If given a super power, would you consider having the ability to read minds?

Telepathy (Photo credit: Daniela Vladimirova)

Telekinesis and telepathy are interesting abilities. They are very tempting capabilities if someone will be given them even for once. This morning my son asked me this question, “Would you love to have the ability to read minds or to know another’s thoughts?” He continued, “Because given its disadvantages, I consider it a very nice idea to have that super power!” I replied that I would have that but with an exemption. “And what is that?” he asked. I answered, “I would love to read other people’s thoughts but I would not have it with my loved ones. It would pain me to know the negative thoughts they have against me or against other people. It is even scary.” “Really? That’s odd.” he quipped.

Would you try having the ability to read minds even for a day? What super power will you prefer, if not the ability to know other people’s thoughts?


This is from a discussion board I joined before where I am not active anymore.  The comments below were also from those people in that discussion board.

From inertia4

Although having the ability to read minds is a cool idea, I don’t know if I would want that responsibility. You see, if you were able to read peoples minds, I believe it would create extreme anxiety and stress within you. It would also create hatred towards people, at least the ones that think bad of you. I have a pretty good idea what people think of me already. So, having that power, in my opinion would be more harmful then helpful.

From inertia4

I think even if it were for only an hour could drastically alter the person forever. You will forever be wondering what people are saying about you sand your loved ones. It will drive you crazy. Thats what I think anyway.

From sunli123

I don’t want the ability to read other people’s thought or heart. I think it is terrible. Everyone has secrets, which need to be respected, no matted what it is. Also, there’s an old saying in China, if the water is too clear, no fish, if people detect too much, no friends.

From airkulet

You are right sunli, also this reading mind is like a wire tapping that can lead you in danger, I hope it doesn’t really exist or if there are people who claimed to be like that, hoping that they wont read everything. For sure that I will always change my thinking from time to time or maybe becoming too paranoid just to prevent someone to read it!

From thesids

Dear Ms. bingskee No, I will not opt with that one. it is quite a deadly weapon to have in ones arsenal. All it is going to do is hurt me – because I am quite sure many have negative opinions about me and until I read their minds, these things are away from me… and we are having a better relation. I do not think it will be good for me and the relationships. Instead, how about the superpower to become invisible? I can always think of something good if that comes for a day or two. Maybe rob a bank or the hoarded money from some bad people and transfering them to the poor, myself and a few more needy? Nah, doesnt sound that good. I think I will remain undecided and miss the opportunity Is it because I never want to be famous or a well known personality?

From Jlyn10

No, I wouldn’t want that kind of ability. What if I could do that and I suddenly found out all their needs and wants and as much as I want to help, there are some things that I won’t be able to help? I’d be feeling guilty all my life for not being able to lend a helping hand.

From deer04

In this morning in my work, Ive been thinking to discuss about super natural power or asking if you given a chance to have an extra ordinary power what it would be? but then as you create this discussion i would like to share my idea about this. As i remember, last last year, i try to search in the internet what and how to learned the Telekinesis and Telepathy because i wanted to learned and have that talent. and then in youtube there’s a lot of video that you can watch and they teach you about that two abilities and the different of that two. And nothing it happens to me, i try but im only wasting my time to try that. but also, i amaze about that abilities. I know some people in this world has have that abilities to do so. As i search to the internet, Telepathy is a direct transference of thought from one person to another without using the usual sensory channel of communication. What if all people knows to used this abilities, maybe using the Telepathy maybe the replacement of using cellphone to communicate other people far away from us.

From miadsoriano

I would like to have the power to travel back in time – to see the birth of Christ, see the highlights of Dr. Jose Rizal’s life, see how the Philippines was during the time of the Americans, see how my parents grew up. Just simply “see” and not interfere with anything. It’s either that, or have the power to travel ANYWHERE with just the snap of my fingers; or become invisible whenever I want so I can board a plane or cruise ship and travel ANYWHERE. No passports. No entry Visas. Sigh!

From dorannmwin

I really don’t think that I would like to have the ability to read the minds of other people. Instead, I think that it would be fun to be invisible. The reason that I think that would be very interesting would be because of the fact that you could hear entire discussions that you would not be able to hear otherwise and you also wouldn’t have so many voices that could be rivalling against each other in your day to day life.

From hardworkinggurl

Oh my I would be afraid to have such a power and even for a day. There are some things I rather not know. I find that being able to read minds would make for way too much confusion in my life. I am already confused at times as it is and knowing that I could read minds would cause me to read way more then I should. I pay close attention to smallest of details so being able to read a person’s mind will cause me to delve into a dangerous area. Some things are better found out on their own.

From april_dawn

It would be so nice if you have the super power to read minds of other people but the bad thing is,it’s like you are invading their privacy because you would be able to know what they feel,what their plans are and what other things they have in their mind that should be for private only.%-)

From airkulet

Well if it is free and doesn’t want anything in return why not. But thinking of it is also kinda scary too. Our private thought will be read by someone and I can’t imagine how will I hide it from that person who has the ability to read of it.

From jeanneyvonne

Tricky one. I have been wishing I have mind-reading powers because I cannot understand the point of view of the people (loved ones included) around. I could understand but always to a certain extent and sometimes, I don’t understand the motive or reason of other people. However, I also see the point of others – that as individuals, we already have our own problems. Peeking into other people’s mind can be considered as an invasion or privacy. Perhaps people should be at least a little be open with what’s going on their heads in order for them to be more understood by the people around them.

From toniganzon

It sounds very attractive at first but i have given it a thought for a long while. I made a study about this when i was in college and at that time i so wanted to read other people’s thoughts. What if i had that ability? But now it’s something that i fear. I don’t want to be bothered by other’s thoughts, especially my family. It would pain me to learn the truth and what i might learn might hurt me and hurt my relationship with others. So i’m contented not knowing what’s going on in their minds.

From tessa9

I don’t think that I would want to know what people are thinking especially if it is about me. If they think of something bad against me then I will take it the bad way. It will be weird if I am angry with them without them knowing why. I like to have the ability to be invincible or transport from place to place. I am late all the time so I would want to be in a place in just a snap.

From SmilesKiwi

I wouldn’t want that ability to read other peoples minds. I have a hard enough time reading my own mind. I just like the way I am. If everyone in the world were able to read minds then it would be normal. I would so like the invisible power.

From trinidadvelasco

Hehehehehe. You are amusing, smile. How true indeed to the name that you have chosen. This is the first time that I have encountered someone who claims to be finding it hard to read one’s own mind. lol. But to wish to have the power of invisibility! I think that is the most powerful tool that anyone can have and thus, almost anyone wants to have it, too.

From naseemkum

Having the power of knowing others mind would be a good thing when we take everything as positive. Its sometimes creates problems also others wont accept when u say them about what they had thinked about u negative. But i assure u that humans can have those powers i tried some books to learn telekinesis and telepathy. Its not the process of knowing others mind. Telekinesis is science of moving objects and telepathy is conveys message from our mind to others mind. But knowing others mind is a occultism manner that we have to learn if we had more esp powers with us.

From tamirs

If given a chance to have a super power at least for a day,i’d like to have super charm power..My mother sells cooked food everyday,maybe if i have the ability to charm people in,she wont have a hard time selling her goods..don’t like to read other people’s mind because i respect privacy too much as i want my privacy be respected..

From captinjack

Well, interesting question. If i was given a super power just for one day, i would like to have a power which can enable me to hit the jackpot with one lottery. And with the money, i can accomplish my dreams such as travelling around the world, having a further study in U.S.A and letting my parents get retired in advanced. Wow, even imagining of the picture can make me very happy. I have got to admit that i am not a good Samaritan. I should help others out as soon as i am rich. But that is what is at the bottom of my heart.

From ardoy0731

Quite interesting.Telekinesis and telepathy are nice ability if I have super power.But given a chance to have a super power I would like to choose Superman’s power,cause I really wanted to fly to see the whole world..

From Triple0

Wouldn’t it be great if you could read mines? It would be like the movie “What a woman wants”, it’d be so cool to read anyone’s thoughts! Like when a teacher flips a question towards you, you could just read her mind to find the answer! I could even cheat in my exams! But I think there’s a lot of disadvantages to this kind of super power. If you could read minds, what if you were in a crowd and everyone started to think at once. You would go bonkers! Also, like you said, you don’t want to strive in your loved ones’ deep sorrows and thoughts they wish to keep private from anyone else. You also don’t want to accidentally hear a random person’s dirty thoughts either.

From peavey

No way. I wouldn’t want to know what others were thinking, except in a very few cases and then I’m not sure I’d really want to know. I don’t know what power I’d like to have. None, really. They all come with a price that I don’t think I’d want to pay.

From bird123

I could probably handle reading other people’s thoughts. It’s not for everyone. I think most people would have their feelings hurt pretty quickly.

From Bianca-mergilliano

 agree with what you’ve said. I think it would be fun for me to read others thought so that at least I know what they’re going to do or say. Lie in these situations. If we’re going to have an examination, I would just read my seatmate’s mind. Haha I wouldn’t have a hard time. Just kidding. I don’t want to cheat. Another is, if I were in a public place and I saw someone who looks strange then I would read his mind and If I come to read that he is going to hold up someone or to do ban things at least I can do something to stop but not in an obvious way. I know some would not believe at first if they came to know that I can read minds so If I have this ability, I would just keep it in myself. Like what you’ve said, I also don’t like to read my loved ones thoughts. I don’t want to know their negative thoughts about me because I know its going to hurt me. Its painful especially if I have a boyfriend and were on a date then suddenly a pretty girl passes by, then I read his thought that “Ohh, that is so pretty, I wish she is my girlfriend.” Ouch. It hurts. Just like you, I like to read minds but with exemption.

From m4ndrrake

Hey, I think I know a movie like this. Do you know the movie “What Women Wants” starring Mel Gibson? I think in this movie he can read minds of girls that gets near him.

From trinidad_velasco

would like to have superpowers. I will never say no to any of them at all. However, the situation will be that I have full control over all and above it. Meaning, I can read minds and hear people’s thoughts only if I want to, only if I choose to. I will not be reading the minds of all the people in this world spontaneously or severally at all. Just like how telekinesis takes place. People with this gift moves things or whatever matter only if they concentrate while doing it. As for telepathy, it is a one good thing to have. Whenever you concentrate on a love one, you will immediately know whether you are needed by the person or not at any point in his/her life. Superpowers are really good to have. However, superresponsibilities also go with it.

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