I Don’t Want a Detox Treatment Someday

Most of my friends know that I drink alcohol.  I go for brandy.  But at times the thought that I could be addicted to alcohol scares me.  I don’t want a detox treatment someday.  Do you know what a detox treatment mean?  It is a treatment after the process of detoxification.  It sounds simple but like any detox process, I know it could not be any less easy.

I would prefer a detoxification process to rid the body of the harmful elements brought about by poor diet and over indulgence with food.  But not a detox process because alcohol or a drug has to be removed from my body.  Aside from the stress that will be caused by people because one is an addict, I can not afford to subject myself into any treatment of that sort.

So I drink in moderation.  Even if life’s concerns can be deluded at times by alcohol, in the morning, they remain.  One cannot ditch these concerns with alcohol.  We all have to remember that.