My Kind of Superhero

Interesting prompt.

Let me share first this <a href=””>superhero</a&gt; photo.


No. This is not about Thor.  I am not an avid fan but I am of the actor who played the role in the action movies featuring Thor.  What’s his screen name? Yes, I am a fan. *smirks*

This is about that man trying to single-handedly strangle that Thor in the picture.  Danny is my husband, a victim of stroke for many years.  He’s a warrior in many ways.  My kind of superhero.  He doesn’t seem to know it.  He sees a different picture – that he is worthless.

On the third month of this year, he was again afflicted with stroke, was confined in the hospital for nine (9) days, was ‘brought to reality’ only last June.  The affliction rendered him immobile and almost speechless.  Until June came.  There were tears of course.

Still, and more so this time, he sees himself worthless.  I can understand that.  Even with a semi-paralyzed body because of a fatal stroke when he was only 23, he did many things and that included driving (and oh, he was so disgusted when his driving application for this year was rejected! I suspect it contributed to the stroke).  He was never lazy.  He helped in making a living for our family of four.  He devoted his time taking care of the kids.  He cooked delicious foods.  He was never useless.  He was our pillar of strength.  The list can go on.

I am not writing this post to elicit pity because my superhero does not need it.  He needs warm conversations with friends, and at times, words of love and care and encouragement.  He loves to joke a lot, even make fun of a friend, no holds barred.

At times, though, the superhero vanishes and returns to his human nature form just how superheroes transform to their ordinary human guise.  The difference with mine is he is reduced to desperation, to unspeakable sadness.  I cannot even visualize the superhero when he is in this state.

It feels weird that I  get inspired to write more with my superhero’s gloom.  Is it because he still radiates this aura even with this state?  Or am I just simply getting inspired and fueled to write?

Small wonder but after finishing this piece,  I will start another article for submission.  I think my superhero has been transferring his powers little by little.  It gets me afraid.


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