Will you still send daughter to school after getting pregnant?

Note:  This is one of my earliest topics in a discussion board that I transported to this blog.  I will be including the comments (but not my responses) of those who participated in the discussion.

Pregnancy - 39 weeks

A relative was devastated because her daughter got pregnant while still in college. She vowed that she will not let her go to school anymore. She was apprehensive that she might get pregnant again.

I told her that it will be beneficial for everybody that her daughter
goes back to school again after giving birth.

Will you heed my advice if something like this happens to you, as a
mother? And if you are a young teen or a young woman who committed such
mistake, are you going to pursue your studies and your dreams?


From rhea_41084

Getting pregnant is not a hindrance to continue her studies, in fact she needs to study more not only for herself but for the benefit of her child.

From newbuzinez

yes i agree with you. i don’t think her daughter will commit the same mistake again after what she has been through.. she’ll learn from her mistakes anyway. there’s always a saying: fool me once , shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.. 🙂

From nightrose1981

Of course I would send her back. Because how can she have a future without the education to raise her child. I would do whatever it took to make sure my grandchild was cared for and that my child could afford the life a child needs. Only way to get that is to get an education so you can get a reasonable paying job.

From tbmomin

Why would she not send her daughter to college because she’s pregnant? To tell you the truth, I don’t agree with you either! She can still go to college even if she’s pregnant! I don’t think that just because she’s pregnant means everything that shes doing should be stopped. She can still go even before she gives birth to the baby. Tell your relative that she cannot make her to stop her education. She is gonna miss a year of her life by just staying at home doing nothing. People will eventually come to know about her situation, so why hide? she will have a baby to support, so she’ll have to try and stand on her own now. Im a young woman and I commited the same mistake while I was doing my PG. But that didnt stop me from pursuing my studies and dreams and now I have a respectable job and Im able to stand on my own and support my family. Im a good mother. I give time for my children and I never allowed my family matters to hamper my studies and never let my studies come between my family. Even my family members never left my side even though I let them down. Now Im married to the same guy, have two wonderful kids and don’t have any regrets! I think your relative will learn from my example.

From kristinad

i don’t understand why she can’t go to school while she is pregnant.it’s not like she is 15yr’s old at that age you are an adult and i think after she has the baby it is going to be hard for her to go back to school because who is going to watch the baby while she goes to school?

From pasttiger

It would be even more important for her to finish her education now. She has a baby to support. Why is she sure that she would get pregnant again. Does the daughter want to go back to school? Did she keep the baby? I would want my daughter to go back to school so she could get a good job to support the baby. I really thought that you were going to say that she was in high school. That is a big lesson to learn not just a quick thing to get over. So I wouldn’t think that she would do it again.

From fuxiadong

I agree with your advice.

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