Online Smoke Shop?

At first, I thought, upon reading “online smoke shop“, it was a place online where one can go and will be offered shops and there one can have his puffs away from non-smokers.  Wishful thinking, I know.  😀

Instead, I learned that it is a smoke shop that sells cigars, the best and the widest selection of cigars.  As much as I hate thinking that I am sort of promoting this, which is against my non-smoking advocacy, I cannot deny that I admire their goal for customer satisfaction by adhering to their 30-day-money-back-guarantee policy.

The King is Dead

Finally, he rested in peace.  All in his time.

Photo courtesy of The Entertainment Lifestyle Newsblog

Dolphy, the king of comedy died and he was afflicted with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  Smoking is the lead cause.  Doc Gelo shared this post  in FB about the disease.  If you are a smoker, you better think about what could happen before you take your last breath.  I have to tell it would not be easy as many of the illnesses that goes with smoking are painful.  It will render one useless and restless.  I should know, my father was a chronic smoker.  He was in a coma before he died.

The comedy had given us laughter.  He had inspired us in many ways no doubt.  It is sad that he had to be really ill before he left this world.  I guess,  what we have to learn about his passing is the need to get rid of vices and try very hard to lead a healthy life while we continue serving as an inspiration.  We may not be popular but we can be an inspiration to some.

What Affects the Inner Health?

I feel so tired at times in the morning and there seems to be a hang-over even without drinking alcohol the previous night. The skin looks so dull and lifeless, too, at times. My inner health is probably poor.

What Takes Toll in Our Bodies?

  • By-products of smoking – I am not a smoker but there are smokers everywhere. I grew in a family where the head of the family is a chain smoker. While commuting, inconsiderate human beings pop their cigar halos everywhere without thinking of the discomfort they bring. That is why maybe I get colds and cough easily because my respiratory system is not that healthy anymore. What smokers do not seem to realize is that they can inflict harm on everybody including themselves. A lot of diseases in the respiratory and nervous system can be acquired by constantly inhaling those poisonous fumes from their mouth which consists of more than four thousand hazardous substances.
  • Processed foods – I am guilty of this. Though there are processed foods that are not bad like milk and frozen vegetables, those with transfat, saturate fats, and lots of sugar and salt will definitely affect the body.
  • Late nights – I am very guilty of this. I am a working mom. Up to now, I do not know how I could minimize the late nights. I am afraid that one day, the wrinkles and stress marks on my face will appear.
  • Alcohol – I am not alcoholic but I drink. Not whisky, not gin tonic, not beer but brandy. In short, I am not an excessive drinker but I drink occasionally. Excessive drinking can do damage to health and that is a fact.
  • Stressful, sedentary lifestyle – I could not imagine myself not being active and not moving most of the time. I hope when I grow old I can still walk and move. I cannot watch television all day or sit all day just reading! That will kill me.
What do the above things do to the body?
  • put extra strain on the organs (especially the liver)
  • use up or destroy vital nutrients
  • result to skin problems
  • result to allergies
  • result to fatigue

There. Those are tips that serve as reminder what to do to maintain our inner health. There is more to come.