Photohunt: Twisted

It is only now, September 27, 2009, that we have dial tone and internet connection. The devastating effects of typhoon Ondoy which outdid hurricane Katrina with its outpouring of 410 mm against 380 mm left everybody sad, and those directly affected truly grief-stricken. The number of those displaced is big and rescue from the government seems to be slow-moving.

The whole thing turned TWISTED and unexpected. Who would have thought it will affect 80% of Metro Manila, where the nation’s capital, Manila, is located and was not spared? The television mentioned that death toll rose to 75 already but there are still others missing and unaccounted for.

Last Saturday, because traffic was not moving anymore, my friend and I forced ourselves to walk from work to home. We braved the murky waters in some flooded areas. It was only up to the knee when we passed but the rained continued and those areas where the flood was only up to the knee rose up to the chest. My friend was able to reach home only this morning. I was so petrified because I was trying to contact her and she was not replying from the time we separated at EDSA. I am just so thankful she is safe just as Daryl was also able to get home safe when he braved the flooded road from SM North to our house.

I hope you don’t think it’s a TWISTED contribution to the theme.

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