Will You Choose to Know a Secret?

Well Kept Secret
Well Kept Secret (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It depends on what secret I have to know. If someone will ask me if I am interested to know her beauty secret then I will oblige. If somebody will tell me where the bullions of gold were kept by the Japanese, I would desire to know this secret.

Kidding aside, somebody hinted that she has something to tell me. With already a guess that what I will be listening to is about a forbidden affair. I politely declined. Unless the person wanted to ask my advice then I would gladly solicit but if it is for purposes of just letting me know, what for? It is actually a dangerous thing to know a delicate issue which is supposedly a secret that the individual that has to know it is only the person himself and not anybody else. Why would I involve myself and stress myself when I have enough worries of my own? Why would I strive to know these matters? Sadly, some people are more interested in talking about other people and their mishaps, and travails, and misfortunes. I do not know if this ease their own sorrows. 🙂

What about you? Would you want to know a secret?


This is from a discussion board I joined before where I am not active anymore.  The comments below were also from those people in that discussion board.

From inertia4

I would not be interested in knowing a secret either. Unless it directly involved me. I know for a fact now, that back when my ex was planning on leaving me, my aunt knew about it and never told me a thing. I believe she should have told me. That directly involved me. But if it were about someone else I would not want to know.

From jeanneyvonne

I guess I will be the same as you. There are some things that are exciting to share and there are somethings we really want to keep within us. Some secrets are deadly and sometimes, some are so burdensome that they cannot keep it within themselves. As a friend, sometimes I also get weary of hearing their problems rather them hearing them about mine. They seem to think that I have no problems of my own because I keep to myself and I don’;’t bother people with them. I am also contend on what my friends tell me even with secrets as long as they aren’t going to included me with it. I think some people deserve their privacy and self-respect. If they don’t want to blurt it out, it’s fine with me.

from greenwbird

It is a very dangerous thing to know others’ secret,especially when it combins to their privacy.the owner may tell his/her secret to several other persons except you ,but once the privacy disclose,everyone who knows the thing will have trouble,suspicion will stress all of you so much.so when someone wants to tell you some secret,just have enough consideration before opening your ear.

from enelym001

Sometimes I would like to know a delicate secret…and sometimes not. Sometimes I don’t have a choice specially if it’s a best friend who tells me a secret. But yes I have to agree with you that it stressed me out. Sometimes I wished I haven’t known such thing coz I feel like I am already involved. No matter how I try to encourage the person I still feel I have no right to tell the friend what to do- coz it is their life and they are the one to decide about their life.

from TheRealDawn

maybe to help the other person? idk

from sjvg1976

Hello bingskee, I agree! Sometimes there are secrets which i would definitely like to know but there are some secrets too which i won’t like to know unnecessarily stressing my mind.There are people though who always remain interested to know secrets about others as they need something to gossip around which in my opinion is really bad and they should avoid it.

from dorothy172

I agree with what you said, it just depend on what secret is that? If it is a secret to success, i think i would like to know about it, because it is a way of self development. But if it is a secret of somebody else, i am not interesrted with it. Since i cant guarantee i can keep the secret for he or she. So better not to know about it.

from sexybeast

i know of some people who live for gossip. they couldn’t resist knowing juicy tidbits. they even beg the other person to tell it to them, pretending they could help but offer advice. sad, really! i can keep a secret (bragging aside). i’ve proven it myself. will i choose to? hmmmm… depends if he/she really wants to tell me and if i can help him/her.

from smacksman

I think the worst is when a friend talks to you about something personal and then at the end says ‘Please keep to to yourself’ or ‘Please keep this secret’. Now you have no choice because you have already been told the secret! You have no choice whether to accept the secret or not! While I keep all secrets given to me I know that some do not. Now this person that told you a secret finds out that the secret is out – it is no longer a secret. Now I know that I did not reveal his secret but does he know that? ! I know that he must have told his secret to at least one other person or that the secret has been exposed by some other event, maybe by chance. Whatever the reason, it still leaves an element of suspision between friends. Not good.

from grasyia

It all depends on what secret. If it’s too personal i think I wouldn’t want to know.

from uggonen

It really depends on who the other person is. If its some good friend of mine then maybe yes but if its some random person on the street then no thank you.

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