Daryl’s Birthday Extension at Peking Garden

We woke up early.  It’s a day Daryl intended to celebrate his birthday.  It’s the most awaited day.  We were going to eat at Peking Garden where the famous Peking duck was said to be the best among the best of Peking duck dishes in the metro.

I prayed before we left that all will be alright because we were destined to go to Glorietta at Ayala where Peking Garden is. It is far from where we were.  The one at Trinoma already closed down (unfortunately) when Daryl decided to check and taste the goodness of the renowned dish.

Anyway, as I continue, the preachy ones will probably tell that God didn’t hear my prayer because on our way to Ayala, the car overheated and we had to stop by at a gasoline station.  But this is another story.

We turned to Buendia as Kay had instructed Papsie, opposed to the instructions I read on the net that we had to turn to Palm Drive.   I panicked (silently) that all of us does not exactly know where our destination was.  I, for one, was not used to frequent Makati and Ayala, and all I was hearing were they were not sure.  It irked me, I have to admit, but after some playing around with chances, we were able to reach our destination which was a long walk away from where we parked.

Peking Garden is located at Greenbelt 5.  On our way we saw a lagoon where you can throw food (at kois) that you can get after inserting two 5-peso coins in a machine.

After this, we proceeded to where Peking Garden was.  Greenbelt is a huge place, and one where the ‘loaded’ go.  We were ‘outcasts’.

We had a blast.  Surprisingly, the peking duck meat was all goodness!  The shrimp dumpling (hakao) were pure bliss, and also the fried bean curd.

We first tried to eat the peking duck meat with the cucumber and the leeks wrapped in what seemed to be a lumpia wrapper but thicker. You have to dip the meat first in a special, yummy sauce before the wrapping.

The second way to eat the peking duck was with a soup which was also a delicious treat.  The last way to eat the delicacy was to wrap the minced duck meat  with a romaine lettuce (with a sauce, too).

It’s a wonderful, wonderful experience.  Daryl also ordered fried rice with peking duck meat and also scrambled egg with minced dried scallops.  We were told that the latter was a best seller, too.

He was mentally prepared for it, he said. Including the expenses.  😀 Despite the challenging day for all of us (which will be another story), we enjoyed a lot and treated ourselves with scoops of Sebastian’s chocolate with rhum ice cream when we finally got home!





Unfriend vs. Unfollow – What’s your Facebook choice?

I remember a FB (Facebook) friend, who was a colleague in one of those workplaces I had been to, who told me to just set my privacy settings so that I will not be ‘unfriending’ or ‘rejecting the request of’ the person but instead click the privacy buttons in order not to see any of the person’s posts.  It was said to that effect, not able to remember exactly his words. His concern must be that I would offend somebody knowing him to be that kind and friendly.

I did not heed the advice.  There were instances where I had accepted people in Facebook who were not really my friends in the truest sense of the word, and some of them are not even acquaintances but strangers.  (Well, a big part of those in my ‘FB friends’ list are actually strangers because I have not met them in person but in all its fairness to the concept of ‘FB friend’ I had gotten to know some of them through some friends, and through blogging and other forms of media, plus theirs posts or statuses).  If a FB friend’s post becomes unintelligible and/or offensive, or could be something I will be undesirably involved, I decide to ‘unfriend’.    Lately, I only ‘unfollow ‘ remembering that friend’s concern of offending somebody’s feelings; then decide finally, after a few days or weeks depending on circumstances, to ‘unfriend’.  I am usually quiet or reticent about this decision not to cause any mess.

Just the other day, I discovered that one of the FB friends ‘unfriended’ me.  I would be a hypocrite to say I wasn’t affected.  The person is an idol to many but for me the person was also an internet friend, and I refused to believe otherwise until now.  Actually, that FB friend is an icon in the internet world with a flair that is so unique and comic.  But the FB friend ‘unfriended’ me and I thought to myself, “This is probably how it feels like to be rejected by an icon, or how others feel when I ‘unfriend’ them in FB (not that I think I am an icon, too)”.

Two days passed with me moping about the whole thing and finally I decided with this thought, “For whatever reason the person had ‘unfriended’ me, I do think it does not matter anymore.  I can think of a lot of reasons (that could be worst for all I know) but would it bring forth satisfaction knowing if the reason(s) are valid enough for me to say “Oh, it’s okay to ‘unfriend’ me if that’s case”?  I guess not.  The act of rejection is still rejection. It is very clear that I am not an important part of the person’s FB circle of friends.  It’s just that simple.  No need to complicate.”

On deciding to ‘unfriend’ or ‘unfollow’

I believe it is everybody’s right to ‘unfriend’ or ‘unfollow’.  No need to be guilty about it.  Just think of a scenario where your boyfriend or girlfriend continuous to be a burden for many years.  Would you stay in the relationship if you think there is something wrong about it? Practicality demands you to consider drastic options.  I know that there would be many ‘what ifs’ that will surface but reason has it that you should not torture yourself.  Love thy self first, as what the well-known and unknown people say.

It is somehow similar with a social media network like Facebook.  You start to build relations that you think could be beneficial to you, one way or another, you exchange/share posts, statuses, and PMs for a time, and then discovered there is something wrong.  You ‘unfriend’ then the other party gets upset, or insulted, of feels snubbed, most probably.  It could be possible that you receive e-mails of hatred, too, but should you be guilty of your decision?  It was your decision.  Unless, you decided out of impulse, it is your choice that you think is best for the current situation.  Nobody should question you for it.

On the other hand, to ‘unfollow’ is more subtle.  The person will not immediately know that you do not want to receive any of his/her posts/statuses.  The discovery will be later, or you can fake knowing the posts/statuses when the person asks you about it.  It might be a better option for some but for me, there are reasons one decides to ‘unfriend’ instead of ‘unfollow’ and they are varied in nature.

There is much about the real world.  Facebook is not the real world.  We cannot be dependent upon what transpires in a social media network.  It is just a tool.  It is just a device to connect you with people that you have not

Facebook logo Español: Logotipo de Facebook Fr...
Facebook logo Español: Logotipo de Facebook Français : Logo de Facebook Ti?ng Vi?t: Logo Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

seen for a long time, that you have lost, that you desired to know (more),  etc. etc. but the truth is, you get that feel of friendship  more when you meet in person.  There is nothing better than exchanging hugs, kisses, stories, endearments, sympathies, salutations, etc. in real life.  Virtual exchanges sometimes give those falsities that could be disappointing or frustrating.

Go ‘unfriend’ or ‘unfollow’. You have every right to do it.

What is a blessing to you?

Hard times are sometimes blessings in disguise...
Hard times are sometimes blessings in disguise. Let it go and let it make you better. (Photo credit: deeplifequotes)


On of those lunch times, me and some friends were talking about blessings. I mentioned that I sometimes get irked listening to other people talking about ‘blessings’. It seems that they are connecting ‘blessings’ to monetary gain they are receiving or equate them always to money received.

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53 and pregnant, so what?

A pregnant woman
A pregnant woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the Today’s show, this was the topic. The bone of contention is if the woman will be healthy enough to take care of a child.

One of the panelists said that he had his first biological son when he
was 49 and he thinks he is a better parent because he is smarter and he
has enough knowledge on things.

Do you agree?

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Would you give away your child after birth upon learning about the birth defect?

English: “This newborn is displaying the birth defect known as [:w:Polydactylia|Polydactylia] involving both feet.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As others had opined, this is truly a tough question and scary to think about.

As an able mother, meaning one that has all the resources and readiness to take care of a child, giving a child with a birth defect is not an option. The child did not ask to be born. It is not even his or her fault to be with defect so why would a mother give away a child? A mother should love without conditions and that is the essence of it all.

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A lathe designed specifically for each material

Metal Lathe
Metal Lathe (Photo credit: Sascha Grant)

You can choose a used engine lathe for sale for your material needs but you have to know that each particular lathe is designed specifically for each material.  It means there are lathes designed for machining precisely hard materials and those less hard.

Lathe machines today are not only used for machining hard metals, only, but also plastics and other materials.


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Which year would you choose to live life over again, if given the chance?

Wonderful Life (1964 film)
Wonderful Life (1964 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That is one question I read that had me thinking. I’d choose 1983. Why? That is when I felt true love the first time. That is when I felt I couldn’t breathe because of excitement. That is when I had my first kiss that sent shivers all over me. That is when I felt confident that I am lovable and huggable.

Truly, a lot of things happened during that year. Alongside the exhilaration, it was also the year my father got very ill. It gave me that heavy, huge feeling of responsibility on my shoulder. But I tried to be strong. I guess it was what made me strong all along.

Which year would you choose to live life over again?


This is from a discussion board I joined before where I am not active anymore.  The comments below were also from those people in that discussion board.

From EstiiBabii

I think I would chose to live 1999 all over again, even though I was a
child back then I enjoyed life during those years. I had many friends, I
was had many toys, I’d always played with my friends in the park. I
remember always going to the park during the summer time and having my
water guns in gear and running around trying to wet my friends and them
trying to wet me. I remember how much fun it was that year, I would love
to live that year once again.

From hardworkinggurl

Hi bingskee

1987 & 1989 the two years I had both of my kids. I would give
anything to have them tiny again. Though life has been sweet during
their growing years, I wold love to have those two wonderful and
memorable days once again.

I personally would not do anything different about the years as I would
not have had such a wonderful life with my two kids. Sure their ups and
downs but remembering I was their mommy and that they were my babies
made it all worthwhile for me. I actually would not change a single
thing as I want to remember all of it as is.

From thesids

Hi GF 1987 & 1989 the two years I had both of my kids

And in 1989 I passed out class 10th… Gosh!


Dear Ms. Bingskee

Well, 3!

anything between 1976 to 1985 on the first one. My late grandmother me
and my late grandfather really were a family and I can do anything to
get back to those days.

Then, 1989-1994 – any one for the second. College days. No study and all
the activity that I did staying in and away from the college.

And then, 1998-200 anyone for the third. Best part of my life as far as
career was concerned.

Any one of the above would be great. Tell me when do I arrive to get
into the time machine

From miadsoriano

It’s not just a year that I’m interested in. It’s for the whole time
that Jose Rizal lived on this Earth. If I can browse-fastforward through
his whole life, from the time he was born, and until his execution,
then I think I will be happy.

I’m really curious as to his vast knowledge, his education, his travels,
how he got into linguistics, his whole personality. Would like to
really find out how charming he was then. How mysterious. Everything.
And if I can take someone with me on this journey, it would definitely
be my husband, who has the same level of curiosity when the subject
matter is Rizal. 🙂

From dorannmwin

I think that I will chose 1999. The reason that I would chose that year
is because it was the year of my life that I really started to make good
friends when I was in college. In addition to that, it was also the
year that I fell in love for the first time. I will admit that the
relationship that I had during that time didn’t turn out well, but to go
through it again would be a great thing for me because things would be
different knowing then what I know now.

From Jlyn10

If I tell you, would you take me back in time?

I would choose the year 1979 cause I was still small and just love being
pampered by my family members. It was a great time for everyone back

I also would choose the year 2000 as that was the time when my son was
born. I just love the time spent with him, just looking at him while he
sleeps. I want to him see grow up again from the start.

From toniganzon

I would choose to live in the 80s again when i was just a child of
tender years with my parents both still alive and taking care of us. I
really missed them a lot. I don’t like the 90s coz they got murdered in

From vandana7

I would choose 1963. My mom was alive then. I would want to be with her
once more. From what I have known her now, I just want to go back there,
and appreciate her, and love her, and make her feel loved and

From ladydulce

None! I’m more excited for the years I have coming. I can relive the
others as much as I want in memory, but I wouldn’t trade watching my son
grow to be a man and starting his own family or learning what’s in
store for me. Too cool to go back.

From LittleMel

it would be 2009. very meaningful and rejuvenating year.
as if all doors were opened for me, starting from improvement of
spiritual life
that leads to major change in my perspectives and life decisions
change inward manifests outward, I have actually found like-minded
trustworthy friends and teachers in the same year and they contribute to
more exhilarating changes in me
there is no year like 2009 to me. at least not yet.

From wongchoiyee

80s to early 90s
That’s when everything is so good, money was never a problem, I get
along with my brother whom now moved out, my mom and dad pampered me,
and lots of friends, good friends. But now we have graduated we lost
touch but once again I looked forward to future because I want myself to
find a true love and get married.

From peach786

2004 definitely! that’s when i had my 1st heart attack only 2 weeks
before my son’s wedding. Can’t get any close call than that! Wife was
called from my office to head to the hospital dropping all her chores.
All family members were assembled, and the in-laws left in limbo.
Hospital got the wind that my presence was very essential at the pre-wed
preparations so the doctors prioterised my angioplasty, put couple of
stents inside my arteries the same evening, gave me a light supper and a
cup of tea and turned off the lights for the night. i was home the next
day, and we all had our first and best family wedding ever!

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What the printing presses need today

Is to go with the times.  They can consider Web To Print Solutions as resource for an online printing business.  It is a sophisticated business tool to meet the demands of a printing business. It can be helpful to define their business workflow to track their processes to meet their business needs.

Business (Photo credits: http://www.roadtrafficsigns.com)

It usually begins with custom development then network consulting then business development then hosting then print integration.


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Wildlife Studies

photo from 3rdbillion.net
photo from 3rdbillion.net

It always amazes me watching documentary films about wildlife.  The live wildlife cameras used must be very powerful to capture movements of the amazing but wild creatures like the lions, zebras, leopards, penguins, seals, whales, etc.  I understand it is a challenge to find logistics and resources to capture their photos and a risk, too, to be near them.

The researchers must be very intelligent and venturesome to envisage awesome documentaries but without enough budget, it would be impossible to come up even with one documentary.

Will You Choose to Know a Secret?

Well Kept Secret
Well Kept Secret (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It depends on what secret I have to know. If someone will ask me if I am interested to know her beauty secret then I will oblige. If somebody will tell me where the bullions of gold were kept by the Japanese, I would desire to know this secret.

Kidding aside, somebody hinted that she has something to tell me. With already a guess that what I will be listening to is about a forbidden affair. I politely declined. Unless the person wanted to ask my advice then I would gladly solicit but if it is for purposes of just letting me know, what for? It is actually a dangerous thing to know a delicate issue which is supposedly a secret that the individual that has to know it is only the person himself and not anybody else. Why would I involve myself and stress myself when I have enough worries of my own? Why would I strive to know these matters? Sadly, some people are more interested in talking about other people and their mishaps, and travails, and misfortunes. I do not know if this ease their own sorrows. 🙂

What about you? Would you want to know a secret?


This is from a discussion board I joined before where I am not active anymore.  The comments below were also from those people in that discussion board.

From inertia4

I would not be interested in knowing a secret either. Unless it directly involved me. I know for a fact now, that back when my ex was planning on leaving me, my aunt knew about it and never told me a thing. I believe she should have told me. That directly involved me. But if it were about someone else I would not want to know.

From jeanneyvonne

I guess I will be the same as you. There are some things that are exciting to share and there are somethings we really want to keep within us. Some secrets are deadly and sometimes, some are so burdensome that they cannot keep it within themselves. As a friend, sometimes I also get weary of hearing their problems rather them hearing them about mine. They seem to think that I have no problems of my own because I keep to myself and I don’;’t bother people with them. I am also contend on what my friends tell me even with secrets as long as they aren’t going to included me with it. I think some people deserve their privacy and self-respect. If they don’t want to blurt it out, it’s fine with me.

from greenwbird

It is a very dangerous thing to know others’ secret,especially when it combins to their privacy.the owner may tell his/her secret to several other persons except you ,but once the privacy disclose,everyone who knows the thing will have trouble,suspicion will stress all of you so much.so when someone wants to tell you some secret,just have enough consideration before opening your ear.

from enelym001

Sometimes I would like to know a delicate secret…and sometimes not. Sometimes I don’t have a choice specially if it’s a best friend who tells me a secret. But yes I have to agree with you that it stressed me out. Sometimes I wished I haven’t known such thing coz I feel like I am already involved. No matter how I try to encourage the person I still feel I have no right to tell the friend what to do- coz it is their life and they are the one to decide about their life.

from TheRealDawn

maybe to help the other person? idk

from sjvg1976

Hello bingskee, I agree! Sometimes there are secrets which i would definitely like to know but there are some secrets too which i won’t like to know unnecessarily stressing my mind.There are people though who always remain interested to know secrets about others as they need something to gossip around which in my opinion is really bad and they should avoid it.

from dorothy172

I agree with what you said, it just depend on what secret is that? If it is a secret to success, i think i would like to know about it, because it is a way of self development. But if it is a secret of somebody else, i am not interesrted with it. Since i cant guarantee i can keep the secret for he or she. So better not to know about it.

from sexybeast

i know of some people who live for gossip. they couldn’t resist knowing juicy tidbits. they even beg the other person to tell it to them, pretending they could help but offer advice. sad, really! i can keep a secret (bragging aside). i’ve proven it myself. will i choose to? hmmmm… depends if he/she really wants to tell me and if i can help him/her.

from smacksman

I think the worst is when a friend talks to you about something personal and then at the end says ‘Please keep to to yourself’ or ‘Please keep this secret’. Now you have no choice because you have already been told the secret! You have no choice whether to accept the secret or not! While I keep all secrets given to me I know that some do not. Now this person that told you a secret finds out that the secret is out – it is no longer a secret. Now I know that I did not reveal his secret but does he know that? ! I know that he must have told his secret to at least one other person or that the secret has been exposed by some other event, maybe by chance. Whatever the reason, it still leaves an element of suspision between friends. Not good.

from grasyia

It all depends on what secret. If it’s too personal i think I wouldn’t want to know.

from uggonen

It really depends on who the other person is. If its some good friend of mine then maybe yes but if its some random person on the street then no thank you.

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Photohunt: Focus/Technical



Daughter Kay showing her masterpieces - educational cards you see at bookstores.
Daughter Kay showing her masterpieces – educational cards you see at bookstores.

You can see how these pretty little visitors were focused on what Kay was telling them.  Of course, these little ones have no idea about the technical stuff of doing these pieces of art works.

Here is another pic.


Today there will surely be a lot of FOCUS pictures here.

How do you choose your pair of eyeglasses?

English: A pair of reading glasses with LaCost...
English: A pair of reading glasses with LaCoste frames. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I stumbled upon an online store that sells eyeglasses and offers a freebie service to potential customers by finding the pair of eyeglasses which is best for your look through a series of questions you’ll answer.  It seemed that it is not enough to just choose eyeglasses with stainless frames because you like it.  One has to consider the face shape and also one’s life and fashion style in choosing the best pair of eyeglasses.

I did not know that.  I just go to my optometrist and choose glasses from the racks and look in the mirror if they fit and if they look good on me.  It was just that easy for me, not bothering to think if the pair of eyeglasses complements my face or my life and fashion style.  Well, maybe at the back of my mind, sometimes, I consider the color and the made if they can be used in most occasions.  That is one important thing to me, that the pair of eyeglasses can be used anytime, anywhere.  That is the most important part and the other, I must buy a pair that suits all occasions so that I will not have to buy another pair. For a tight budget, I would not need many.

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Not a guitar expert but a fan

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am no expert to tell you about fender highway 1 telecaster at guitar center for example.  I am just an avid fan of individuals who play guitars with expertise.  I tried learning, this I have to mention, but the interest waned sooner than expected and was lost to my desire to win over the demands of college.

Each time I see someone render a song number with his or her guitar, I daydream of me being in his or her place doing my piece with rage. The bubble pops and I come to my senses again that I am just the avid fan behaving in a stupid way.

Did I mention about Fender? If you are at a loss what/who am I talking about.  Leo Fender is the inventor of telecaster and stratocaster electric guitars in the 40’s and 50’s.