Efren is Not a Funeral Agent

Efren is not a Funeral Agent.  He is a managing supervisor that handles agents that sells life plans.  But he also has his own accounts that he handle.  His agents are well trained to offer you services for funerals and cremation.

Efren started also as a funeral agent and pursued the career until he reaches the position he has right now.  I admire him for going out his comfort zone and for trying his exemplary abilities to sell.   Other people just don’t have the skills selling (much more sell funeral plans!).  But Efren is one talented man.  As other friends would utter, “Gifted!”

One of the hardest occupation is to sell.  I always admire people who has that dexterity to close the deals as easy as eating a pie.  It is one skill that not everybody has.  So, Efren, I salute you!

If you want to contact him, try clicking this.  And to make this clear, I get nothing out of this promotion.  This is pro bono.  I’ll charge later, Efren.  😉