Photohunts: Fave and Shadows



One of our favorite restaurants is Banapple. It is not only the big servings but the tasty food, cakes and beverages. The place is actually a cafe restaurant but they also serve food for lunch and dinner. The restaurant’s layout gives you that comfortable feeling. Their service crews are very courteous, too.


Last Saturday night, we had our dinner at Banapple along Katipunan Avenue. The super Caesar salad is a must-try.


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12 thoughts on “Photohunts: Fave and Shadows

  1. Have to admit I'm less interested in your food pic than the ones you took of the restaurant. The decor looks homey and the structure looks like it could have been originally created to be a residential building. Is that the case?


  2. Hmm… the salad does nothing for me but the signs says ” pies and cheese cakes “… ^hat is enough to make me patronize it… I got a sweet tooth. 🙂


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