53 and pregnant, so what?

A pregnant woman
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In the Today’s show, this was the topic. The bone of contention is if the woman will be healthy enough to take care of a child.

One of the panelists said that he had his first biological son when he
was 49 and he thinks he is a better parent because he is smarter and he
has enough knowledge on things.

Do you agree?

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Will you still send daughter to school after getting pregnant?

Note:  This is one of my earliest topics in a discussion board that I transported to this blog.  I will be including the comments (but not my responses) of those who participated in the discussion.

Pregnancy - 39 weeks

A relative was devastated because her daughter got pregnant while still in college. She vowed that she will not let her go to school anymore. She was apprehensive that she might get pregnant again.

I told her that it will be beneficial for everybody that her daughter
goes back to school again after giving birth.

Will you heed my advice if something like this happens to you, as a
mother? And if you are a young teen or a young woman who committed such
mistake, are you going to pursue your studies and your dreams?


From rhea_41084

Getting pregnant is not a hindrance to continue her studies, in fact she needs to study more not only for herself but for the benefit of her child.

From newbuzinez

yes i agree with you. i don’t think her daughter will commit the same mistake again after what she has been through.. she’ll learn from her mistakes anyway. there’s always a saying: fool me once , shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.. 🙂

From nightrose1981

Of course I would send her back. Because how can she have a future without the education to raise her child. I would do whatever it took to make sure my grandchild was cared for and that my child could afford the life a child needs. Only way to get that is to get an education so you can get a reasonable paying job.

From tbmomin

Why would she not send her daughter to college because she’s pregnant? To tell you the truth, I don’t agree with you either! She can still go to college even if she’s pregnant! I don’t think that just because she’s pregnant means everything that shes doing should be stopped. She can still go even before she gives birth to the baby. Tell your relative that she cannot make her to stop her education. She is gonna miss a year of her life by just staying at home doing nothing. People will eventually come to know about her situation, so why hide? she will have a baby to support, so she’ll have to try and stand on her own now. Im a young woman and I commited the same mistake while I was doing my PG. But that didnt stop me from pursuing my studies and dreams and now I have a respectable job and Im able to stand on my own and support my family. Im a good mother. I give time for my children and I never allowed my family matters to hamper my studies and never let my studies come between my family. Even my family members never left my side even though I let them down. Now Im married to the same guy, have two wonderful kids and don’t have any regrets! I think your relative will learn from my example.

From kristinad

i don’t understand why she can’t go to school while she is pregnant.it’s not like she is 15yr’s old at that age you are an adult and i think after she has the baby it is going to be hard for her to go back to school because who is going to watch the baby while she goes to school?

From pasttiger

It would be even more important for her to finish her education now. She has a baby to support. Why is she sure that she would get pregnant again. Does the daughter want to go back to school? Did she keep the baby? I would want my daughter to go back to school so she could get a good job to support the baby. I really thought that you were going to say that she was in high school. That is a big lesson to learn not just a quick thing to get over. So I wouldn’t think that she would do it again.

From fuxiadong

I agree with your advice.

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Is Plus Size Maternity Clothing for You?

When a woman gets pregnant, it is a natural transformation that she grows bigger and with bellies puffing up.  But even among pregnant women, there are those who are bigger and require plus size maternity clothing.  Pregnant women also come in different sizes and shapes.

If you are a bigger preggy mom, then you will need plus size maternity dresses.  How do you know if you are a plus size pregnant woman?   Plus size pregnant women have sizes 14 and up.  You are probably a big woman that got pregnant or you had grown bigger when you got pregnant.

It is said that it is hard for big pregnant women to find clothes that are stylish, adorable and cute.  If it is a concern when they were not yet pregnant, it becomes more of a concern when they get pregnant.  But today, finding clothes for plus sizes individuals and even to plus sizes pregnant moms is not a problem anymore.  Online retail stores are already available and they even offer sets of maternity clothes from tops and jeans, to classy cardigans and maternity pants, to colorful maternity blouses and camisoles, or to a simple plus size shirt and maternity shorts for the summer.

Plus size preggy moms need not worry anymore.  They can be as prettier as they were before getting pregnant.


Image by Huy via Flickr


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A Fetus Among the Garbage

It was news on tv last night.  A seven month fetus was discovered among the garbage piled in a place near where we live.  It was found by a man who piles his garbage in that area to be fetched by the local garbage truck.  Allegedly, two women were seen.

We can definitely say it is a Godless thing because it is.  There is actually a story behind.  We can judge outright and say that whoever did it is of pure evil blood.  But…

I truly wonder what it takes for someone to throw a fetus, or to explore the whole scenario, subject one’s self to abortion which means killing a life that is bound to be out in a few months.  It’s cold murder.  Even if the mother (if she’s worth to be named as one) serves only as accomplice for not actually doing the killing.

Someone out there suffers because she’s unbearing.  Someone wanted a child of her own and for some odd reason, her system could not just perfect the process of supporting the growth of a fetus.

Then someone out there who is healthy tries to kill or kills the life inside her in cold blood.

There is a story, yes, but one that is not justifiable.  There is a story that is not worth my understanding and sympathy.

On Daughters Getting Pregnant

We went to Papsie’s relatives yesterday and I had a chance listening to ‘updates’ from a few.  One of the mothers related her sad story about her daughter who got pregnant while she was in college.  The guy did not take the responsibility and was a sloth that did not look for a job to be able to support.  Up to this time, he is unemployed.

The poor mother did not allow her daughter to go to school anymore and I asked why.  I told her that it could be beneficial for everybody that she finishes school.  But she replied that what if the guy starts to see her daughter again and impregnate her.  That would be disaster for her.

It was so easy for me to say those things.  I began to contemplate afterward if I could be able to do what I suggested sending her back to school.  I could understand the anger and the disappointment because as you see, the family is not well-off.  I believed that they were expecting that the daughter could help them in the future, or bring good news for the family when she graduates and land a job.

I honestly thought it was the expectation that brought the great disappointment.  There is a big difference when parents are earning enough for the family than when parents are working their butts off to provide for the family.  In a culture such as the Philippines’,  offsprings are expected to assist the family to get on with life’s hurdles.  There is truly a big difference when parents expect that their children will repay them for their parenting efforts by shouldering the family’s obligations.

I grew up in a family where my mother expected so much from her offspring that they will liberate her from poverty without doing anything, to change that course, and for her children.  This maybe the reason why I am open to the concept that children do not have obligations for their family, or to the parents specifically.  I truly believe that it is not necessary to oblige the children because they will have their chance of working for themselves and be an adult who will face the challenges in life in the future.  They will have their chances of helping, if they feel like it.  But parents should never necessitate the children’s role of being ‘providers’.

I believe that sending her daughter again to school will make a difference.  If only she would not waste her time, effort and energy harassing the father’s baby, and focus on what to do next, then it would be better for everybody.  I do believe she has to talk her out into committing to do good and give her the consequences if she fails this time.

I say this being a mother who is almost a single mother making ends meet for the family.

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I don’t want to get preggy anymore!

Yep.  I am more than forty years old and I don’t think I am still fit enough carrying a child in my womb.  So I don’t want to get preggy anymore!

Besides, I don’t want to feel morning sickness and fatigue anymore.  Some pregnant women even experience hemorrhoids.  I don’t want to desperately find treatment for hemorrhoids either!  Not that I had experienced it, but what if this time?

I am not joking.

Getting pregnant is not included in my plans anymore.  Of course there are unplanned (or unwanted?) pregnancies but pleaseee, not me!  I have no desire of experiencing AGAIN the aches, the uneasiness, the weight gain, the morning sickness, etc, etc.  And… the pangs of giving birth.

But I do not regret having Kay and Daryl.  They completed me as a woman.  They gave me a clear definition of life.  They are my inspiration and a part of my strength.  They bind me and Papsie.