Do You Evaluate Yourself as a Parent?

Cover of Motherhood

In a blog post I wrote, Most of Us Parents are Afraid, I admitted that there are points in my life as a parent that I had to assess myself. Am I doing it right or wrong? That was the question.

There were stages that I really got anxious if I was doing it right. I had come to a point of assessing my style, and what I have done right or wrong. I believe most, if not all, parents come to this point of having to gauge their ‘performance’ as parents. I once wrote Being a Good Parent is Not Guarantee. I believe it is so. The influences our children acquire outside the house are varied, and sometimes they can be unreliable. As parents, we do not have control over them. We are left with pleading and imploring the Absolute Being above to take care of them and keep watch over them when we’re not around.

Do you think, as a parent, you are doing it right or wrong?  What makes you say so?


This is from a discussion board I joined before where I am not active anymore.  The comments below were also from those people in that discussion board.


I believe that nothing is absolutely right or wrong, particularly as a parent. It really quite depends on your attitude. Sometimes you may think that you are right on this issue, but others judges that you are too much over that. Every parent wants to be the best guardian but the reality is against our doing. I know that I need to be patience towards my eight months old kid as he is too young to know what I say. When he is crying loudly without comprehending my comforting, I will be yelling back and putting him badly onto the bed. Later I will blame myself for such impatience. I know that I am not right for such behavior, but sometimes I could not control myself.


definitely bing, this i have in mind now. something like, were did we go wrong thing. and so i asked my wife, what is happening to our kids now? are we really doing the right to in raising them? i still don’t have the right clue and still doubting about me being a parent.


Yes I evaluated early on, during and still doing so. I was not raised by my own parents and under several guardians in my life. Therefore, I have entered Motherhood completely on trial and error. I can honestly say that I have/am doing a very good job at Motherhood. Though not perfect as I don’t feel anyone is, but having raised two wonderful kids who think and behave exactly as I expected says to me I have/am doing a good job with them. I have a great deal of communication with both of my kids and am not afraid to tell them that I was wrong and or made a mistake. I have always been very consistent when it comes to certain rules and or aspects during the raising of my children. I was never afraid to research and or ask other experienced parents as well. Simply for comparison as to what I have done/do, ultimately I usually arrive back to how I personally feel life in raising them should be. The researching and or asking questions simply allows me to reevaluate if what I have done/do is right for me.


As parents, we only want what is best for our children. And as far as we are concerned, we always do the right thing by our children. Personally, and this may come as a cliche, I am a “work-in-progress”. I do not claim (and I know this is true for you and for other parents…well most of them at least) to be the perfect mom. But I sure do TRY my very best to be. I personally apply “The Golden Rule” when it comes to parenting and disciplining my kid…”Do unto others what you want done unto you”. Respect is another one. I respect my child and I would treat her the way I would want to be treated.


It is very good point that you have raised in my lot because as a parent we have to understand the mentality of the child because he is not able to understand what we have to say to him and our point we have to explain him polity what is our issue by shout at child and make him doing as we say it wont work because tamperer he will do it but afterward again he will do as he want so we have to understand child’s point of view!!!


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