The Nice Sounding Harmonica

I was not sure if it was one of those lee oskar harmonicas that he was playing.  I was enthralled by the sound coming from the instrument that I could not recall that one person I saw for the first time making sounds out of this little music thing.  This musical instrument has many types, I was told, and is also called a blues harp.

The harmonica is truly a wonderful musical instrument but I wonder why I had totally erased from my memory the first person I saw using it.  I have been trying to recall that guy, or maybe a boy, but to no avail.  How come I forgot who that was?  Has it happened to you? Why did I forget about who that person is?

Perhaps it was the music that had me captivated and not the person ha ha ha      😀 that is why I couldn’t trace him in my mind.  Seriously, I am baffled.  Is this a case of selective memory?


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