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Clumsy: One Dead, Two Living

Above are male classmates doing each clumsy performance during college.  Sadly, one of them left the world of the living.  We had our fun times, you see, savages from the Philippines.

I remember I penned the show’s title, “Just the Way We Are”.  We had invited local television artists, the names I cannot recall.  Although I can remember them, their faces, and some their get-ups. I am that peculiar to be even in the show (I was one of the choir members) and I cannot actually remember how I fared.

I guess being in the ‘lower class’ during college had its perks. You do not get to be too exhausted or pressured about the outcome.  And you do not care at all.

Eventually, I learned that I can be someone that I envision to be, without earning the approval of many even if I don’t deserve it.  That I can build a persona different from what people perceive about me but according to what I see myself as.  I allow myself to be clumsy, yes, only because I see it as necessary.

Nobility does not require anyone to be from the upper class.  My two cents.


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