What is a blessing to you?

Hard times are sometimes blessings in disguise...
Hard times are sometimes blessings in disguise. Let it go and let it make you better. (Photo credit: deeplifequotes)


On of those lunch times, me and some friends were talking about blessings. I mentioned that I sometimes get irked listening to other people talking about ‘blessings’. It seems that they are connecting ‘blessings’ to monetary gain they are receiving or equate them always to money received.


One of the friends remarked, “Isn’t it that when you say blessing, you cannot quantify it because it is something that is extraordinary and almost unexplainable circumstance in one’s life?” I said, maybe, but people can be considered ‘blessings’, too.

In your own opinion, and belief, probably, what is a blessing to you?

This is from a discussion board I joined before where I am not active anymore.  The comments below were also from those people in that discussion board.


From thesids

Dear Ms Bingskee I am quite simple on this one. I always take anything positive for me as a blessing. Even if you typed out your response using – dear sid – anywhere on it, it is a blessing for me. I feel that way because I know that in today’s world people are more reserved and more unhappy – if you could write dear thesids or dear sid or even dear friend, I know it wouldnt have been if you werent blessing me (and I dont really need or start thing what goes on into the responders mind when s/he writes this dear to me, it can be anything, but I should see only the positive).

From thesids

Normally many attach blessings with Lord, God or even religion – I too am similar but the difference is that I believe that everyone around has some of God or Lord in himself/herself and hence I take anything (like the dear) as a blessing for me

From dorannmwin

Wow, I have to admit that I’ve never taken the time to come up with my own definition of what a blessing is for me. However, I can say that the majority of the things in my life that I see as blessing are not those things which boil down to monetary gain. Instead, I tend to think that most of the blessings that I have in my life are actually the positive relationships that I have in my life. I consider my greatest blessings to be my children, my husband and my great relationship with my family.

From atprudente6

As you have said, blessing is not limited to monetary gain. Everything around us could be considered as blessings. Our parents, our friends, our lives, our homes, our financial capability, our senses, our children.. Everything we had is a blessings. Even our problems can be considered as blessings. How? If we have problems, we are being tested and we are being strengthen. Problems are like fire molds the gold to become a beautiful jewelry. So for me, problems can also be considered as a blessing.

From sheila 2666

I am an addict in recovery. I have been clean and sober for 8 years now, I get to go to work every day, I have some great friends and a solid support system in place. I share what I have, to keep what I have gained. I consider those blessings. I meet wonderful people, share ideas and have come to see things bigger than myself, my kids, my husband, my beautiful life. Those are the blessings I am greatful for every day of my life.I have a life because I was able to forgive myself and move forward. JMHO. thanks

From hereandthere

thank you for sharing your story. reading it is a blessing.

From leahn011

Blessing are things/events/foods that you received everyday, that was meant to me.

From kimilawini

The mere fact that i’ve opened my eyes to a new day, i have something to eat for breakfast, i have a family to take care of, i have a work to go to, i have workmates who help me get thru my day, i have pocket money to buy just enough veggies to cook for dinner, i have a home to get to after a long day, i have a bed to sleep on… the list goes on… Those are blessings for me. 🙂

From shm1975

For me blessing is a miracle happens when u in a problem , life which i lie, moments i enjoy-whatever its small or big.Happy when see the beauty of nature,listen beautiful music,enjoy a sweet moment, that is blessing fr me

From bdfreelancer

For me a blessing can be something that really makes me happy, understand something that I need to, make others happy,etc. I am a happy person at the moment and I consider it a blessing.

From arriane

Blessings are not just about money. For me, blessing is like what happened to us now. We had given another life.. We can still see the beauty of the world, we still enjoying, having fun and we still feel love and satisfaction that everyone desires..

From romzee

I thanks God for all my blessings received all day long. For me blessing is from the time I wake up, I still have breath and the strength to do all works that have to be done, blessings for having good health, having a good family and lots of friends. Even problems that I encountered, I received it as blessing for me to let me see how lucky and blessed I am. For me, we are all blessed.

From Ivy-bubbles

hello bingskee, i believe that blessings come into different forms and packages. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of money nor is it quantifiable. I personally define blessing as anything around us that has an ability to lift our spirits, gives as happiness, and makes a difference in our lives.

From lynnes75

Hello. I can say with certainty that to me, blessings, MY blessings, are my family. I was going to put “my belief in God” first, but since that goes without saying than I go with the next best thing: my family 🙂 They’re everything to me, and my pillar of strength, closest confidants.

From lyricmemphis

I believe people, experiences, and yes money are all blessings. I believe people and experiences are greater blessings though.

From imAbigael

well I think receiving money is not just blessing, we also have actions why we have this. And for me blessing is something from within, receive from the heart that something you can feel your blessed, no worries and you know God love you and take good care for you. 🙂

From riyauro

I believe that blessing is having good friends, good family, good life partner and more than that the blessing of having the breath of life everyday when i wake up. Monetary gains is a blessing also but with it you must not forget the other blessings. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day ahead.

From Sharon Lopez

Hi bing! I can consider everything from the time I wake up in the morning, up to the time I sleep at night as blessings in my life. Have a nice day!

From randomarts09

For me it’s not limited to monetary gains but also for all good things I have. Everything good without exception is the blessing for me. And we can think we have much more blessings when we focus on the good things rather than the bad things happened in our life. And happy for what I have and what I am.

2 thoughts on “What is a blessing to you?

  1. Dear Ms. Bingskee

    Glad that I hoped on to that old discussion forum, searching about you. I was awake early today and recalling the great interactions on that “discussion board” and got concerned about you, your well being and health. After some 30 minutes of searches, I found your profile and the link to this wonderful blog.

    Aint this a blessing somewhere, that after so many months (about a year +) I found you, your blog and to make it special, I found a mention of me in your posts 🙂
    Definitely made my day and what a wonderful start of the day:)

    Please email me once so that I can have your email and I would love to stay connected.

    Warm Regards,


  2. hey, theSids. wow! that is very nice of you.

    i am very sorry not being able to respond at once. i guess, i lost that 'fire' to blog often being charmed by Facebook, stealing what i had once. i am trying to 'revive' the blog making it more like documenting events and happenings in my life, more likely turning it into photo documenting.

    it saddened me that the opportunity at myLot got lost and the exchanges with myLot friends went with it, too. i would be a hypocrite not to say i became interested about the earnings, how meager they seem. but when the exchanges/discussions happened for the posts i made there, it changed my views. unfortunately, i cannot go on and i have to 'prioritize'.

    thanks a lot for visiting and making me feel the friendship. will get in touch. 🙂


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