Sleeping Apart

I laughed at an article with a suggestion to the readers that to have a healthy life, you have to sleep apart from your husband, or from your wife. It sounded ridiculous to me when I read the first few lines. But as I go along, maybe the doctor has a point.

I thought of the movie Sleeping with the Enemy. While the movie portrayed the woman’s partner as someone who had bad intentions for her, sleeping with your husband or a partner that contributes to your bad health is almost synonymous though not intentional.

In the article, it was suggested that husbands and wives, or partners, should not sleep together. Dr. Neil Stanley of Britain said that sleeping should be like eating and exercising properly. But in the situation of a husband and a wife where they sleep together, it is truly detrimental to the health of both, he said. Different kinds of illnesses can be acquired like depression, heart ailment, stroke, lung disease, and others.

How can sleeping together with your partner be detrimental to your health? According to Dr. Stanley’s observations, when the sleep cycle is broken up, or simply when sleep is interrupted, chances are you do not get enough sleep that will cause restlessness and irritation the following day. What causes interruption then? It is when your partner moves or snores then sleep is broken up.

I beg to disagree.

I believe that it is more what the state of the mind is that contributes to good sleep. When one is physically and mentally stable, getting a good night sleep is easy even with your husband or your wife snoring or moving a lot during sleep. There are exemptions though when one snores very loud as if pushing a big dresser, then that could definitely ruin your good night sleep.

The tremendous amount of worries and uneasiness could also contribute. Peace of mind helps in getting a wonderful night sleep. In some cases, even with your husband or your partner not moving a lot, or not snoring, you will be awakened with a bad dream that concerns a particular problem that has been bugging you for days.

I could not imagine sleeping at night without Papsie by my side. I know it is a matter of getting used to the situation but truly, I could not imagine, especially when after special nights, you are tranquilized to a beautiful sleep because of the backbreaking performances. That I guarantee will give you a sound sleep.


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