People Always Forget

An earth filled barangay road.There is somewhat a sad air as we wait for the barangay election results.  Today is election day for the barangay, choosing a barangay captain and seven (7) councilors.  The reason for the melancholic atmosphere is the observed neck to neck fight between the two (2) candidates for barangay captain.  As a family that belongs to the group of people who desire change, and a strong, if not total, response against corruption, it will be sad news indeed if our bet will loose.

Patronage still rules, I guess, if the result did not do us favor.  People always forget, too, that those people did not deliver the service they ought to have given during those (more than) two decades in the seat.  As Barbara Streisand’s song goes, “What’s too painful to remember, we simple choose to forget.”  True, perhaps what is happening is that the pain of betrayal caused by corruption of those people are too difficult to accept and bear that these people will just choose to support and cling to the hope that these people will do better.  Or are Filipinos just plain stupid?  If this happens in a small unit like the barangay, what hope is left for the whole country?

It pains me to hear the many stories of corruption and yet there is a great possibility that they will be again seated and do what they do best.



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2 thoughts on “People Always Forget

  1. Hi, Miss Bing! 🙂

    Let's all keep praying for the whole country and our people! May this year's barangay election results prove better than all the others that came before.


  2. as in our case, i mean here in our part of Pinas, it seems not to turn to be better. what's left is hope that there are good things that will happen for the barangay. 😦

    how are you, BabyPink?


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