Funny Baby Stories

Photo from the Yummy Mummy
Photo from the Yummy Mummy

The other day me and my friends talked about our kids when they were still very young.  One of those in the group said that she knows that her child would love food because from the hospital the baby was crying out loud and stopped when they fed her with 3 oz milk which they got from a drug store, and prepared, along the way.  I had a similar observation about my son from the hospital, too.  Because I had a C-section, my SIL was the one who carried him and she placed her thumb on my newborn son’s chin and the boy began to move his tongue out like he’s sucking a feeding bottle! That was truly funny. We were all laughing.

I also shared another story of my son’s antics when he was little.  He was placed in a big kuna (cradle) where he was learning to stand and walk inside.  To my husband’s shock, he saw that the 7 month old baby was already holding a piece of his poop.  Being physically challenged, my husband was almost not able to get on time and snatch the poop out of the little boy’s hand.

My daughter also had her fair share.  Perhaps she discovered that if the nose felt itchy, she had to insert a finger to get rid of the itchiness and discovered that there is something inside.  One of the things that she discovered out of curiosity, unfortunately, is that she can taste the booger and not die.  I saw her with my own eyes that she was surreptitiously putting the thing in her mouth via that little finger.  😀


Amazing Cute Strollers

I came across this baby jogger city select stroller and discovered these amazing designs that I have not seen before.  Well, maybe because I do not have a baby anymore that is why my feet would not lead me to the baby section in a department store.  😀

Isn’t it amazing that strollers are now convertible? One can add a bassinet, an infant seat adapter, or a second seat for another baby.

Some of the most interesting features of these lovable strollers are they have adjustable height handle and shock absorber. Just simply amazing.

What’s more? They come in different colors. 😀

(No, I am not planning to have a baby, you silly.)

Aling Baby’s grandchild died: a case of SIDS

You might be wondering who Aling Baby is.  She is that little woman in her midlife who irons our clothes every Sunday.  And yes, her grandchild died last week.  The little angel was not even a month old.

I felt sad for her and for her daughter.  Life’s challenges can be very cruel at times.

Aling Baby said her daughter failed to burp the baby and milk intake from breastfeeding flooded the lungs.  It was my first time to hear this and so I searched for the causes of baby deaths.

In this page, I learned about sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which according to the expert is “sudden and unexplained death of a baby under 1 year of age”.  It is widely known as “crib death”, too.  Causes were listed as:

  1. a disorder in how the babies’ bodies responded to the brain chemical serotonin.
  2. babies sleeping on their stomach
  3. unsafe sleeping condition where there are many toys, pillows or comforters
  4. overheated rooms
  5. covered face and head
  6. smoking around the baby
  7. respiratory distress syndrome
  8. abuse and neglect

I am not sure what of the above reasons was the cause of Aling baby’s grandchild.  It may not be because the daughter was not able to burp the baby.

Cute Baby Drake

baby drake in his stroller

Though he is not in a Bob revolution stroller, baby Drake still looks cute and cuddly.  His eyes always beg you to come get him.

Babies are always bundles of joy.  To me, every baby is beautiful.  There is always that sweet smell, flawless skin, and very innocent look.  They are little angels that make the day.

It is truly sad that some mothers or parents do not see them as heaven-sent and a delight.  While some wishes fervently for even only a child, there are many who neglect their children and do not care less.

It is indeed an ugly truth that some babies who are as immaculate and harmless could be harmed.  Some of them are even molested or left alone in the streets.  Some are not fed and taken care of.

Babies are bundles of joy, and they don’t deserve any of what I mentioned.  They deserve more than anything or even more than the lives of those who had procreated them.  They are tiny lives that deserve the best.  They are blessings from God.