Photohunt: Quaggy

I wasn’t able to post for Photohunt last Saturday but I wanted to post a picture which does not look quaggy in any sense but knowing that the place (SM Mall of Asia)  was built in a reclamation area made me feel it was standing on a quaggy place when we visited.

Here are some pics:

at the back of the mall
at the back of the mall


the huge ferris wheel at a distance
the huge ferris wheel at a distance


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Photohunt: Point

The fun is here! You can join anytime.


I just happen to notice the bulbs pointing upwards.  We were at Kowloon yesterday.  It’s been a long time since kids, Papsie and I were together.

The chandelier reminded me of a local saying that a mother is the light of the home.  I am trying my best to be one.  But lately, I realized we, as mothers, can only do as much.  Being a good mother, or a parent, as I had written in an article, is not guarantee.

I am again contemplating on the ironies in life.  The chandelier despite the two busted bulbs on the picture still serves as ornamental light because of the remaining light it has. It is, I believe, parallel to saying that despite the weaknesses and imperfections of a mother, she remains one, until the end.

Photohunt: Wrong

I love this theme.  It offers many possibilities of showing the idea.

Wrong had me thinking about the bad things that contaminate the earth’s bodies of water.  It makes me feel hopeless at times when news of fish kills, and accidents in the waters, are shown in the television.

That’s why this photo.  This was taken on our visit at the Manila Ocean Park about three years ago (I think).

Top 10 Sea Debris


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Photohunt: One

It makes me wonder what if pairs become one.  I mean, we are born with some parts of the body in pairs.  What if we loose the other half?  It is so easy to say it would not be easy, that it would be very hard.  But how difficult would it be when we really do not have an idea?

My other half had gotten accustomed to a life where half of his body is not functioning as normal.  It was at first very painful and challenging to him.  I can feel the pain but still, I do not have the idea of what it really felt like.  I do not mean to wish to experience this but one could not really tell how it is.  We know it is difficult but we do not know the extent of this adversity.

What if we only have one of the following?


the eyes

Losing an eye could truly be difficult.  With a poor vision, I could attest that losing the sense of sight is a frightening thought.

What if we loose half of this one?


the brain


Scary thought, isn’t it?  Just watching a neighbor’s schizophrenic brother scares me to death.

To add to these thoughts, what if we can taste all food with only one flavor? What would be the fun in it?


condiments for our different tastes

Photohunt’s them for today is ONE.  This is an indirect presentation.  Bear with me.  🙂



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Photohunt: Education

org meeting

Above is a picture of son Daryl’s friends gathered for a meeting of their organization. Organizations in their university enhance their social skills, and their abilities. Meeting people and getting to know and learn from them makes it more interesting. I had never seen my children so interested in joining and participating for the sake of education empowerment.

English class

This is a picture in one of those English classes Kay had attended. The professor was once a news anchor in one of today’s famous teevee stations.

Today’s Photohunt is about education. It is quite a challenging theme for me. How about you? How do you find it?

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Photohunt: Fashion

daughter Kay

Because today’s Photohunt theme is fashion, I share this photo.   This pair of big eyeglasses does not look good to everybody but it fitted Kay well.  Fashion-only eyeglasses can enhance the look and outfit but they also have to suit the shape of the face.


But just look at these kids.  Isn’t it adorable that they have their own fashion sense this early?

This is my contribution to today’s Photohunt challenge. You can also visit the Technorati page.

Photohunt: Monthly

What do I post for today’s Photohunt theme?  Nothing obvious.  But I chose this picture because it reminds me of our MONTHLY electric bill.  Using the light from outside to furnish the room with enough light is one way to save electricity.  This is very apt for houses with lots of windows.  We do this a lot especially when only one is left in the house and you do not need to turn off the lights but open the windows.

We had also disposed of the door chime.  No, it has nothing to do with cutting off the expenses for the electricity.   But just as we are trying to save on it, we are getting rid of unnecessary sounds in the house.  It is more peaceful not to have one anymore.  The one we had produced a sound that is not that pleasing unlike the one I saw in one of those houses.  They looked ornamental, too, in that house and it blended very well with the structure.  Our house does not need one.  The simpler, the better.