Photohunt: Neat

After the chaos from the super typhoon in the country, I guess what every one wishes is order, and also a neat place and situation to live in.

I chose this photo as it conveys simplicity with a substance – a true depiction of neat.from Kay's camera 123012 169photohunt-label

I am still fazed with how the government dealt with the tragedy that befell the country but I am trying to pray and hope that things will be better, that with a ray of hope, each of those affected will be able to rise, with the whole of the citizenry helping, and with the aid coming from other countries.

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4 thoughts on “Photohunt: Neat

  1. Although It seems to take a long time for aid and relief to reach those who need it, the rest of the world does not forget the plight of the thousands there who have had their homes and lives ripped apart. Many Singaporeans are helping out by donating cash and necessities, packing and sending supplies.


  2. hi, ECL. sorry for the late reply. indeed. the aid from neighboring countries and the international community is overwhelming. i say thank you very much for the help, the compassion, the love. God bless everybody who had and have been extending help. 🙂 From the bottom of my heart, I give my thanks.


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