Looks aren’t everything.

This TED talk by model Cameron Russell is fearless indeed.

“I won a genetic lottery and I’m the recipient of a legacy.”  This bold statement defines how the advertising  business and most of the world see beauty.

“The thing… that I have never said on camera is that I am insecure.  And I am insecure because I have to think about what I look like everyday.”  Who would have thought that such a young and beautiful lady would be insecure? But she is.

Here is the video you all will admire.  It is not easy to admit the superficiality of it all.  While most young girls are embarrassed about their bodies and how they look, here is a model saying she is insecure and unhappy and I think it is because she is not that person we see in Vogue, or any other magazine, but someone who is like most of us, afraid, and unsure.




4 thoughts on “Looks aren’t everything.

  1. This is such an important message to send. I think young girls tend to idolize models and actresses without realizing the gut wrenching, soul sucking attitudes that they have to put up with from within the industry… plus all of the comments from outside. Yes, when you are in the public eye you are going to get comments, but that doesn't make it easier (and people can be MEAN!)


  2. i totally agree with you. young girls don't realize what it takes to be a model or an actress. all they see is the glamour, the limelight, the popularity, or the money. i believe the adults around can do something to thwart the misconception. it's very important to instill that happiness is always a choice and it's not always about money and fame. 🙂


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