An insult to the intellect

The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect
The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At work, there are people who assume too much.  They assume that they have that exclusive dominion to ideas and opinions.  They must be thinking that being in their posts gives them the right and privilege to think they are the only ones who can think right for the organization.

Without them knowing, the people around them know that they are playing. They can only assume but they are not the only ones who can think unconventionally or uniquely from a new perspective.  It is truly an insult to the intellect to see such insensitivity in individuals who are even in posts that require sensibility.

There must be a reason to the chaos.   It is more about selfish motives. Or it may simply be a front or a camouflage.

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Why would you find another job?

Working Class Hero
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If the economy is not bad, and there are a lot of prospects, as an individual who pursues improvement and further learning, it is inevitable to want to think of finding another job.  One might find System Administrator Jobs, for example, interesting, though it might not be along the lines of skills and capabilities that an individual has.  For sure, the individual will seek to study again to obtain a position among the said jobs.

Why would an individual want to find another job therefore?  There are a number of reasons but one that is popular among  people I know is the lack of salary increments for years as indicator of employees/workers performances and loyalty to the organization.

Some people want to simply follow their career paths.  Their objective is not to be tied up to a single corporation or organization where other viable and promising opportunities await.

Some may find the whole work set up as monotonous and is not giving any fascinating experiences anymore.  The job has become so routine that doing it can be done with eyes closed.  The whole scenario or situation for the individual is not making sense anymore.

Some also finds the people he or she is working with as hostile, or uncaring.  The working environment is a very important factor for one individual to be inspired to work.  Unfortunately, a lot of working environments are turning worse because the management is not concerned but only with sales.

A debilitating fact that each individual from the working class has to deal with is that the choices in life are becoming scarce.  There is a scare that one might not be able to find another promising job than the previous one.  This is because in some countries, age is a factor, despite the skills.  Also, the opportunities are deficient as against the number of job seekers.


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Finding Work in a Different Land

There are some friends who are planning to go abroad.  One of them is interested in getting a health care job.  A healthcare job bank will surely be of help.  I mentioned it to another friend who will be migrating to the U. S. in the future.  Her field is chemistry and she is not quite sure if she can be able to land a job in her field.

The thing is, not all people can perform in health care.  Not all people have the patience and service that are primary requirements for the job.  Not all people are equipped for this kind of job.

Some may ask why I cannot be a nurse, for example, as I have been telling some friends.  It is because the job will require my heart to perform it efficiently and effectively.  If someone is not ready to give their heart to a particular job then he or she must not be doing it, especially jobs that would take care of people’s health and well being.  It would require a great deal of patience and hard work.  Not that I am lazy but I do not think that I can be an effective nurse.   And I am saying this with all honesty and without prejudice to the job.

Will my friend be able to perform in a health care environment?  That is for her to answer.  In this world of survival, maybe she is already giving second thoughts to it.

Running for a Cause

Talking with Papsie’s boozed up friends last night, one of the topics was about the coming barangay elections.  Listening,  I learned that there was a candidate who sounded sensible because of his proposal to keep the hush-hush earnings for projects.  He did not win.  Why? Simple, the greater part of the majority does not desire losing the hush-hush earnings in their pockets.

I was probably naive to think that there is truly a noble cause why these candidates run.  I thought that at least there is a number that truly cares for the constituents’ welfare and the barangay’s improvement.  I learned that those candidates who had been on the run for many years are truly running for a cause – to fill their pockets with hush-hush earnings, or to become rich because of ill gotten money.

The barangay electoral system in the Philippines had been marred with greed, corruption, and chaos, for a long time.  Still, I have this wishful thinking that this will change in the future though I know it is just as near to impossible.  Some are ready to kill for a position, or to covet the position even in the most bloody way.  Some cling to the position even though their constituents had been denouncing them for long.

The anatomy of barangay elections in the Philippines stems from its culture of being clannish or family-oriented.  It may sound like it is a positive attribute but it is with this essence that unqualified or incompetent people are elected to a position.  It is not about a candidate’s capacity to govern, or serve, it is about how much money they use to buy a vote, it is about how much percentage of the clan a candidate will win over, or it is about their ability to thwart the truth and the lies therein,  or to coerce their constituents to vote for them.

But it also stems from the constituents’ unwillingness to change.  They vote for the same incompetent person because of the personal favors they will be getting in the future.  They sell their votes for a need but are not worried how much the act would cause them in the future.  They are negligent and uncaring that they do not take courage making their voice when these evil politicians openly cheat.  They tolerate the misdeed because they foresee the monetary gains they will have by agreeing to the evil deeds, or being silent about an obvious cheating.

Technical Careers

There are actually many types of technical careers one could choose from:  engineers, researchers, analyst, designers, or IT crews and professionals.   I bumped into a nice site called Best Job Philippines and it provides anyone a technical career he/she desires.  Let’s say for example you are into an IT job search, all you have to do at Best Jobs Philippines is add and update your resume then set-up and modify a job alert.

It is also very easy for an employer to find the best candidate for a job.  All they need is put up an account then post a job or search for a resume.

Why did I suddenly think of writing about technical careers?  I just realized how valuable it is to be involved in a technical job:

  • It exercises the mind.
  • It gives you these intellectual challenges most of the time.
  • It kills time.
  • It develops your skills in analyzing and problem-solving.
  • It gives you a foresight and helps you create preventive measures.

I am sure that other careers also provide some of the benefits I had listed above but not all of them.  Having a technical career is fulfilling in a sense and is contributory to one’s technical growth.

The Number One Way to Get Fired

Is not to do your job right all the time. When you wanted to be out of job right away, just don’t yield an output everyday – fastest way of doing it. 🙂

There are other ways of course and that will include

  • Being lazy all the time. Stare into space, sleep.
  • Complaining always. Complain about anything.
  • Stealing company’s time, technology, supplies. Do not bother yourself buying stuffs you can get from the office.
  • Abusing your co-employees or co-workers. Make them do your job.
  • Going on half-days, leaves, undertimes, and OBs when you are mostly needed.
  • Deliberately not following instructions (or commands).
  • Telling everybody (including the janitor) all the bad things about the boss.

This is an interpretation, what’s yours?