Complicated Love – Story #4

I give this story the title:  Take Pity on Yourself

These days I had been hearing about how relationships go with the younger generation, or how odd they seem to be.  I am sure that these things are not new and people in my generation will probably utter, “Not new,” or “Heard of it before,”. or even “Been there, done that.”  Complicated love situations is not exclusive to this younger generations.  Thing is, these experiences seem to come earlier these days when children are children those days and children act like adults sooner than parents or guardians expect these days. 😦

The couple in this story were very still very young when they started to have a relationship.  Well, from my point of view it would seem that way, and probably some others in my generation would disagree that they were still very young when they had this relationship.  To continue the story, the boy and the girl became ‘sweethearts’ for more than half a decade so it would seem that the relationship was getting stronger.

One day, the young man decided to call it quits because of the many reasons he had.  The young woman who was very much in love still would not allow it to happen.  In fear of depression on the part of the girl and of pity, the young man agreed that they should probably give the relationship a chance to heal and recover.  However, for the many attempts, the relationship did not prosper as the young man perceived it to be.  He again attempted to end the relationship to which, as expected, the young woman did not agree.  She begged and begged and in fear and in pity, the young man persuaded to agree with what the young woman wants – to give it a chance again and again.  As the days went on, this became a repetition, a lonely cycle for both of them.

My thoughts:

I could not imagine myself begging when the other party rejects me or dumps me.  I know some people will tell me that it is easier said than done, that people in love would do the extreme.  I could agree with that but not to the point of demeaning my self-worth.  No man, or woman, could harm me deliberately or unintentionally by making me beg.  It is not the end of the world when your partner or boyfriend or girlfriend falls out of love for you.  It could be worst to insist on the relationship to go on when it is not working anymore for both of you.  Love is a mutual thing and if the other party cannot afford to give it freely anymore, why go on?  Life does not end when this sh*tty things happen.

The young of today, as I observed, are so obsessed when they get into a relationship.  It happens mostly with the girls or with the young women, who involve themselves so much in a relationship, probably because they are prone to be affected by emotions.  What I have realized in life when it comes to relationships is the truth in what someone said that a young man or woman must first make themselves whole before getting in, and not fill up themselves with the illusion that they are whole because of their partner or loved one.  It is such a pitiful thing to be living only because of the existence of the other.  There must be reservations for one’s self always.  There has to be a larger portion left for the self when break-ups happen to be able to rise up from the situation.

I understand that it is not easy to get over but I believe that anybody can get over a failed relationship.  It has to start from the will to move on.

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