52 Week Photography Challenge: Selfie

Week 1: Selfie

This was one of those early selfies I made with my then Canon digital camera.  Unfortunately, that dear camera got lost.  To my disappointment, I had even erased it from my memory its model/type number.

The photo was taken inside our home (obviously).  I did not bother to time the camera.  I just snapped it and there it was.  As expected, the prominent feature of my face is my nose and the mole (that had grown bigger as I grew up).  An officemate once asked me if I had my nose ‘lifted’.  “Of course not,” I answered.  It just happened that my nose got noticeable when I decided to put on contact lenses.

My first reaction to my self-photo was that of puzzlement.  To me, it’s entirely different looking at yourself in the mirror.  Maybe it’s the distance from the camera, or the angle.  I do not know.

I have yet to decide on taking a photography course.  From what I read, there are already free basic photography classes. Time is all I need.

I decided to join this photography project once and for all.  As I have mentioned in my previous post, I have to do R & R from all the tiring things that are happening in the political scenario in our country.  I need a break.

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