Why My Children Didn’t Choose to be a Nurse


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When the children were about to choose a career or course, I gave a faint suggestion about nursing.  They both replied that they will not consider it, or choose it as their career.

They simply do not just want to wear nursing scrubs.  The reason is beyond this one.  They told me that when choosing a career, one does not choose it because of the promising ROI that comes with it.  Being idealistic, my children suggested that the youth must not choose nursing if they do not have the heart for it.  The patients will be victims if the nurse is not compassionate enough to give heartfelt service.

When my mother-in-law visited the hospital one time, while she was still alive, the attending nurse was silently complaining with her gestures, and after while complained about her smell.  This is what my children had been meaning to say all along.

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A Glimpse at the Scrubs

original scrubs

Almost everyday I see men and women donned in a lot of colored medical scrubs and uniforms.  Some of them can carry these uniforms nicely, others look sloppy with them.  It is the reason why I wonder if the nice look depends on the make or the person who wears the uniform.

Click http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Women/Original-Scrubs/ and you will see the quality medical scrubs and uniforms that I think can look good on anybody.   This emphasizes my belief that the quality of an apparel adds beauty to anyone who wears it.

Even with a simple make of a dress like that of scrubs, there has to be quality.  Quality makes an apparel stand above all the rest.  It speaks about the craftsmanship and the character of the one who wears it.

"I Want Those White Stockings!"

One of those funny stories about nursing uniforms is that one told by my husband.

When they were young, they had a help who could lift a 25 kg sack of rice up to her shoulder. She’s a woman.  That amazed me.  Lifting is not one of my forte that’s why.  It always felt I could break my back every time I attempt to lift anything big and heavy.

But this is not about her lifting prowess.  This is about how nursing uniforms are so attractive that even a help dreams of having one.  It was her birthday one day and she was asked what she wants as a gift.  She wanted the white socks my husband’s sister wears with her nursing uniform!

Do you know what medical scrubs are?

Okay, you can laugh at me.

I thought medical scrubs are accessories that are aid in cleaning hospital rooms. I know I sound ignorant.  But it is fun to learn.

Medical scrubs are attires worn by medical professionals.  They can be worn by non-medical personnel, too.  They are tailored in different styles like a v-neck, a wrap around, or a boot cut.  Actually, anyone can buy scrubs online and look for styles that best fit one’s taste.  There are designer ones even.

Buying scrubs online is easy.  These days, everything can be found online but still one has to be careful because there are those who sell these items second-hand.  There is no need to buy a second hand when there are lots of discounts online.

If you wonder what a medical scrub look like, then here it is:

medical scrubs