It died after a few minutes…

MSI laptop computer
MSI laptop computer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The laptop did.

It was a hand-over after all.  I need to consult the battery finder and check on a replacement.  It is so frustrating to be in the middle of everything and got cut off because the laptop died because the battery’s malfunctioning.  There is the charger anyway so maybe finding a replacement is not necessary.


Were I to fall out of love after a betrayal?  Will the heart die after a few minutes of learning that the whole thing’s over?  Will a replacement meet what was lost?

Women, or men, do not have to tell it easily that they do not want it anymore when it’s obvious that they wanted a replacement.  Action speaks louder than words, cliche it may sound.

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Always Check the Batteries

Of course you would not want an important conversation be cut in the middle just because the telephone battery ran out.

Today, there are already telephone batteries replacements that are available even in Amazon.  It is important to remember to always buy those with the best manufacturer specs and not the refurbished.

Quality should always be the primary factor in buying electronic gadgets and devices.  It pays.  It would be a waste to buy cheaper ones with poor quality.  Of course, you already know that.