Photohunt: Family

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This is Dogdog, our doxie-pin family member. Yes, he’s family.  🙂

Photohunt theme this Saturday is FAMILY.  Love the Photohunt family.


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Why "Pusong Bato" Became a Monster Hit

I remember Yoyoy Villame saying that if a novelty song can be sung by even the little children and the young teenagers, then it’s going to be a hit.  Even without them understanding lyrics, if the song clicked with the young surely it will become popular.

Just how singer Yoyoy described it, the Pusong Bato became a hit because the young generation was able to sing it, and with gusto.  Or does the tune have something to do with it?

Here is a version by Renee Alon de la Rosa:


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Good Moog Music

Minimoog synthesizer
Minimoog synthesizer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wonder what those machines that compose electronic music in live performances are called?  They are called synthesizers. When these synthesizers were produced by Robert Moog, good moog music started.

Synthesizers, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, are machines that electronically generate and modify sounds, frequently with the use of a digital computer.  There are many types of them but the most common is keyboard synthesizers.

Cool Pearl

Drum Kit
Drum Kit (Photo credit: chriskompst)

It was so nice to see my daughter in a picture with a set of drums when she was in high school.  The drums look like the cool pearl at musicians friend, black in color. With that lovely set of drums and hardware, there’s a reason to play drums.  These percussion instruments always give that lively, happy feeling.


Speaking of Pearl drums, they are one of those hot deals or one of the best selling drums at Musician’s Friend.  One can find a variety of these drum instruments and narrow the choices according to one’s budget.  Isn’t that cool?


Saving Space with a Cowbell Stacker

Percussion instruments in the Musical Instrume...
Percussion instruments in the Musical Instrument Museum, Brussels, Belgium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are a musician who loves percussion instruments, it would help you to save space buying an accessory like the pearl cowbell at musicians friend that gives room for anybody to stack other pieces of percussion instruments like a bell, block, or tambourine. In addition, this accessory can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

This will work for me because saving space is always a welcome idea. I believe, too, that this idea of an accessory will be useful to a lot of percussion musicians to maximize space and organize things.

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A Christmas Village to Go to

The lemax christmas village here that I will feature is a place online where you can visit to buy Christmas accessories and villages, of course.  If you ask me if I am having a Christmas village in the house, the answer is, “No, I am not having it.  Reason is there is our pet dog who is so curious he wants to know everything by nibbling. So, no, I am not having it.”  If you ask me if I will recommend to anyone to consider buying accessories for a Christmas village, the answer is “Yes, of course, especially if you have enough to buy every accessory to complete the village.”

English: A decorative Christmas village set on...
English: A decorative Christmas village set on top of a table (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am particularly interested in The Simpsons Christmas village because I am a fan.   😀 😀 😀  would also buy Mickey’s Christmas village accessories, too.  It would be a fun thing to have them as they depict fun and happiness.  After all, it’s only our physical being that grows old and fails to appreciate fun.  The mind does not grow old.

With this, I would like to say hello to everybody who will take time to visit this blog and send hugs for an early Christmas greeting!

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52Photos Project #6: Bright

52 Photos Project

When I encounter the word BRIGHT, what comes to mind immediately are bright smiles. Derived from a song, a smile is everlasting and can bring people to you. I have proven this a lot of times, a smile that I wear gives me back another sparkling smile. I believe that it makes the heart warm and it makes other people feel good.

“Being beautiful, doesn’t make you smile, doesn’t make you happy, doesn’t make you nice. Being nice and happy and always smiling makes you beautiful.” –
Levita Charin
“Smiling does not necessarily mean you’re happy. Sometimes it just means you’re strong.” – Nishan Panwar
“I was smiling yesterday,I am smiling today and I will smile tomorrow. Simply because life is too short to cry for anything.” – Ritu Gathourey
“I may smile bright. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not losing this fight. It doesn’t mean there’s no struggle within me. It doesn’t mean I’m everything I seem to be.”- author unknown
“A laugh is a smile that bursts.” – Mary H Waldrip

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