Photohunt: Funny


This is just a series of photos in our high school reunion party.   It was funny to see how everybody cooperated in the parlor games and solo performances even if it would mean showing a different side of themselves.

While posting this, I am missing the gang.

Photohunt: Entwine


(Please click to enlarge the thumbnails.)

What crossed my mind when I landed on The Saturday PhotoHunt page seeing the theme was pastas and noodles.  We are a family that love these entwined and entangled food. I mean, who would not?

The first two (2) photos are from restaurants/food chains while the next two (2) are my own creation – an éclat of my cooking skills.

Why "Pusong Bato" Became a Monster Hit

I remember Yoyoy Villame saying that if a novelty song can be sung by even the little children and the young teenagers, then it’s going to be a hit.  Even without them understanding lyrics, if the song clicked with the young surely it will become popular.

Just how singer Yoyoy described it, the Pusong Bato became a hit because the young generation was able to sing it, and with gusto.  Or does the tune have something to do with it?

Here is a version by Renee Alon de la Rosa:


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Wondered about the ones that are Cebu-made

DV016_Jpg_Large_513429.010_natural_close_angleThey say that a la patrie guitar is a handcrafted guitar made in a small village in Quebec, Canada. It made me wonder if these guitars are as meticulously crafted like the ones in Cebu.  A friend once told me that if I am interested to buy a guitar then I should have to buy one from Cebu.

Well, the la patrie guitar is named after the place where it is made.  The ones from Cebu can probably do that, too.  I am not a musician but a music lover and I find it sweet and fascinating to have a product named after the place where it is created.

Curious as a Cat #405

I instantly became curious as a cat, too!  Curious Cat posed these questions that I answered:

1) What was the name of your first grade teacher?

I remember a name as Ms. Buan (pronounced as ‘bwan’).  It was easy for me to remember because it sounds like the word buwan which is a Filipino word for moon or month.

2) What was the worst smell you have ever smelled?

Eww.  The worst smell for me is that of a decaying carcass of a rat. It could evacuate my bowels, or make me gag, once I smell it.

3) What is something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail, and explain why you haven’t tried it yet?

It is my greatest desire to resign from my current work and try digital entrepreneurship.  The thing is, I am uneasy and apprehensive still because of the possible failure or when things will not work as I expect them to be, even with a guarantee that I will not fail.  Yes, I am that indecisive.

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

The picture reminds me of hope.  I am not sure why but the leaves portray the dissipating snow and the thought promises sunlight.

We do not experience snow here in the Philippines but currently the weather is very cold, which is unusual for most Filipinos.  It is not very comfortable and the feeling always make me want to laze around the house instead of going to work. 😀

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Why Criticism is Necessary

Criticism (Photo credit: Celestine Chua)

While reading my FB friends’ posts which consist mostly of updates about super typhoon Yolanda, I noticed an update of a UP professor that I had been following, that says:

Because of my posts, many people are asking why am I criticizing the government when the priority is to help. We should never oppose assistance with critique. Our assistance should be compassion with justice. Without CNN Anderson Cooper’s criticism of relief operation, Korina Sanchez would have not gone to Tacloban; without the victims complaining themselves, the government would have continued its failed response, without the vigilance and criticism against government bureaucracy the relief good would have been hijacked and used for political purposes. And when we wait til the rehabilitation is over to voice out our criticisms, we will only get frustrated for the criminals had already fooled the people and entrenched themselves in their thrones. Help now, criticize later –the mantra of those in power.” – Gerry Lanuza

Most pro-PNoys, those who stood aloof because they have everything, and those who are wont to just keep silent even if a bad situation requires one to say something against, had also broken their silence by telling that what is needed from everyone else now is to help and not attack each other, not to wage war against our fellowmen, and not to berate the President and his officials.  Now that is some criticism, too, though some are unfounded, because we know for a fact that the sharpest criticisms come from those who are on the ground, and who had given a lot to help, and from those who had been trying hard to reach the afflicted in the quickest possible time.  But they help in ways making everybody be on guard of the words that come out – if they are already personal or ‘trollish’ and not constructive.

Criticisms connote the good and the bad but they are necessary.  If we go back to Prof. Lanuza’s post, it helps that there are people bold enough to say something about inconsistencies, irregularities, abnormalities, superficialities, impartialities, and all ‘ties and ‘ies that define evil in the midst of a tragedy such as this brought by the supertyphoon Yolanda.

I thought of expounding this but I just want to say it as simple as it is – criticisms are necessary, as Winston Churchill said:

Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.

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People Always Forget

An earth filled barangay road.There is somewhat a sad air as we wait for the barangay election results.  Today is election day for the barangay, choosing a barangay captain and seven (7) councilors.  The reason for the melancholic atmosphere is the observed neck to neck fight between the two (2) candidates for barangay captain.  As a family that belongs to the group of people who desire change, and a strong, if not total, response against corruption, it will be sad news indeed if our bet will loose.

Patronage still rules, I guess, if the result did not do us favor.  People always forget, too, that those people did not deliver the service they ought to have given during those (more than) two decades in the seat.  As Barbara Streisand’s song goes, “What’s too painful to remember, we simple choose to forget.”  True, perhaps what is happening is that the pain of betrayal caused by corruption of those people are too difficult to accept and bear that these people will just choose to support and cling to the hope that these people will do better.  Or are Filipinos just plain stupid?  If this happens in a small unit like the barangay, what hope is left for the whole country?

It pains me to hear the many stories of corruption and yet there is a great possibility that they will be again seated and do what they do best.



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52Photos Project #9 – Seasonal Color/Gold

52 Photos Project

I was late posting for this week’s gallery theme for 52Photos Project. It’s almost Christmas season here in the Philippines and I would like to share food photos which is symbolic in the celebration of the season here in the country and yes, we celebrate it early. 😀

The tempura served at Dampa looked golden, crunchy, and delicious!
The tempura served at Dampa looked golden, crunchy, and delicious!
Golden mangoes and papaya served with ice are refreshing!
Golden mangoes and papaya served with ice are refreshing!
Yang Chow fried rice with golden bits of eggs - yum! yum!
Yang Chow fried rice with golden bits of eggs – yum! yum!
Meaty shanghai rolls that might appear brown for everybody but they promise golden savor.
Meaty shanghai rolls that might appear brown for everybody but they promise golden savor.
Golden lasagna rolls on top of a saucy meat sauce.
Golden lasagna rolls on top of a saucy meat sauce.
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Photohunts: Fave and Shadows



One of our favorite restaurants is Banapple. It is not only the big servings but the tasty food, cakes and beverages. The place is actually a cafe restaurant but they also serve food for lunch and dinner. The restaurant’s layout gives you that comfortable feeling. Their service crews are very courteous, too.


Last Saturday night, we had our dinner at Banapple along Katipunan Avenue. The super Caesar salad is a must-try.


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Celebrating Daryl’s 21st Birthday

Instead of a big party, we chose to celebrate Daryl’s 21st birthday, an age which is like debut for young men, simply.  There was an advance celebration last Sunday with the family – a barbecue party.   Daryl missed this kind of gathering with the family a lot so we prepared barbecued liempo, grilled hotdog (for the kids),  shabu-shabu, Thai pomelo salad, halabos na hipon, and banana con yelo con ice cream.

It’s Daryl’s character to celebrate simply with friends and family.  He’s a young man who goes for simplicity always.  He would not be into grand celebrations probably because one gets to enjoy the event more than celebrating it with people he is not close to or friends with.

Anyway, the barbecue party was a success, methinks.



Dogdog showed off after the sumptuous lunch seeming to know that there is reason to do so.


On Wednesday night, it was Papsie’s treat to let us have dinner at Yabu House. It was a very nice experience. We all agreed that the news about the food outlet was an over-hype but we enjoyed it just the same.


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Where to Find Used College Books

Books (Photo credit: henry…)

We used to buy or rent used college books at Recto when we consider saving a few pesos that could be used for our other needs.  The improvised bookstores in that place offer the best deals as the books are sold at the lowest prices.

As the phrase implies, used college books are those secondhand books, nearly new or old, that still serve as references or resources for college subjects, school reports and projects, and position papers.

In the US, there are established stores for these kinds of books sold for students whereas in the Philippines, some of these small stores are makeshift ones, found in nooks or corners and usually along the university belt.

Recently, online stores in the Philippines now offer these used books that could be bought or rented at cheaper prices.

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Photohunt: Flamboyant

The theme for this Saturday, July 13, is FLAMBOYANT as listed by Sandi.  I could not find a picture for Gattina’s theme which is WORKING PLACE to go with Sandi’s so I opted to post for FLAMBOYANT.

Here are three photos depicting the theme from the annual Lantern Parade of the University of the Philippines.

from Kay's camera 123012 135 from Kay's camera 123012 006 from Kay's camera 123012 016


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Saying I Love You

Vin Diesel at the Fast & Furious premiere at L...

Hunk Vin Diesel whispering “I love you… I love you”, and hugging TV news anchor Luane Dy.  Must be awkward to hear someone, and a stranger, saying those words.   It would be more uncomfortable if Luane reciprocated with the same words.  Good thing she didn’t.

I have been saying these words for a very long time – “How could anyone utter the wor

Disappointed With the Dinuguan & Puto Combination

It was my fault. I let that photo of dinuguan and puto combination fool me. Another photo enticed me and that was the turon split. The dinuguan and puto won. I got disappointed instead.

Turon split
Photo credits: Tumblr

How I regretted the decision. Yesterday I promised myself that I will not eat food other than barbecued chicken, turon split and halo-halo at Mang Inasal’s. The dinuguan failed in epic levels against Papsie’s dinuguan. 😦

Papsie enjoyed his food anyway.

Barbecued chicken
Photo credits: Tara, Let’s Eat!

Define Pedophilia

English: Conceptual diagram showing relationsh...

In one of these cable channel’s series, Criminal Investigation, pedophilia cases in an Asian country were exposed and discussed. The perpetrators were foreigners from western countries and the victims were as young as below nine years old.

Urban Dictionary defines pedophilia simply as:

The act of touching, molesting, or sexually harassing the younger generation.

In the Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, there are interesting information about what pedophilia is and some of these are:

  • Pedophilia is a paraphilia that involves an abnormal interest in children.
  • The focus is sexual activity with a child (children under the age of 18).
  • Some professionals confine the definition to sexual activity with prepubescent children (with ages 13 or younger).
  • The sexual behaviors involved in pedophilia cover a range of activities and may or may not involve the use of force.
  • There is no typical pedophile and they maybe young or old, male or female.

In this day and age, where nothing shocks the majority anymore, these cases are treated with nonchalance mostly in some remote rural places in the Philippines. Proliferation of these criminal acts, where even the parents are the flesh-peddlers in the city and in the barrios, are attributed mostly to poverty.


There is indeed a need to educate children and parents as well, especially in areas where provision of education is scant. Needless to say, the needs are more than the basic need of educating people. It sounds cliche but in truth it is a forgotten promise by the servants of the people that the budget or resources awarded must be converted to the provision of not only education, but jobs and health services, among many things.

The rich and educated, however, will find a way to earn the knowledge they need, and desire, what with the abundance they luxuriate in. Even knowing what pedophilia means will be utterly easy to learn, or even twist. Nevertheless, they deserve to be educated what it truly is.


Educators are laden with tasks of educating the youth because that is what they are entrusted with. Doctors and all medical practitioners, including health caregivers are entrusted with maintaining health and well-being, on the other hand. Parents and guardians are responsible of a mixture of these things, too – educating, rearing, taking care of the children’s well-being, and a lot more.

Perversion such as pedophilia warps the beauty of these roles. This illness borne of experiences like being sexually abused during childhood, emotional decline, or psychological incapacity leaves no room for reason especially that the victims are children. Pedophiles have to be punished indeed.


An ugly facet could come up though from the basic learning about pedophiles. What makes this whole thing complicated and cruel is when a professional or a parent or guardian is hurled false or counter-factual charges or becomes an innocent victim of an accusation as pedophile. It is equally painful as most victims always feel pain, unfair treatment, and devastating effects. A counterattack can be done as most victims should do but as always the damage is done and is irreversible.

With the rising concern about pedophiles, it cannot be helped to be suspicious at times with a mere touch, or extra kindness, or an irregular trait but it is not fair, too, for professionals, parents, or guardians to be subjected carelessly to baseless allegations.

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