"I don’t know what a Teddy Bear is."

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I was born in a family where teddy bears or other stuffed toys weren’t common or weren’t even bought as gifts to the children.  I don’t recall receiving a teddy bear or a stuffed toy.  I recall having a little plastic doll as one of my toys. There were clay pots, too, and sardine cans converted into carts with wheels made of soft drink bottle caps or what they call tansan.  There were many toys from native materials that everybody enjoyed playing with.  Nobody among the kids brought a teddy bear as far as I can recall.  We were a happy lot, though, so to speak, baked by the sun most of the time, bathed in our sweat and smell, and clad in assorted threadbare shirts and shorts.

I and my siblings and all the kids in our neighborhood grew to play the traditional games of piko, patintero, luksong baka, luksong tinik, agawan base, patay-patayan, hand clapping games, calahoyo, holen, chinese garter, jack en poy, to name a few.  One can learn about these games at Wikipedia. Just search for ‘traditional games in the Philippines‘.

My father is a private contractor of painting and carpentry jobs. One day, he brought me along with him to the house of one of his clients.   The house was big and I was introduced to the daughter who was my age.  I maybe eight or nine years old that time.  The daughter was kind, as I remember (otherwise, I will remember if she’s not nice  :D), and she invited me to play with her.  She said “Laro tayo ng teddy bear ko! (Let’s play with my teddy bear!)”  Recollecting, I was not able to say anything but my uninformed inner-self was screaming, “Hindi ko alam kung ano ang teddy bear. (I do not know what a teddy bear is.)”  She made me follow and finally we were in a playing space just beside the house with a few of her toys which are all novelty items to me.  They looked so pretty and shiny and colorful except for one that looks like a furry animal.

The girl, unaware of my ignorance, took the furry animal toy and said to me, “‘Eto si Teddy. (Here is Teddy.)”  It was like she was introducing Teddy, the furry animal, the teddy bear (must be, I thought), to me.  I was so speechless at that time and it felt like an overwhelming feeling of joy and sadness took over me.  I played anyway.

I must have pushed away those feelings I didn’t want that I had when we got home.  Days past and life went on.  There were many teddy bears I met along the way.  I haven’t had one up to the time I was an adult.  It seemed that I deliberately did not allow to be fond of that toy.  It was a painful reminder and the defense mechanism was to ignore.

Things changed when I had my first baby.  The beautiful tiny baby girl had no idea that she will be meeting Teddy early on.

What is a blessing to you?

Hard times are sometimes blessings in disguise...
Hard times are sometimes blessings in disguise. Let it go and let it make you better. (Photo credit: deeplifequotes)


On of those lunch times, me and some friends were talking about blessings. I mentioned that I sometimes get irked listening to other people talking about ‘blessings’. It seems that they are connecting ‘blessings’ to monetary gain they are receiving or equate them always to money received.

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Which year would you choose to live life over again, if given the chance?

Wonderful Life (1964 film)
Wonderful Life (1964 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That is one question I read that had me thinking. I’d choose 1983. Why? That is when I felt true love the first time. That is when I felt I couldn’t breathe because of excitement. That is when I had my first kiss that sent shivers all over me. That is when I felt confident that I am lovable and huggable.

Truly, a lot of things happened during that year. Alongside the exhilaration, it was also the year my father got very ill. It gave me that heavy, huge feeling of responsibility on my shoulder. But I tried to be strong. I guess it was what made me strong all along.

Which year would you choose to live life over again?


This is from a discussion board I joined before where I am not active anymore.  The comments below were also from those people in that discussion board.

From EstiiBabii

I think I would chose to live 1999 all over again, even though I was a
child back then I enjoyed life during those years. I had many friends, I
was had many toys, I’d always played with my friends in the park. I
remember always going to the park during the summer time and having my
water guns in gear and running around trying to wet my friends and them
trying to wet me. I remember how much fun it was that year, I would love
to live that year once again.

From hardworkinggurl

Hi bingskee

1987 & 1989 the two years I had both of my kids. I would give
anything to have them tiny again. Though life has been sweet during
their growing years, I wold love to have those two wonderful and
memorable days once again.

I personally would not do anything different about the years as I would
not have had such a wonderful life with my two kids. Sure their ups and
downs but remembering I was their mommy and that they were my babies
made it all worthwhile for me. I actually would not change a single
thing as I want to remember all of it as is.

From thesids

Hi GF 1987 & 1989 the two years I had both of my kids

And in 1989 I passed out class 10th… Gosh!


Dear Ms. Bingskee

Well, 3!

anything between 1976 to 1985 on the first one. My late grandmother me
and my late grandfather really were a family and I can do anything to
get back to those days.

Then, 1989-1994 – any one for the second. College days. No study and all
the activity that I did staying in and away from the college.

And then, 1998-200 anyone for the third. Best part of my life as far as
career was concerned.

Any one of the above would be great. Tell me when do I arrive to get
into the time machine

From miadsoriano

It’s not just a year that I’m interested in. It’s for the whole time
that Jose Rizal lived on this Earth. If I can browse-fastforward through
his whole life, from the time he was born, and until his execution,
then I think I will be happy.

I’m really curious as to his vast knowledge, his education, his travels,
how he got into linguistics, his whole personality. Would like to
really find out how charming he was then. How mysterious. Everything.
And if I can take someone with me on this journey, it would definitely
be my husband, who has the same level of curiosity when the subject
matter is Rizal. 🙂

From dorannmwin

I think that I will chose 1999. The reason that I would chose that year
is because it was the year of my life that I really started to make good
friends when I was in college. In addition to that, it was also the
year that I fell in love for the first time. I will admit that the
relationship that I had during that time didn’t turn out well, but to go
through it again would be a great thing for me because things would be
different knowing then what I know now.

From Jlyn10

If I tell you, would you take me back in time?

I would choose the year 1979 cause I was still small and just love being
pampered by my family members. It was a great time for everyone back

I also would choose the year 2000 as that was the time when my son was
born. I just love the time spent with him, just looking at him while he
sleeps. I want to him see grow up again from the start.

From toniganzon

I would choose to live in the 80s again when i was just a child of
tender years with my parents both still alive and taking care of us. I
really missed them a lot. I don’t like the 90s coz they got murdered in

From vandana7

I would choose 1963. My mom was alive then. I would want to be with her
once more. From what I have known her now, I just want to go back there,
and appreciate her, and love her, and make her feel loved and

From ladydulce

None! I’m more excited for the years I have coming. I can relive the
others as much as I want in memory, but I wouldn’t trade watching my son
grow to be a man and starting his own family or learning what’s in
store for me. Too cool to go back.

From LittleMel

it would be 2009. very meaningful and rejuvenating year.
as if all doors were opened for me, starting from improvement of
spiritual life
that leads to major change in my perspectives and life decisions
change inward manifests outward, I have actually found like-minded
trustworthy friends and teachers in the same year and they contribute to
more exhilarating changes in me
there is no year like 2009 to me. at least not yet.

From wongchoiyee

80s to early 90s
That’s when everything is so good, money was never a problem, I get
along with my brother whom now moved out, my mom and dad pampered me,
and lots of friends, good friends. But now we have graduated we lost
touch but once again I looked forward to future because I want myself to
find a true love and get married.

From peach786

2004 definitely! that’s when i had my 1st heart attack only 2 weeks
before my son’s wedding. Can’t get any close call than that! Wife was
called from my office to head to the hospital dropping all her chores.
All family members were assembled, and the in-laws left in limbo.
Hospital got the wind that my presence was very essential at the pre-wed
preparations so the doctors prioterised my angioplasty, put couple of
stents inside my arteries the same evening, gave me a light supper and a
cup of tea and turned off the lights for the night. i was home the next
day, and we all had our first and best family wedding ever!

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Photohunt: Deluxe


Her name is Dianne. She is truly one admirable lady who had given us deluxe service when we had our dinner last night at Mandarin Sky, a Chinese shabu-shabu restaurant. She patiently explained each meal we got interested in and suggested the best seller soup which is the spinach soup. She always checked if we wanted something or we liked to have a refill of the tea.

I’ll see what the other photohunters have for this Saturday’s theme.

Saturday Six #513

Today’s Saturday Six questions are based on words beginning with the letter F.

1. F is for FAN: Which celebrity are you proud to consider yourself a fan of?

Liam Neeson.  I get Twitterpated when I see him.

Image courtesy of Fanpop.com

2. F is for FLIPPER: If you had a chance to swim with a dolphin, would you take it?

No. I do not know how to swim. 😦

3. F is for FOG: Do you find fog beautiful or creepy?

Creepy even if there isn’t a fog but a smog here in the metro where I live.

4. F is for FRIGHT: When was the last time an amusement park ride truly frightened you?

That must be around 2005.  I was forced to try “Aladin’s Magic Carpet’. It was scary as hell.

5. F is for FUR: Should real fur coats be banned over animal cruelty concerns? Why or why not?

They should be banned. To patronize fur products will mean killing more and making these animals disappear or eventually make them become extinct.

6. F is for FURNITURE: What is the oldest piece of furniture you own and how long have you owned it?

The living room sala set.  It would be very difficult to part ways with these pieces already.


The logo for Saturday Six is lovely.  The previous one is okay but this one comes with a lively tone.

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I am in the mood for memes!

I visited The Daily Meme and found three interesting memes. There was a time in my blogging days that these kind of memes were so in.  I miss those days when the blogger friends participate. It was so much fun.

The first Sunday meme I saw was The Sunday Seven but Mr. Patrick of Patrick’s Place must have stopped it already but I saw that there was this Saturday Six meme that is on.  Here is the Saturday Six #512, and I am participating!

1.  E is for EMAIL: When is the last time your personal email inbox was completely empty?

There was never a time that it was completely empty.  It is already full and I can’t even have the time to check and send those unwanted mails to the trash bin.

2.  E is for EAR:  Do you consider your hearing to be better than average, average, or worse than average?

I suspect it is worse than average.  It hadn’t been better the last time I discovered that I have a hearing problem.

3. E is for EARLY: Are you generally early to appointments, late or right on time?

When I was so much younger, I was never on time.  My husband always has this story told to my kids that I was always late when we had our dates.  Presently, I get irked when people are late in meetings or appointments.

4.E is for EDUCATION: Which grade of school (or year of college) did you find most difficult and why?

I find my fifth year in the college of engineering most difficult.  Those times, everybody was so apprehensive about failures because that would mean we will not graduate.  I tried very hard to make it.  I did.

5.E is for EGG:  How do you normally eat your eggs?

Sunny-side up but not well done.  It is so good with fried fish, tocino, or menudo. (Yum!)

6.E is for ESSAY:  What was the topic of the longest blog post you’ve written?

If I remember it right, the post is about circumcision.  It discussed about what age do boys need to be circumcised.  It received encouraging as well as negative comments.  It was a discovery for me, too.


The second Sunday meme is from Kwizgiver titled Not All Who Wander are Lost Meme.  Here it are the questions and my answers:

  1. Put your music player of choice on shuffle and list the first song.  I do not have a compilation of music in my PC and in my phone.
  2. If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Would you take anyone with you? Of course I would have my husband with me, and we’ll go to Baguio because he has not been there yet.
  3. What is your preferred writing implement? (eg. Blue pen, pencil, green pen)  It will always be a black pen.
  4. When did you go on your first trip alone (without your parents)? To Baguio, to the National Press Conference.  I was only in high school then.
  5. Do you have connections to any celebrities (even minor)? List them. None.  I have connections to a scientist he he
  6. Name 3 items you could pick up from where you are. Camera, Mug, Cellular Phone
  7. How would you describe your sense of humor? Sometimes extreme.
  8. Do you ever play board games or other non-computer games? Got any favorites? Scrabble is a favorite of mine.
  9. A musical artist you love that isn’t well known.  Gary Granada
  10. A musical artist you love that is well known. Alicia Keys
  11. What is your desktop background currently?  A selfie.
  12. Last person you talked to, and through what you talked to them.  My husband, personal.
  13. What do you carry your money in? A black purse with capiz shells as deco.
  14. What timekeeping devices are in the room you are currently in? Wall clock.
  15. What kind of headphones do you use?  I use earphones instead.
  16. What musical artists have you seen perform live? I can’t remember.
  17. How often do you clear your browser history?  Not as often.  Oh, this is a reminder.
  18. What’s the best job you’ve ever had? My current job as IQA head.
  19. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? As storeroom keeper in a restaurant.
  20. What magazines do you read, if any? Reader’s Digest, National Geographic


The last one is from Luna Niña’s Unconscious Mutterings.  The objective is to say everything that pops into your head.  For this week 575

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Doorknob ::   How many germs does one get from holding a doorknob.
  2. Arch ::  A niece doing her pole dancing techniques.
  3. Clay ::  People being easily led to something.
  4. Doves ::  Peace.
  5. Bloom ::  Daughter Kay aged 12 wearing a blue dress.
  6. Curious ::  Drey with head bumps out of curiosity.
  7. Kissing ::  Moviehouse.
  8. Stomach ::  Milk hurts my stomach at times.
  9. Courtyard ::  I have never been to a courtyard but I do not regret.
  10. Shorts ::  She (being conservative) kept my short shorts away.  That was a long time ago and she’s dead.

I wonder if any of these blogger friends would do any of these three memes: Prinsesa Musang, BabyPink, Atticus, Beatburn, and Rommel.

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Curious as a Cat #405

I instantly became curious as a cat, too!  Curious Cat posed these questions that I answered:

1) What was the name of your first grade teacher?

I remember a name as Ms. Buan (pronounced as ‘bwan’).  It was easy for me to remember because it sounds like the word buwan which is a Filipino word for moon or month.

2) What was the worst smell you have ever smelled?

Eww.  The worst smell for me is that of a decaying carcass of a rat. It could evacuate my bowels, or make me gag, once I smell it.

3) What is something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail, and explain why you haven’t tried it yet?

It is my greatest desire to resign from my current work and try digital entrepreneurship.  The thing is, I am uneasy and apprehensive still because of the possible failure or when things will not work as I expect them to be, even with a guarantee that I will not fail.  Yes, I am that indecisive.

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

The picture reminds me of hope.  I am not sure why but the leaves portray the dissipating snow and the thought promises sunlight.

We do not experience snow here in the Philippines but currently the weather is very cold, which is unusual for most Filipinos.  It is not very comfortable and the feeling always make me want to laze around the house instead of going to work. 😀

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Can we call it premonition?

Still-Life with a Skull, vanitas painting.
Still-Life with a Skull, vanitas painting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In an article, premonition is defined as a foreknowledge of an event that has not yet happened.  The article discusses about us being able to tell what is going to happen but has not happened yet, and that there are a lot of possibilities being broadcasted all the time.  Ms. Pavlina also said these are being brought to us by our spirit guides, or by a ‘time stream’.

I have encountered a lot of mention about premonition when death falls to a person.  During wakes, people will talk about ‘predictions’ mentioned by the dead person days before his or her death.  Take for example, Papsie’s cousin, Nilo, who made mention of words to his friend like “Huwag ka muna mamatay, ako muna mauuna.(Don’t die yet, I have to die first.)  He died days after.

I wondered if cousin Nilo knew about his impending death.  Did he utter those words unknowingly?  Because if he did know about it, he could have done something about it, and did everything to avoid his own death knowing his kids are still young and dependent on him.

Being obvious that he was not aware of the implications of his own words, can we call it premonition then?

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Complicated Love – Story #5

What do I think about a May (January)-December affair?

Freddie Aguilar
Cover of Freddie Aguilar

Recently, there was this news about the (in)famous Freddie Aguilar, and his affair with a 16 year-old girl. I have to admit that I was one of those who reacted nonconformably to the news.  It is but normal for a mother of a young girl to feel aghast that her young daughter is in a relationship with a 60 year-old man who is more than two decades older than her.

To wrap up the story that had circulated, Ka Freddie and his girlfriend met in a campaign sortie.  He didn’t know that the girl was only 16 because she looked physically mature for her age.  After that event, the affair began which triggered differing opinions and reactions from netizens and the common people alike when a photo was posted in a social network.

My thoughts:

An online psychologist wrote his views about the affair, stating the probable reasons why Ka Freddie fell for a very much younger girl and why the girl also fell for a very much older man.  It was a careful assessment ranging from his ‘biological wiring’ to his psychological gain.

I am not opposed to a May (January)-December affair only if the girl is with age.  By this, I mean the girl is more mature physically and mentally.  I would even include that the girl must be emotionally mature, too, but maturity can also vary among different individuals.   So with a woman aged 35 and with a lover aged 71, for example, that would be acceptable for me.

Why, one may ask? Contrary to notions that these older men have their foremost desires to be with a very much younger girl (in their teens) because they wanted to have partners with great child-bearing potential or have great chance of producing healthier offspring, I think most old men (especially those with children already from previous relationships) will not consider this (having a baby, or having babies) a priority thought in desiring to have a very much younger woman.  Having babies would require much of his responsibility and he would be back again to zero, taking care of a baby that would require physical presence, strength, and enough resources.  Who would want that when you are at your prime just wanting to enjoy the remaining years of your life?

No, I don’t believe it is about having babies.  I would agree that it is more about the psychological gain that even if he is already 60, he has a trophy girlfriend (from the daughter’s view).  As a woman, I feel upset with the notion that women (including young girls) are treated like mere trophies.  It is with allowing this ‘culture’ why men debase women.

Ka Freddie deserves his right to be in love, I do not contradict that but enough with the ‘talking about having babies’ crap.  I hope with his love, he would let the young girl grow and learn more about life than being stuck blindly to the idea that this is what life is for her.  I believe the young girl also dreams about many things, unless she is made to believe otherwise.


From Wikipedia:

Freddie Aguilar known as Ka Freddie Aguilar is a folk musician from the Philippines.  He is best known for his rendition of “Bayan Ko“, which became the anthem for the opposition to the Marcos regime during the 1986 People Power Revolution, and for his song “Anak“, the best-selling Philippine music record of all time. He is heavily associated with Pinoy rock.

He is well known internationally, and within the Philippines and Asia-Pacific region, claiming fame as one of the best musician-songwriters of the Philippines.

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A Christmas Village to Go to

The lemax christmas village here that I will feature is a place online where you can visit to buy Christmas accessories and villages, of course.  If you ask me if I am having a Christmas village in the house, the answer is, “No, I am not having it.  Reason is there is our pet dog who is so curious he wants to know everything by nibbling. So, no, I am not having it.”  If you ask me if I will recommend to anyone to consider buying accessories for a Christmas village, the answer is “Yes, of course, especially if you have enough to buy every accessory to complete the village.”

English: A decorative Christmas village set on...
English: A decorative Christmas village set on top of a table (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am particularly interested in The Simpsons Christmas village because I am a fan.   😀 😀 😀  would also buy Mickey’s Christmas village accessories, too.  It would be a fun thing to have them as they depict fun and happiness.  After all, it’s only our physical being that grows old and fails to appreciate fun.  The mind does not grow old.

With this, I would like to say hello to everybody who will take time to visit this blog and send hugs for an early Christmas greeting!

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Is it big deal if it is the girlfriend that spends most of the time?

Early Participants in Sinulog 2013
Early Participants in Sinulog 2013 (Photo credit: giovzaid85)

The other day, during lunch, and as always in between discussions, I popped out a question – Is it big deal if in a bf-gf relationship, that the woman is the one that spends most of the time when they go out, eat out, or watch a movie?

In the Filipino culture, in the days of old, a man, even if he is already a boyfriend, continues to woo until the time they decide to marry if everything goes smooth until the wedding day.  By wooing, the man will have to curry favor by doing some work for the love of his life and for her family. It was customary of the man to always show his best character all the time and give gifts to his love.  The woman feels truly special during those moments. She does not have to prove her love by doing what her man should be doing, that is, spending money to prove her love. This is an account from women of that time, great grandparents and grandparents.

In answer to the question, the youngest in the group who is in her late twenties, replied that it is big deal to her.  She believes that even if they are already bf-gf, it is not fair that she’ll spend most of the time when they go out, or eat out, or watch a movie.  It is okay for her to share in the expenses but for a man to make his livelihood out of her girlfriend is not fair at all.

The younger guy in the group said that it should not be big deal if the woman allowed herself to be in the situation knowing that the guy earns less, or his earnings are just enough for himself, or is unemployed. It was an honest answer from a person who has radical thoughts.

In my opinion, a man should be ashamed of himself to allow a situation where most of the time it is the girlfriend who spends a lot when they go out. It is obvious that decency is forgotten, or deliberately set aside. It is like the woman is buying out or paying for, the love from her man.

What are your thoughts about this?

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Varied Taste in Music

What does it make of a person who appreciates different types of music genre? Nothing. The person just knows how to appreciate good music from whatever genre it belongs to no matter if other people consider said music as good or not.

I am one of those who are not fixated on one particular genre only, like some others who patronize rock and roll music, for example, only or above all other genre. If an artist sounds unique, with a twang that gets my attention, then the artist must be very good and/or versatile.

Valar Morghulis

Death (Photo credit: tanakawho)

All men must die.  All men must serve (valar dohaeris).  Words from Game of Thrones.

Death always connotes that grim truth of ending life’s beauty.  As interpretation of the lines above by someone, that goes like this – “Saying “all men must die” is not really negative in its original meaning. As death is a gift. To respond with to that with ‘all men must serve’ really means that first all men must live as life is a service and the many faced god (I think the statements started as a faceless man tradition) decides when you die. So when it’s used in conversation, it means that one day we will die and be free but for now we will do our duty. – provides enlightment.

Even with that nice-sounding interpretation, death is scary. It must be a gift for some living dubious lives but with some who are still enjoying, cherishing, capturing, or hugging what life offers, it definitely is an omen.

Life is a coming and going process I have to agree.  Still death is unwelcome even with realizations such as this.


It is a sad year for me. There are many deaths. The Grim Reaper seems to be prowling and had not reached its quota yet.  Most of them for me were still very young to be ‘reaped’.  Take for example the recent death of son Daryl’s friend who is only 20 years old.  She is a girl that seems to be full of aspirations and she will graduate as a nurse.  It must be very, very painful for the parents.  Who wouldn’t be shocked to know?

Many times I tell myself: “I hope when I die, it would be quick and silent and easy.”  It was a quick and silent death for the girl but I am not sure if it was easy to die via SUNDS (Sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome) or bangungot in the Filipino vernacular, if that is what the stated cause is.

Some deaths are unexpected, true, but the pain is not less with an expected death of a loved one. When my father died, it took me more than a year to get over.  It was needed for him to rest after a month of being in a coma but the pain did not go away instantly.  It lingered and it made me cry involuntarily anywhere I was that time.

Thinking about death of a beloved one scares me so.  The fear is so big that it engulfs and numbs.  Daily, prayers for supplication dance in my mouth just to keep them safe from danger and harm.  I am thankful that my daily supplication is heard and granted.

One day, it will be over for me, too.  I wish I would be able to do the things I love most before The Grim Reaper comes.

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The ‘Bulaklak ng Katuray’

I had the last taste of the vegetable when I was craving for food while pregnant with my first child, Kay.  The mother-in-law cooked sweet and sour lapu-lapu and I hated it.  Everybody in the table was in for a joyous ride with the deliciously cooked lapu-lapu while I sulk.  Suddenly, I smelled something at Ate Rose’s house nearby.  Lo, it was pinakbet with bulaklak ng katuray.  It was surprisingly good and very tasty as I remember it.  Among the veggies in that pinakbet was the ‘bunga ng malunggay’.  I devoured the whole plate of pinakbet  with gusto to the shock of everybody.  It’s a good thing though that they understood how it is like with a pregnant woman.  😀

Image from www.marketmanila.com
Image from http://www.marketmanila.com

There is a story though.

It was about an experience in my elementary days when a rowdy boy classmate called me ‘bulaklak ng katuray’.  You know, the usual name-calling when we were all very young, naughty (bad?), or unthinking.  I did not understand why but it sounded bad to me because he and the other boys were laughing very hard.  It did not leave my memory – the boy, the scene, the laughter.  Perhaps I looked like a ‘bulaklak ng katuray’ whatever that means that time.  I can actually surmise now and make a long list of why he called me that name.  The thing is it does not have an effect on me now honestly.  I remember being hurt that time but not like carrying the (emotional) hurt until now as one of the classmates implied.   How could one brood on memories like that and be bitter about it when understandably, we were all very young and very different from what we are now?  Besides, looking at the bulaklak ng katuray in that image above, how could I be slighted?  If only I knew that time how it looked like, I could have felt proud to be compared with that pretty cream-colored petals of a flower.  I could have danced and be cheated instead with the thought ha ha.

Anyway, it always feels good to see once again classmates in the elementary and high school days albeit in pictures.  It is interesting to see how my crushes look like now.  It is interesting how the girls had bloomed to lovely middle-aged women (of course, it also goes with the boys).