Curious as a Cat #408

Got curious as a cat again!

1) Who is the funniest comedian, in your opinion?

I will go with the local comedian.  I find Dolphy very funny.  Until now, for me, there isn’t a comedian who has that ‘punch’.  It seems that almost every one of them are copy cats.


2) Are there any interesting things your name spells with the letters rearranged (i.e. anagramed)?

Is there such a thing as ASS RAIN? That’s the best I can do with it.  😀

3) If you could be a character from any book you’ve read, who would you be?

Catelyn, from The Game of Thrones.  I am like her in ways where she is always ready to do things just to protect her children, even if they endanger her.

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

2013-01-25 11.25.56

The picture above reminds me of barriers, or of differences. To expand it more, it tells of chaos between individuals of differing opinions and beliefs. It tells also of how a man’s mental made up is different from that of a woman’s.

But even with differences, thing can be straightened if laid out carefully, and with much consideration.  Just like the picture above that ended up okay because the tiles were neatly arranged from both sides.  🙂  Did I stretch so much?

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