiencing one’s circumcision – so the Talmud says. Good luck


    1. The foreskin is not necessarily adhered to the penis head nor phimotic either. By about age 3 – 5, it should be easily and fully retractable, so that there is no pain when separating it for the circumcision. Any time after that approaching puberty when a boy is ready for it, then it should be done. Local and other anesthetics usually make the procedure rather painless.


  73. I am a woman in my late 60’s and worked as a nurse for several years,so I have a strong opinion on this matter. In general, boys should be circumcised for their health and any partners health. I have assisted with the procedure many times and if done properly, there is only a sting for a couple of seconds. I have talked to my two sons about it and they are glad it was done and never had any problems. Over the years I have talked to many women about circumcision and all but a few thought of it as good for the overall health of males and should be done. Polls support this.


    1. Dianne: Thank you for your input as a nurse, a Mom with sons and wisdom of an elder. From personal experience as an adult, if done properly – there is only a slight sting that lasts for only seconds. Easier hygiene maintenance and freedom from former irritation from wetness and tightness – makes me wish I had been circ’d at birth. Again, Thank you for taking time to comment.


  74. I actually think the best age for boys to be circumcised is in infancy or in childhood elementary school years. It heals faster and if done as a baby or toddler so he won’t remember pain. I know it can be done at any age and it’s a rite into adulthood for some cultures but doing it at 12 or later seems like it can be embarassing and awkward. Hormonal urges are kicking in, more active and demanding schedules, other peers, and for some the embarassment of bringing up the issue can all make it an inconvenience.

    I’m in the US, and I wished my parents had me cut. They never taught me it was normal for the skin to separate or how to clean. It was something I had to painfully learn on my own and years later I also discovered I have a mild case of hypospadias that probably could’ve been noticed earlier so it could be repaired or at least let me know. And circumcised looks a lot more attractive than uncircumcised. And it lowers the risk of UTI and STD infections. I’m a baby when it comes to pain and being sexually active so now at 23 getting it done or in the future doesn’t seem like an option plus other medical coverage hoops. But if I ever have sons in the future they will go under the knife, and I think every boy should be circumcised.


  75. I understand the reasons parents give that do not have their new born sons circumcised. However, if they would find a care provider with experience and who pays close attention to doing the procedure pain free, better quality of life might often result for their child. It is certainly easier and less costly, compared to having to have it done as an adult. That has been my personal experience.


  76. Wow. Interesting topic. And so many comments on it. I do find it interesting that those who are favorably inclined toward circumcision are cordial, and accepting of other opinions, while those who are against circumcision act rude, belittling, and antagonistic.
    My wife and I adopted an orphan boy who was age two. We had him circumcised. He’s never complained about our decision. As pointed out, most American’s who circumcise their boys, do so sometime around the eighth day after birth, which is a carry over from Judaic tradition.
    I must say, I do like the idea of a boy choosing circumcision at 12 or 13, which is the traditional age of becoming a man. It then becomes a rite of passage into manhood. While modern society wouldn’t consider a 13-year-old boy a man, it’s a nice way to celebrate a traditional passage.

    Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .


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