Traffic in the Air?

I couldn’t have been late the other day if not for the traffic. Everyday to work except Mondays, we have to pass through the main thoroughfares which is EDSA and Quirino Avenue. Filipinos are very poor when it comes to discipline that even if a traffic man is already in the center of the road, some motorists ignore him and continue with their strategies to outdo other motorists. Now, if you are the hot tempered type, you’ll always end up in a brawl.

The corner of the road across Quirino Avenue and that leads me to work, for example, portrays a typical example of how undisciplined the drivers can become. This road is where some of the passenger jeeps pass through. What most of the drivers do is wait for the passengers along the corner beside the gasoline station. But PUJs are not the only ones that pass through this road of course and when they stop and wait for their passengers, traffic sets in because they do not want to give way for the other PUJ drivers to get passengers, too, and instead of stalling the jeepney on the part where it could not accumulate traffic, these drivers literally station in the middle of the road. The honks are even ignored that it seemed these drivers are not only greedy but they also have hearing loss.

The indiscipline that has been increasing as days go by causes accidents and even such situations do not deter these wayward motorists to continue being inconsiderate and uncontrolled.

Anyway, this leads me to think if the means of transportation in the air, individually or in groups, for example, and not talking about airplanes and helicopters and jets, could cause traffic and accidents. Papsie said that it could be worse. I argued that it could not be because the space is vast and it would be safe for everyone to travel. But maybe Papsie was right, it is the absence of concrete passageways that would contribute to the traffic and accidents. The more motorists feel that they have that enough space, the more that they fly out-of-whack thinking that the space above is vast. For Daryl, it is more likely to cause accidents when travel is in the air because he thinks it will be harder still to establish rules in the sky.

What do you think?

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