Memories that Echo

with the better half

“You don’t seem to forget, do you?” The echo of my son’s voice sounds almost like a monotone whisper.

“No, I don’t.” (pause)  “I have forgiven a long time ago but I have not forgotten.”

No one ever forgets injustice.  Especially if it comes from people you had least expected to be doing them. I believe the most hurtful is to be receiving discrimination, backstabbing, and verbal abuse from people you considered close, or are even your kin, by consanguinity or affinity.

I haven’t forgotten.  Although I recall them as I tell them (from how I remember them), it is not as hurting.  I have forgiven.  It was actually a process not as easy as saying “move on”. That is just a stupid admonition.  I hope people who say these words will take a moment to think before blurting them out.

I can be cordial with these people.  At times, though, annoyance sets in to see these people seeming not to have changed at all, showing no remorse about the things they did, and continuing with their basic, shallow, and insensitive mindset.

The good thing about these experiences – I have stayed strong and tried very hard to be positive because I have always hated negative people.  I have always worked on showing them that they cannot shake me up nor tear me down.

Of course, I have the better half to be thankful for, for being there for me, to defend me, to support me, and even to feel anger to all the wrongdoings intended for me.

2 thoughts on “Memories that Echo

  1. From my experiences, whatever I have acquired, I feel that once a man grows too negative in his lifetime and then understands that now things cant go worse. They’ll have to be better now and that’s the place they leave all their negativity and move ahead in life. Whatever you wrote, syncs into me perfectly. 🙂


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