The Golden Boy

It was last year when Papsie made mention of how he wanted to celebrate his 50th birthday. I cowered at the monstrous task ahead. It had been quite a long time since we prepared for a big celebration. It had to always end with dissatisfaction and ‘bones to pick’.  You cannot blame me cringing at the idea.

The more he utter words like, “Oh, I will not celebrate it anymore big time.” or “I am guilty to have you spend so much time and money, etc. etc.”, the more I felt that he did want to celebrate it with a blast.

So I planned on planning what to do.  Almost two weeks before March 6, I listed down expected visitors – those relatives and friends close and dear to him.  I listed down the possible menu, and the ingredients, and everything needed for the preparation and cooking.  We cannot afford to have a caterer’s service because of the limited budget plus the fact that the menu consist of more than ten recipes.  That would cost us a lot of money but Papsie wanted to celebrate it with a blast and with lots of food to partake.

We ended up asking help from some people, who surprisingly gave their services without question, with willingness, and with hard work.  Papsie’s PR do not fail.

I think the joyous celebration happened because he is loved by many – not because of how much he has but how much he gives.  He is always a generous and kind person minus the loud voice, and the frequent banters, that everybody seem to understand.

the golden boy with yours truly and his cousin
the golden boy with yours truly and his cousin

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