How Efren Sells His Life Insurance Plans

If you are wondering who Efren is, he is the guy I was talking about in this post.

He has two agents in his network in the company.  The more sales they bring, the more earnings Efren gets.  It truly is networking.  Actually, it’s my first time to hear that even insurance agencies are into networking.

Back to Efren, I just witnessed how Efren sells his plans.  He does not miss opportunities.  In one of our auditing activities, in the middle of discussing how to protect one’s self by logging in and out when doing OB (official business) outside the plant, he suddenly mentioned the term life insurance quotes to the auditee.  As in from nowhere, he thought of selling a plan.  But unfortunately, the guy already has a plan from the same insurance company.

Efren was not able to sell but it was the ability and the effort that impressed me.  He has that skill of making the most out of every opportunity.  A true-bloodied salesman.  It is no wonder he earned his position and went up the ladder.

An insurance quote would be timely

Yes,  I say it is indeed timely to consider an insurance quote especially a life insurance quote.  Why?

Philippine news can kill you.  Let’s have a glimpse on some of the headlines in

  1. GMA to declare power crisis in Mindanao
  2. Crisis declared; Aboitiz, Alcantara power deals up
  3. Gordon says definitely not Angara but refuses to name emissary
  4. Palace has list of pols in drugs, says Sotto
  5. Edu denies he’s backing out of VP race

For number one headline, who would not be anxious of how the cost of such declaration will be spent?  The declaration would entail a power generation capacity build-up that would cost from 8 billion to 10 billion pesos.  The thought of how some crooks will be merry again upon gaining support from Congress is really bothersome.

For number two, the luminaries in this deal, the Aboitizes and Alcantaras, are known to be business associates of the President and her husband.  As an ordinary Pinoy, Juan will worry again how much money will be added to his electricity bill in the future if this deal becomes very expensive and will not compensate to the needs of the present crisis.

For number three headline, it is worrisome if someone who buys votes and candicacy will win.  It is very, very worrisome because a lot of Pinoys are uneducated and poor. It makes my head ache actually.

For number four headline, how would one ignore the US State Department’s concern that drug money will be used to influence the May 10 elections?  What is the government doing about this?

For the last headline in this list, Edu is giving the people a headache.  Where did that story come from – that he is backing out?  An adage describes it best – there is fire when there is smoke or anything to that effect.  The whole scene is so theatrical.

Insurance Leads

First of all, what is a lead? It is important to learn first what it means.

A lead is a suggestion or piece of information that helps to direct or guide. It is a tip or a clue. Therefore insurance leads are pieces of information to help one find tips or guides to get the best insurance for seekers and agents alike.

There are certain types of insurance leads for the following needs:

  1. auto insurance
  2. home
  3. life
  4. health
  5. long term care
  6. cancer
  7. disability
  8. business
  9. annuity
  10. final expense
  11. local insurance

Here in the Philippines, the search for life insurance leads can become popular.  Filipinos are very particular about  bestowing the last respects to the dead.  This can materialize from the benefits that can be acquired by having life insurances.  A friend once told me that he was so grateful that it did not become a problem when his father died because of a life insurance he had gotten.