Old Printers

What I really mean to ask is – what do I do with old printers?

English: An Epson C45 Inkjet Printer.
English: An Epson C45 Inkjet Printer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have an old Epson C43 printer at home that has not been utilized for long.  I am not even sure if it is still running. Buying Epson perfection V330 scanner is an option if I decide to resell the old printer.  A scanner is more useful for me now but then again daughter Kay already has her HP scanner, printer and fax in one.

I was told that old printers do not have a useful purpose anymore especially if it is clogged already.  I might as well donate the unit but I have to check if it needs repair and is still operable.  It’s a shame to give something that doesn’t work anymore. 😀

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If you need a receipt printer

The popular brands for a receipt printer are Epson, Star, Zebra, Ithaca, or Intermec.  The print methods include impact, thermal and inkjet.

A receipt printer is also categorized according to interface options (you can have it USB or bluetooth and many more), paper dimensions as wide as 3.15″ or 80mm, column capacity (if you need a 56 column, it is available), print speed (like 6 lines per second), color (black, dark gray, gray, etc.), and other features like the auto-cutter.

If you need a receipt printer, then your business is growing.  Who would acquire one when customers are only a few?  (Will I need it in the future?)

To dispose, or not to dispose

I have an old Epson printer that I want to dispose. I am sure it is already in a clogged state because I had not used the equipment for quite some time.  It is a c45, very far from the tm-t88iv type. Seeing this new thermal printer designed for high-volume retail, I thought of my erstwhile desire to have a printing store business which had become impossible to materialize for many reasons that I could not enumerate.

Anyway, if there is a way to have this business become real, I know Papsie will agree. Unlike before when I thought of having a photocopying business. He did not like the idea because for him, it is a health hazard to have a business like that. Oh, well.

I wonder what do I do with the old printer.