An Innocent Child’s Promise

After breakfast yesterday, I went out of the house to finish my coffee, and saw Caleb.  He is just a little older than one year.  I took the chance of taking his pictures while his nanny was busy talking to somebody on the cell phone.

I adore the wide-eye wonder of this little child.  Every time I see him with his mom or dad, I would talk to him and he will look at me with his round eyes almost like telling me, “What the heck is this creature telling me?”  He doesn’t often smile and yet I find him very cute.

It’s the promises of innocence that made me click my point-and-shoot digital camera.  While watching him explore the tiny world around him – his shadows, the people passing by, me, his little fingers – it gives me hope that maybe things can be better for these little children. Maybe his curiosity will not fail him in the future but instead help him find answers to most of this world’s complexities and contradictions.

And maybe things will be better for the adults (that includes me) while trying to imitate the little children’s unequaled and never tiring curiosity to find the answers to unspoken questions.  As for me, I will take on using these promises of innocence in pursuing what I wanted to do the most – writing.  I will engage myself in refreshing my long-kept and hibernating comprehension or learning about writing and all that is related to it.

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