52Photos Project #14: Round

52photosbutton-1-14This is a big plate of round(ed) fruits.  Here in the Philippines, every New Year’s eve, there has to be a bowl or plate or basket that holds twelve (12) round(ed) fruits for good luck.  Other families exaggerate it by buying twelve pieces for each of the twelve (12) fruits gathered.  It always makes me wonder where this belief came from.  Some say it is a Chinese belief, some say it dates back to the time of our ancestors. Unfortunately, I am not a believer but I find arranging these round(ed) fruits on a platter very fitting for the holidays.

dec28 030



16 thoughts on “52Photos Project #14: Round

  1. Seeing this healthy plate of round makes my mouth water. I may start this tradition myself and see how long the fruits last in my house. I do have one question, what are the little brown rounds?


  2. Hi, Debbie!

    if you are referring to littlest brown rounds near the apple, it is called lanzones or langsat, very common in Asia, specifically in Southeast Asia.

    if you are referring to the dark brown rounds near the grapes, it is called chico or sapodilla.


  3. Hi, Debbie. thanks for asking. 🙂 here in our part of the country, the rains are not that strong at present. i hope it will not get stronger. 😦


  4. That is good news! I've been through a few typhoons myself while living in Mainland Japan and Okinawa. Two of which were pretty big storms and have left an every lasting impression. I now live on the Gulf of Mexico and Hurricanes are always a factor.


  5. Hi Bing, I wanted to check in on you to see how you are doing? I pray all is well at your house and with all your loved ones. That storm was huge and the images on the news are horrible.


  6. Hi, Debbie. sorry for the late reply. i decided to be away from the computer and the posting for photo memes because of the tragedy that befell the country brought by the supertyphoon Yolanda. there is no doubt that this recent typhoon will leave a lasting impression on the afflicted and the whole country as well.

    i felt very sad and i was crying seeing the devastation, the death, the wounded, the hungry and thirsty. it made me more sad that i have not that much of resources to help but i gave my best, and said my prayers, especially those that are left alive, and had survived.


  7. hi, maxipix. we are safe and very far away from the affected province. but i am so sad and felt devastated by the aftermath. i did not have that enough resources but tried my best to give to the donation, and helping in the efforts of asking for relief goods or items for the survivors.


  8. it was huge and the aftermath made everybody feel devastated. i just hope and pray that after this, the survivors will be able to live again as they were before. this is a tragedy that will leave a lasting impression surely, and even to those who were not there to experience it. the stories are horrible.

    thanks for asking, Debbie. you are so kind. 🙂


  9. i am not sure if i am doing it again but i will try to have some fruits on the table when New Year comes. i do not have the appetite for celebration though. 😦 i am very affected of what happened in Leyte and the other provinces.


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