52 Week Photography Challenge – Portrait: Headshot

I’m a little bit late for this challenge but I am still participating.

I am sharing with you a few headshots.  This time, of my favorite people.

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52 Week Photography Challenge #2: Landscape


A park landscape is always beautiful especially with trees that spread their branches and with the light of the sky peeking.  This is one of those known parks in our locality. Continue reading “52 Week Photography Challenge #2: Landscape”

52 Week Photography Challenge: Selfie

Week 1: Selfie

This was one of those early selfies I made with my then Canon digital camera.  Unfortunately, that dear camera got lost.  To my disappointment, I had even erased it from my memory its model/type number.

The photo was taken inside our home (obviously).  I did not bother to time the camera.  I just snapped it and there it was.  As expected, the prominent feature of my face is my nose and the mole (that had grown bigger as I grew up).  An officemate once asked me if I had my nose ‘lifted’.  “Of course not,” I answered.  It just happened that my nose got noticeable when I decided to put on contact lenses. Continue reading “52 Week Photography Challenge: Selfie”