Bachelor of Arts in Fire Service Administration

Now this is a sequel to my thoughts written in the previous posts.  As I pointed out that every field of education is of importance and not one is neither great nor inferior than another, there is one interesting course that our local firemen in the Philippines will be needing –  Bachelor of arts in fire service. Only that it is not available for non US applicants.

Online courses offered in universities like Lewis University would be beneficial to individuals who desire to master crafts like fire service administration, public safety administration, information security, organizational leadership and nursing.   It is interesting to note that they also offer financial aid to those who cannot afford.  Application is easy and is done just by filling up a free application form.

Personally, I have not experienced acquiring education online and I am not sure how difficult or easy it is to acquire one.  As I browse the page, anyone who would take interest will not find it difficult to navigate.  That is one obvious fact.  I think the challenge will be more on the focus and dedication one will give to finish the course.

But I think it would be more friendly when the page includes the disadvantages when one do not finish the course, or the limitations choosing one particular course over another.

Back to the point of discussion at the start, choosing a career in fire service is considered by many as just one of those ‘ordinary jobs’ in the Philippines because they are included in the list of those low paying ones.  But the question is – is this the right one for you?  And to borrow a line from my kids – if it is what makes you happy and doing it comes from the heart, then it is for you.  I would like to add that money should not always be the motivating factor to take or finish a course.  It should be where your heart is.  Because where your heart is, your dedication will be there, too.