Digital Recorder and Records

Yamaha AW1600 Digital Recorder Beaver's music:...
Yamaha AW1600 Digital Recorder Beaver’s music: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I discovered a new artist named Nate Ruess who sang together and recorded Just Give Me the Reason with Pink. He has a very unique talent.

This made me wonder if the same digital recorder at guitar center was used. With such a powerful outcome of the above mentioned song, they could have recorded it with that digital recorder, or something of that sort, that has the capability to record simultaneously 4 tracks and with other features like vocal and effects harmonies, fast and easy recording even with intricate, multi-layered, or point and capture ones.

It must be that plus the excellent performance of the artists. We can never tell how good these pieces of equipment are unless it’s utilized to a maximum with top performing artists.

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