Photohunt: Bridge

photohunt-labelI cannot find the one photo that will exactly depict the theme.  I discovered we hadn’t considered taking photos of bridges.  That I have to remember next time when we get the chance to go to places where there are bridges.  It must have been probably because the ones that we get to see are not as exceptional or special as the ones I see in photos.

This one though is a little bridge that connects a path in a lagoon divided by a small body of water, if we can call it a body of water.  It is a small creek where this very small bridge in the university’s lagoon was created.

Daughter Kay here was only in second year college.  I remember these were the times when we were very active jogging every Sunday of each week.

pic 41

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10 thoughts on “Photohunt: Bridge

  1. very true, ECL. i did not have as much pictures when i was young and i wished i had.. my children have a large compilation of photos. it was borne out of my own lack i guess…


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