Let the Children Do What They Have to Do

On June 19, 2011, Jose Rizal’s 150th birthday, daughter Kay treated us to lunch at Kanin Club. I received also an invite to attend to a picnic made for Rizal at Intramuros but family comes first, of course.

Papsie always dislikes the idea of eating out. For him, it is an expensive way of celebration. But I always tell him to let his children do what they have to do, and that is to show their love in whatever way they love to.

Papsie is my husband Danny for 22 years already. Just like what is expected of any individual, he has his tantrums, too. He has weaknesses like everybody. But for me, he is superman and super kind. I believe that given the chance, he will prove his love for me and for the family more than what he had and has been doing.

The family actually asks nothing more from him but he always feel he is lacking because of the physical inability. But he had done more than enough in his situation and condition and I believe, in God’s grace and mercy, that we will be able to surpass life’s challenges together, as always.

I pray that God will give us our desires and wishes for him. We love him very deeply.

One More for Father’s day

My father will never want father’s day presents because I believe just seeing his grandchildren grow up would be enough a gift for him.  Unfortunately, it was only Kay who had experienced the love and she did not even know it and remember it because she was only a year and a few months old that time, and he died after a few months.

My father was a simple man.  Actually, he was so simple that he was almost like half-witted to use up his money when relatives visit the house.  The simple happiness he acquired from letting them in our very small house and accommodate them and use up all available money that he had was just enough for him that time.  Never mind if there was nothing left for us the next following days and weeks for us.  He was so clannish that it really looked and sounded foolish for me.

Then he expected a recompense that did not happen.  That made me very sad.  Up to this day, there are still relatives who considers me like somebody or like them who says hi just to ask for money.  Shallow, shallow indeed.

Do You Give Gifts on Father’s Day?

There should be a Mother’s day.  Therefore, there is a Father’s day.  Or is it the other way around?  I do not know if the premise is right but I don’t care.  The occasion requires us to buy father’s day presents it seems to me.

I have not saved money for these celebrations not because I do not give importance. Have you? Have you spent time checking on what gifts to give to your father, or to your husband who is also a father to your children? Or to any of your friends who are fathers, too? Do you celebrate the occasion like how you would to a Mother’s day?

I have not recalled in my childhood days of occasions celebrating Father’s day. Probably because there was not enough money to spend but only for the basic necessities of daily living. I don’t recall either for Mother’s day.

My father was my favorite and my idol when I was young. I remember very well the sense of humor that kept us laughing until midnight. He loved to tell stories that made us, his children, laugh our arse off. Now, I think it does not make sense to you that I had not bought gifts for a Father’s day occasion for my favorite parent. Sad it may seem but during those times, it is more about respect than giving gifts. Well, I am speaking only about my experience here. This is surely different with other families, especially the affluent.

Anyway, here is a trivia:

  • Sonora Louise Smart Dodd, of Spokane, Washington, started the tradition of Father’s Day in the honor of her dad.

  • First local Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington.

  • In 1916, US President Woodrow Wilson approved the idea of observing an annual Father’s Day.

  • In1924, President Calvin Coolidge made Father’s Day a national event

  • In 1966 President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the 3rd Sunday of June as Father’s Day.

  • Father’s Day is the fifth most popular card-sending holiday, with an estimated $100 million in card sales. Husbands, grandfathers, uncles, sons and sons-in-law are honored as well as father.