About Insurances

At http://www.wholesaleinsurance.net you can choose to request for your coverage amount and the time period.  One also has that opportunity to compare insurance quotes with other carriers.  By this, one gets to have comparison and decides on which insurance carrier is the best.

Sad to say that these insurance leads are only available for US citizens.  I just hope that there will also be honest comparisons of insurance quotes here in the Philippines, and that competition is healthy.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.  😀

Planning for your health

Today, there are so many concerns that planning for one’s health is mostly set aside. It is a sad fact but true, most people, especially those living in a third world country, will never prioritize a health plan.

In first world countries, in the US for example, the NC health insurance even have a dental health plan for an individual or for families.  In third world countries, especially those in the rural areas, those that the modern world cannot reach, still unconventional ways of cleaning the teeth are being applied.  They do not know about health plans and will not prioritize such concerns.

Personally, the idea of having a health plan for myself and family, is a very nice one.

Do you believe in horoscopes?

In my Facebook account, my Daily Horoscope says:


There are financial opportunities in your chart. You may be learning from a new investment seminar, or studying about different savings plans. You will be thinking about your future, about retirement, home equity, educational savings plans and other forms of deferred gratification.

Not that I believe in horoscopes. It is just fun to read them.  If they are true, then what it said for today is an indication of hope.  And one deferred gratification I have in mind is a health insurance like NC health insurance.  The one that I have, which half I have to pay, will only be to a certain extent because it is just a small premium I am paying for myself.  Well, it is what I can afford for now.  Perhaps staying another decade in the organization will recompense me with a free health insurance.  🙂  Scary idea.

Speaking of horoscopes, WikiAnswers has this definition on what they are:

A Horoscope is a person’s Birth Chart or the Natal Chart. It is a figurative analysis of the positions of all the planets in the zodiac, for a specific place, and for an exact time and date. This means, that any person’s horoscope, is based on the planetary positions according to their place of birth, date of birth, as well as the precise time of birth.

Hmm.. what position did Planet Earth had for me today to give me such nice-to-read horoscope? I wonder.

Insurance Leads

First of all, what is a lead? It is important to learn first what it means.

A lead is a suggestion or piece of information that helps to direct or guide. It is a tip or a clue. Therefore insurance leads are pieces of information to help one find tips or guides to get the best insurance for seekers and agents alike.

There are certain types of insurance leads for the following needs:

  1. auto insurance
  2. home
  3. life
  4. health
  5. long term care
  6. cancer
  7. disability
  8. business
  9. annuity
  10. final expense
  11. local insurance

Here in the Philippines, the search for life insurance leads can become popular.  Filipinos are very particular about  bestowing the last respects to the dead.  This can materialize from the benefits that can be acquired by having life insurances.  A friend once told me that he was so grateful that it did not become a problem when his father died because of a life insurance he had gotten.