A Sunday with Daryl

We went to the mall this afternoon. I say it’s one of the best days in my life – to go to the mall with my son. Daryl, at 17, sounds like very young, but if you get to be with him, you will discover he is ‘a man in a young boy’s body’.

The experience strolling with my son in the mall is better than taking a nap with the outdoor pillows. You know, between daughter and son, Daryl is better when it comes to discussion. On our way to EDSA for the bus, we talked about how he has this compulsion to pretend that everything is okay when it is not. He said that sometimes it pays to be ‘plastic’ like smiling and pretending that it’s okay when his grandma gives errand when he feels so tired from school.

In the bus, we talked about social responsibility. He said that it is easy to say that you should not do something for the approval of other people. But you find yourself doing something so that the others will be okay and that they will not feel bad.

He said that even if one is back with her old self again talking with someone who she had an altercation with, they still should find time to talk about what happened.

He said he does not enjoy shopping.

He said that he enjoys eating out. And we ate out at Savory. I enjoyed eating out with him.

I love my son. He’s the best son.