Experiencing Lam Tin Again

We were much in a vacation mood that’s why we prefer to eat out instead of preparing food for lunch after Eternal Gardens yesterday, November 1. Papsie wanted to try Lam Tin again because he craves for Chinese food.  Also, the children are hesitant to experiment Chinese at other restaurants because for them nothing beats Lam Tin for its savory but very affordable and delectable dishes. So off we went.  The excitement and anticipation never waned, almost died seeing food establishments along the way closed for business, and was up again upon seeing that Lam Tin was open to serve food.  As usual, there were a lot of customers/patrons.

Funny, that it was the Yang Chao fried rice that came first.  One can actually eat the rice without the viand.

november 1 003Then comes second was the pork asado with atsara (not in the picture).  It was so tender and the sauce has sesame seeds giving a distinct flavor to the dish.november 1 005It was the sweet and sour fish that was the favorite.  It was not too sweet nor too sour as we had experienced with other Chinese food restaurants.  According to Daryl, he heard that the sauce is made from tapioca that’s why the clear but glutinous sauce.  The parsley added a distinct flavor of freshness, too.

november 1 004The broccoli with shrimps is also good.  The children didn’t like it very much because of the ginger taste but I liked it a lot.  Broccoli is a favorite of mine and it can also be very tasty with oyster sauce.

november 1 006We were so full and satisfied that taking a nap after was next to our agenda when we came home.

november 1 002november 1 001

Did you see the satisfaction with the smiles?


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