Another Gift Idea for Him

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Ray Bans are one of those gift ideas my husband will love.  The current price ranges from 50$ to 200$. Wow!

Ray Ban is a brand for those pairs of best selling sunglasses despite being pricey.  The reason probably is because of the varied designs that are comfortable and durable.  Their lenses are unique because they are polarized eliminating annoying glare, and adjusting to changing light conditions.

More than gift baskets, these pair of sunglasses will be favored more.  😀  Most men (and women, too) would always want and desire for a pair.

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Gift Basket for Him?

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It’s Christmas time once again.  Do you have something in mind for him already?

It is not a common thing here in the Philippines to give a gift basket for the husband, or for the male partner.  The gifts for men are usually packed in a box and/or wrapped simply.

My husband, for example, is a simple man.  Actually, I am not sure how he would react if I give a gift basket for him.  😀 Hmmm… let me guess.   He will exclaim, “What is this?!? You should not have spent much money for these things!”

But gift baskets are interesting.  The idea is unique and if I am going to give him a basket, I will have the following options:

  • one with 10 pieces of undies, personal effects, hygiene products
  • one with brownies and cakes
  • one with assorted bottles of colognes and perfume
  • one with a bottle of brandy with nuts and chips

Would you dare guess what he’ll like the most?

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Or Maybe a Mobile Phone

Or maybe a mobile phone from circuit city is what I’ll give Daryl. While I am toying with the idea, he will definitely tell me not to buy an expensive one.

My children are not demanding. Perhaps it was brought about by the orientation when they were children whenever they want something. We were consistently telling that we will buy the things they want if there is enough money.

Of course they will want a blackberry but they know there are more important things to consider first before having one.

Christmas is fast approaching and it looms than excites me. Daryl will be amused definitely by this idea. 😀

Are you bothered by blackheads on your nose?

I asked my friend if she is bothered by blackheads on nose.  She said yes.  It is not difficult for her to get rid of these blackheads because she has this accessory that she uses to scoop while she pricks the blackhead.

I got interested of course.  Who would not be?  That is one beauty secret that is worth my time.  Then all of a sudden, my friend suggested that she will give me that accessory as an early Christmas gift.  I replied with a big ‘NOOOOO”!

I am interested about the accessory but I insisted that I would not want that to be my Christmas gift.  Am I demanding?  Or just bothered?  What do you think?   😀