When I grow old, I want to be a photographer.

Wait.  How old is old?  Because now I am a year more than half a decade.  If that makes me old, I have to go pack my things and start to be a photographer, a craft that I have always wanted to polish.  Only that I can’t do that at the moment.  I have a day job that requires eight hours to complete.  Ask me if I am happy with it.  I am not but I can’t quit.  There’s always that need or want decision-making in life, more like a do or die thing.

Long before I get old, I was already fascinated with captured faces, actions, expressions, emotions, colors, shapes, etc. in any form on a photo paper.  It’s funny because we cannot even afford a camera.  That again is another story.  A lot of stories to tell, actually.  So, before this becomes a very long and boring post to read,  I stop here and share some photographs I snatched from the willing victims.  I am not sure if I have the qualifications for this craft but then again requirements are always limiting for me.  I just shoot in vain attempt to document moments and to preserve pictures to keep people alive (at least on paper).  Apart from being fascinated with nature and places, I also love to capture photos of people.

Here are the unedited photos:


These children are so full of youth and life.  They’re a respite from a disappointing day.

The photos below end my daily attempt in photography. 😀


52Photos Project – Crooked Line

52 Photos Project

I see crooked lines everywhere…

DSC05080I see them in the noodles Drew was trying to grab when he lost patience using the fork.

DSC04938I see them in the lines of the face of a father whose daughter was raped by a Japanese during the war in the wordless comics daughter Kay used for her thesis in college (One of her medium was coffee, and she won the grant).

may 13 2013 008I see a crooked line while this creature was making a bend going somewhere.

Crooked lines are lovely lines, I conclude.  There are lots of crooked lines here.

Photohunt: Bridge

photohunt-labelI cannot find the one photo that will exactly depict the theme.  I discovered we hadn’t considered taking photos of bridges.  That I have to remember next time when we get the chance to go to places where there are bridges.  It must have been probably because the ones that we get to see are not as exceptional or special as the ones I see in photos.

This one though is a little bridge that connects a path in a lagoon divided by a small body of water, if we can call it a body of water.  It is a small creek where this very small bridge in the university’s lagoon was created.

Daughter Kay here was only in second year college.  I remember these were the times when we were very active jogging every Sunday of each week.

pic 41

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Photohunt: Ripple


Theme was repeated I learned then I remembered I participated last time but with the ‘S’ in RIPPLE.  You can find it here.

Today, after a long vacation from participating in the hunt, I am sharing two (2) photos that I think portray this Saturday’s theme.  Yes, I know, this time I am very early.

styro cups during the wake

Here is another one that is very cute for me.

little feet

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52Photos Project #16: Dessert


Cinnamon rolls.  Perfect with coffee. Coffee without sugar preferably.  Perfect after each sumptuous dinner.  Dinner that is not that heavy leaving a space in your tummy for desserts like these.


The Gallery is open.  Visit what the others have here.

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Photohunt: Neat

After the chaos from the super typhoon in the country, I guess what every one wishes is order, and also a neat place and situation to live in.

I chose this photo as it conveys simplicity with a substance – a true depiction of neat.from Kay's camera 123012 169photohunt-label

I am still fazed with how the government dealt with the tragedy that befell the country but I am trying to pray and hope that things will be better, that with a ray of hope, each of those affected will be able to rise, with the whole of the citizenry helping, and with the aid coming from other countries.

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52Photos Project #5: At the End of the Day

52 Photos Project

Borrowed this photo from my previous post A Day in the Life: Typical Work Day for Me. I consider each day ends when I go home from work where I am greeted with hot and delicious evening meals prepared by hubby who I call Papsie.

Dinner is served!
Dinner is served!

The viand includes fried bangus (milkfish) and sauteed egg with onions and tomatoes. Vinegar dip is ready, too, and papaya as dessert. Who would not be excited going home?

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