52Photos Project #13: Celebration

52 Photos Project

There is so much to celebrate about life. In our family, the natal day is always celebrated, simply or extravagantly, depending on varied situations.

One of the most celebrated is hubby’s birthday. Having many friends, appreciated by many, or loved or cherished by a lot of people, his birthdays do not pass without the celebration.

Papsie in 2011
Papsie in 2011

The photo above shows Papsie with his birthday cake made by daughter Kay. It was a novelty for him and his friends seeing a cake with a candle that looks like a firework.

Papsie celebrating his birthday this year at Viking's
Papsie celebrating his birthday this year at Viking’s

What is a birthday without the delicious food, cakes and sweets, and ice cream?


More celebrations HERE.

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10 thoughts on “52Photos Project #13: Celebration

  1. Now there's a post that made me hungry! That 2011 cake was really something. I've never seen anything like that. He looks like he's enjoying himself at his celebrations!


  2. the cakes and the sweets, and all desserts are good and yummy at Vikings! 😀

    he loves celebrations. 😀

    thanks, Susan, for visiting.


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